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Sql server 2008 business intelligence tdm deck

Sql server 2008 business intelligence tdm deck






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  • (According to IDC)http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/B/9/AB93175B-BA6A-4332-AFBF-FE4C3749BBEC/IDC%202006%20DB%20Marketshare%20206061.pdf http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/4/D/14DAC5A3-134B-42BE-B508-1165A6B65AB1/IDC%20Worldwide%20BI%20Vendor%20Shares%202006%20June%202007.pdf2) (According to IDC) http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/C/D/6CDC123B-A159-438C-BBAD-7750EE5D0D67/IDC-Server%20Workloads%20Forecast.pdf 3)http://www.microsoft.com/sql/prodinfo/compare/benchmarks.mspx4)(According to Gartner) http://mediaproducts.gartner.com/reprints/microsoft/article19/article19.html5) http://www.olapreport.com/market.htm (The OLAP Report)
  • Real-time data access though Proactive CachingEnables the rich BI experience on dynamically changing data with “speed of thought”Sophisticated snapshot settings Single service architecture  SSRS is no longer hosted in IIS , but is leveraging the SQL Server infrastructure using a single windows service
  • Insightful Business processes In-process enabled business insightEconomically meaning ---> Fast and cheap (economically both in terms of outstanding resource utilization and in terms of $$ [low TCO]) Embed insight into business processAccelerate action through analysis‘Turn analysis to action’ could be ‘drive analysis, drive action’ or ‘drive actionable analysis’‘Advance through predictions’ could be ‘Excel through predictions’Build a normalized view of your Business Deliver insight where users want itScale – DW scale investments to popData cleansing, quality Usability – design – value – reach Reach every user with actionable insight

Sql server 2008 business intelligence tdm deck Sql server 2008 business intelligence tdm deck Presentation Transcript

