Expressions in Code and Freedom


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KDE Akademy 2012 Tallinn

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  • Expressions in Code and Freedom

    1. Expressions in code and freedom Mathias Klang @klang67
    2. TiVo-ization of everyday life
    3. Forgotten Revolutions
    4. 6000 years ago: someone learnedto read and write
    5. Lets eat grandma Let’s eat, grandma!Punctuation 200BC
    6. Empty spaces between words are1000 years old
    7. Why get excitedabout Printing?
    8. Digitalization…now that’s cool!
    9. So far,communications codemostly compatible
    10. Add Internet & stir briskly
    11. The open web
    12. Social media
    13. WWW: ‘An endangered species?
    14. Increased activity – ephemeralactivity
    15. Blogger 1999Google 1999 End of communications monopoly
    16. Social media is performance lifestyle
    17. My amazing coffee
    18. Normalizing the abnormal
    19. Walled gardens, information silos &locked clouds
    20. Freedom is useless without accessto underlying code. Without codewe begin to see the "TiVo-ization"of democracy.
    21. Only technology(spot the ethical dilemma?)
    22. The more technology we embed into our lives theless freedom we have. This is not Luddism, butunderstanding how technology controls us
    23. The Con: Social media is supportsfreedom & revolution
    24. We teach use but not code.Digital Natives & fear of exclusion
    25. What to do?
    26. Hack society for openness
    27. Be that guy! (this was my biggest fear)
    28. Tell people what their informationhabits are doing to their lives
    29. Gadgets manipulate lives:but who decides how?
    30. Read ALL your EULA
    31. What does your code do?
    32. THANKS!
    33. Mathias Klang or @klang67 & licensing info in the notes section of slides. Images at (or specifically stated). This ppt licensed: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Download presentation