Countable & uncountable


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Countable & uncountable

  1. 1. COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE By Claudia Cañas
  2. 2.  Thenouns differentiation is made on the basis of its function like “countable” (that can be counted) and “uncountable” (the one cannot be count). ing. Claudia Cañas
  3. 3.  We classified then as countable all the ones that can form groups with other elements of the same type and therefore to be ing. Claudia Cañas enumerated.Pencils, oranges, potatoes, bottles, books, cars...
  4. 4.  Under the uncountable group we have all substance, abstract ideas, activities and feelings Accommodation, advice, behavior, business, cash, ing. Claudia Cañas equipment, furnitureHealth, homework, information, knowledge, luggage, money, permission, rubbish, traffic, Travel, weather, work, scenery
  5. 5. ing. Claudia Cañasuncountable countableSalt 1 kg of saltWater 1 bottle of wateriron An iron girder
  6. 6. ing. Claudia Cañas Milk (Uncountable) Two bottles of milk (Countable) ¿why this complicated distinction?Because is important in a grammatical way
  7. 7. USE Uncountable are always in singular form. Salt Money Wood life Progress Travel Hope ing. Claudia Cañas Uncountable can not use a / an. They always should be use a measure A piece of bread A glass of wine A cup of tea
  8. 8. UNCOUNTABLE ONLY IN THE PLURAL FORMThere is a group of nouns that have their meanings only in the plural form. ing. Claudia CañasFor example: Clothes, contents, goods, means, tidings, outskirts Jeans, surroundings
  9. 9. careful some nouns can be countable or uncontabejust by the way they are been used ing. Claudia Cañas Cake A piece of cake Paper A Paper ( a newspaper)
  10. 10.  But what about the others? How to remember the most tricky ones? It seems the only solution is to memorize all of them. To make the task easier for you, Ive prepared a list of uncountable nouns: ing. Claudia Cañasa) substances: water, air, iron, paper, plastic,b) abstract ideas: life, progress, happiness, joy, fun, freedom, healthc) activities: work, travel, sleep, football, help,d) feelings: love, hope, anger, hate, respect
  11. 11.  Complete use a/ an if is necesary Bottle of milk a bottle of milk (bottle is countable) Rain is good for the grass (rain is uncountable) ing. Claudia Cañas 1. Bob drinks_______ beer. 2. Does Jack like ______ meat? 3. I have _______ old car. 4. _________ bread isnt expensive. 5. Do you want ___________ cup of tea? 6. My husband never drinks _______ alcohol. 7. Australia is ________ island. 8. I want to buy __________ new car 9. I need __________ glass of water 10. Can I have ___________ bar of chocolate?
  12. 12.  Contables e Incontables 1. - ing. Claudia Cañas 2. - 3. an 4. - 5. a 6. - 7. an 8. a 9. a 10. a
  13. 13. LEARN MORE @ countable_2.htm video ing. Claudia Cañas mmar-exercise-countable-uncountable-nouns.php r/count2.htm r/count1.htm r/count3.htm