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008Business Intelligence Overview
  • SQL Server Momentum
    SQL Server is the fastest growing DBMS
    SQL Server ships more units than Oracle and IBM combined
    OLTP and Data Warehouse Benchmark Leader
    Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Warehousing
    SQL Server is the #1 OLAP Server
    Source: http://www.olapreport.com
  • A Look Back at SQL Server 2005
    SQL Server BI Development Studio
    Integrated management with SQL Server
    Multiple data sources
    Interactive sort
    Centralized calculations engine
    MDX Scripts
    Multiple fact tables
    Data Source View
    Visual debugging
    Fuzzy Lookup
    Auto referential integrity
    Enhanced backup and restore
    MDX debugger
    Centralized KPI framework
    Proactive Caching
    Server synching
    Multi-value select
    Data cleansing
    Attribute-based dimension
    Dr Watson
    Report Controls
    Integration with Profiler
    Disk-based dimension storage
    Many to many dimensions
    Date Picker
    Report Designer
    Meta data globalization / translation
    Data cleansing
    Capture and Replay
    Fine-grain administration roles
    Floating headers
    XML-based DDL scripting
    Role-playing dimensions
    Data-driven subscriptions
    Linked reports
    Mode Designer
    Report Builder
  • SQL Server Momentum
    Vision and Strategy
    Improving organizations by providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions
    Complete and integratedBI and PerformanceManagement offering
    Agile products that adapt tohow your need the information
    Built on a trusted partof your IT backbone
  • People Ready Insights
    End User
    IT Professional
    Secure data
    Available systems
    Manageable platform
    Familiar tools
    Real-time insight
    Decisions at all levels
    Powerful tools
    Consistent practices
    Integrated environment
    Pervasive Insight
  • Business Intelligence Challenges TodayHow can I…
  • Our End-to-End BI Offering
    Mainframe/ Departmental Systems
  • The Microsoft BI Platform
    Data collector
  • Intelligent Data Platform
  • Intelligent Data Platform
  • Enterprise-Class Data Integration
    Scalable Integrations
    Connect to data
    Multithreaded architecture
    Comprehensive transformations
    Profile your data
    Cleanse your data
    Data Quality
    Cleanse data
    Text mining
    Identify dirty data
    Unlock Your Data
  • Rich Connectivity
    Extensive Connectivity
    Standards-based support
    XML, flat files, and Excel
    Binary files
    BizTalk, MS Message Queues
    Oracle, DB2, Teradata, SAP BW,and SQL Server
    Partner ecosystem
    Change Data Capture
    Transparently capture changes
    Real time integration
    Unstructured data
    Legacy data: Binary files
    Application database
    Unlock Your Data
  • Rich Connectivity
    Data Providers
    SQL Server
    SAP NetWeaver BI
    SQL Server Report Server Models
    SQL Server Integration Services
    OLE DB
    SQL Server Data Mining Models
    SQL Server Analysis Services
    Unlock Your Data
    Hyperion Essbase
  • Central Manageability
    Trusted data storage
    More secure data access
    Flexible administration
    Reduced management costs
    Unified, end-to-end platform manageability
    Centralized management
    Efficient management of mixed workloads
    Resource governance & monitoring
    Unlock Your Data
  • Intelligent Data Platform
  • Intuitive Design Environment
    Complete development environment
    Visual development environment
    Intuitive BI templates and wizards
    Single tool, multiple technologies
    Productivity enhancing designers
    Flexible report layout
    Rich visualizations
    Best practice design alerts
    Audience targeted environments
    Visual Studio for developers
    Microsoft Office for business users
    Deliver Relevant Information
  • SQL Server 2008 BI Design Experience
  • Personalized Data Experience
    Personalized reports
    Parameterized reports
    Automatic delivery of personalized content
    Customization of enterprise reports
    End-user targeted analysis
    User differentiated perspectives
    Native analysis experience in any language
    Deliver Relevant Information
  • Scale for Thousands of Users
    Scalable data warehouse performance
    Data warehouse query optimizations
    Efficient data storage
    Data and backup compression
    Enhanced partitioning performance
    Superior analytic processing
    Streamlined aggregation management
    Single read-only database for scale out analysis
    Near real-time data access though proactive caching
    Robust report processing
    Single service architecture
    On-demand processing and nonmemory-bound reports
    Performance-improving caching options
    Deliver Relevant Information
  • Intelligent Data Platform
  • Process Aligned Insights
    Embedded reporting
    Deliver reports where relevant for users
    Embed reports into business applications
    Build dashboards for quick access to rich analytical insights
    Contextual Analysis
    Align analysis with business performance monitoring and planning
    Access data for analysis directly from your Excel spreadsheets
    Deliver Actionable Insight
  • Interactive Data Navigation
    Drill down for seamless of navigation through data layers
    Multiple report outputs from a single base report
    Enriched data display using sub-reports
    Predefined navigation patterns using actions
    Cascading parameters for optima relevancy
    Drive action from discoveries
    Link a report or analysis item to information located elsewhere
    Available as URL, reporting, and drill-through actions
    Deliver Relevant Information
  • Universal Reach through Microsoft Office
    Reach more desktops
    Access to SSAS cubes directly through Excel
    Predictive analysis through Excel
    Report rendering directly in Word and Excel
    Extend SharePoint with rich reporting
    Combine collaboration and workflow capabilities with managed reporting
    Centralized publishing, viewing, management, and delivery of reports through SharePoint
    Accelerate performance management
    Access to thin analytical client for rich data exploration
    Close loop analysis tied to performance monitoring and planning
    Deliver Relevant Information
  • Deliver Through Office
    Analyze data in Excel
    Publish reports andanalysis to SharePoint
    SQL Server
    Collaborate and share reports, analysis, and scorecards
    Render reports inMicrosoft Office
  • Intelligent Data Platform
  • SQL Server BI Business User Experience
  • Major Customers Implementations
    • 5.1 TB Credit Card DW, 5 Mil card holders
    • 500+ unique reports, 1,500+ users, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS
    • Catering Planning System used in 2,300 hotels
    • 25% time savings in catering forecast generation
    • 2-TB DW, originally migrated from Informix
    • 300 users, complex query, OLAP, and data mining
    • 700 restaurants, 30,000 users, 700+ concurrent
    • OLTP/LOB reporting on inventory & sales data
    • Reporting on 1.6 TB of data, 35K+ Tx/Min
    • 325 concurrent connections
    • 3-TB retail data warehouse on HP Superdome
    • Uses SQL Server OLAP, SSIS, SSRS
  • Next Steps
    • Upgrade to SQL Server 2008
    • Learn more about SQL Server 2008
    • Download the Free Trial
  • Appendix
  • SQL Server 2008Accelerate Your Data Warehousing
    Deliver relevant information
    Drive actionable insights
    Share insights
    Predictable response
    Simplified management
    Scale across mixed workloads
    Connect to data
    Integrate your data
    Develop visually
    Comprehensive Data Warehouse
  • New with Microsoft SQL Server 2008Data Integration and Data Warehousing
    Scale and manage large numbers of users and data
    Improved query performance on large tables
    Queries optimized for data warehousing scenarios
    Increase I/O performance with efficient and cost-effective data storage
    Manage concurrent workloads of ad-hoc queries, reporting, and analysis
    Integrate growing volumes of data
    Optimize your ETL performance byidentifying data in your largest tables
    Reduce the data load volumes by capturing operational changes in data
    Simplify your insert and update data processing
    Profile your information to identify dirty data
  • Reporting Services 2008Deliver Enterprise Reports
    Author Reports that Have Impact
    Powerful Designers
    Flexible Report Layout
    Rich Visualizations
    Manage Enterprise Workload
    Enterprise Scale Platform
    Central Deployment
    Strong Manageability
    Deliver Personalized Reports
    Interactive Reports
    Rendering in the Format Users Want
    Delivery to Location Users Want
    Web Report
    Embed Reporting
  • New with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
  • Analysis Services 2008
    Drive Pervasive Insights
    Design Scalable Solutions
    Productivity-enhancing designers
    Scalable infrastructure
    Superior performance
    Extend Usability
    Unified meta data model
    Central KPI manageability
    Predictive analysis
    Deliver Actionable Insight
    Optimized Office interoperability
    Rich partner extensibility
    Open, embeddable architecture
  • New with Microsoft SQL Server 2008Analysis Services
  • © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.