Claws to the Weak: internet and rights


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  • Wednesday, April 17, 2013 Mathias Klang Foucault (1926-1984) & Benthams ( 1748 – 1832) ) model prison – The Panopticon Övervakningsarkitektur This shapes how individuals see themselves and leads them to behave differently than they might if they weren ’ t being observed
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  • On July 17, 2009, withdrew certain Kindle titles, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, from sale, refunded the cost to those who had purchased them, and remotely deleted these titles from purchasers' devices after discovering that the publisher lacked rights to publish the titles in question
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  • Claws to the Weak: internet and rights

    1. 1. Claws to the Weak: internet andrightsMathias Klang @klang67
    2. 2. George Orwell: You and the AtomicBomb (1945)Thus, for example, tanks, battleships andbombing planes are inherently tyrannicalweapons, while rifles, muskets, long-bowsand hand-grenades are inherentlydemocratic weapons. A complex weaponmakes the strong stronger, while a simpleweapon--so long as there is no answer to it--gives claws to the weak.
    3. 3. Killer app 1415
    4. 4. Killer app 1455
    5. 5. Chokehold on printers
    6. 6. I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend tothe death your right to say it.
    7. 7. Killer app 1710
    8. 8. Universal declaration of human rights (1948)
    9. 9. Killer app 1948
    10. 10. Lawdemocracy
    11. 11. Killer app 1960
    12. 12. Is teleportation legal?
    13. 13. LawContextual &programmed socialrulesArchitecture
    14. 14. Only technology(spot the ethical dilemma?)
    15. 15. Telecoms revolution
    16. 16. Swedish telephonec:a 1896Graham Bell wasawarded a patent forthe electric telephonein March 1876
    17. 17. Ludicrously brief history ofcomputers
    18. 18. hollerith
    19. 19. Generation 3 (1964-72)
    20. 20. The digital is the original& everything is copy
    21. 21. Killer apps 1995: Browser wars
    22. 22. Everything is miscellaneous
    23. 23. 91 % Access to the Internet at home83 % Access to broadband at home7 % Never used a computerSource: Sweden Statistics 2011 (*Individuals aged 16-74)
    24. 24. Voltaire’s dream? The theoreticallypossiblebecomes the inevitableDigitalizationConnectivityDevicesStorage
    25. 25. Blogger1999Google1999End of communications monopoly
    26. 26. Normalizing the abnormal
    27. 27. Control
    28. 28. The Net interprets censorship asdamage and routes around it.John Gilmor (TIME magazine December 1993)
    29. 29. The other control
    30. 30. Sapir–Whorf hypothesis
    31. 31. Technology makes society
    32. 32. personalization
    33. 33. A Squirrel Dying InYour Front Yard MayBe More Relevant ToYour Interests RightNow Than PeopleDying In AfricaMark Zuckerberg
    34. 34. It will be very hard forpeople to watch orconsume somethingthat has not in somesense been tailored forthem. Eric Schmidt, Google
    35. 35. The internet is shows us what it thinks that wewant to see – not what we need to see Eli Pariser
    36. 36. Identity & Information junk food.
    37. 37. Freedom of Speech
    38. 38. iTunes censor fail
    39. 39. The FacebookElbowbreast
    40. 40. privacy
    41. 41. The Right to PrivacyThe intensity and complexity of life,attendant upon advancing civilization,have rendered necessary some retreatfrom the world…solitude and privacyhave become more essential to theindividual; but modern enterprise andinvention have, through invasions uponhis privacy, subjected him to mental painand distress…Warren and Brandeis The Right to Privacy,4 Harvard Law Review 193 (1890)
    42. 42. "You havezero privacy anyway.Get over it."Scott McNealy (Wired 1999)
    43. 43. “Having two identities for yourselfis an example of a lack of integrity”Mark Zuckerberg (2010)
    44. 44. We leak information
    45. 45. Surveillance: gaze from above
    46. 46. Protection fromthe outer gaze
    47. 47. Autoveillance:performance lifestyle
    48. 48. Compartmentalization
    49. 49. Peerview: social control
    50. 50. “friends”
    51. 51. End of privacy?
    52. 52. The Hive-mind
    53. 53. If you have done nothing wrong,you have nothing to fear
    54. 54. The memory hole
    55. 55. "We have found your account is directly related to anotherwhich has been previously closed for abuse of our policies.As such, your account has been closed andany open orders have been cancelled. Please understandthat the closure of an account is a permanent action. Anysubsequent accounts that are opened will be closed aswell. Thank you for your understanding with our decision."
    56. 56. Closing thoughts
    57. 57. Orwell or Huxley?
    58. 58. The illusion of simplicity
    59. 59. The keepers of algorithms know
    60. 60. We have (theoretical) control overBig Brother
    61. 61. Regulation of technologyis the regulation ofdemocracy
    62. 62. The social construction of claws
    63. 63. THANKS!
    64. 64. Mathias or & licensing info in the notessection of slides.Images at (orspecifically stated).This ppt licensed: CreativeCommons BY-NC-SADownload