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All flash & no bang - abusing technology in pedagogy

All flash & no bang - abusing technology in pedagogy






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All flash & no bang - abusing technology in pedagogy All flash & no bang - abusing technology in pedagogy Presentation Transcript

  • All flash & no bang?abusing technology in pedagogyMathias Klang@klang67
  • “The inventor of thesystem deserves tobe ranked among thebest contributors tolearning and science,if not the greatestbenefactors ofmankind”Josiah F. Bumstead
  • Digitalization Internet WWW Fixed cost connections Storage Costs web2.0 Devices Social Media 
  • 91 % Access to the Internet at home83 % Access to broadband at home7 % Never used a computerSource: Sweden Statistics 2011 (*Individuals aged 16-74)
  • Everything is miscellaneous
  • When was this?
  • 1995 was 18 yearsago – ourstudents…
  • Blogger1999Google1999
  • Normalizing the abnormal
  • “My fear is that thesetechnologies areinfantilising the brain intothe state of small childrenwho are attracted bybuzzing noises and brightlights, who have a smallattention span and wholive for the moment.”Prof. Susan Greenfield
  • Imagine a world inwhich every singleperson on the planet isgiven free access to thesum of all humanknowledge. Thats whatwere doing.
  • Information: fromscarcity to abundance
  • The problem withWikipedia?
  • Donald Rumsfeld(2002)The message is that there areno “knowns.” There arethings we know that weknow. There are knownunknowns. That is to saythere are things that we nowknow we don’t know. Butthere are also unknownunknowns. There are thingswe do not know we don’tknow.
  • Death bypowerpoint
  • Bullets
  • Information overkill
  • Ted TalksWe believe passionately in thepower of ideas to changeattitudes, lives and ultimately, theworld. So were building here aclearinghouse that offers freeknowledge and inspiration fromthe worlds most inspired thinkers,and also a community of curioussouls to engage with ideas andeach other.
  • Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod
  • "monstrositythat turnsscientists andthinkers intolow-levelentertainers,like circusperformers."Nassim Taleb
  • Pecha kucha 20x20
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Changes
  • Thank you.
  • Mathias Klangklang@ituniv.se or @klang67www.digital-rights.netImage & licensing info in the notessection of slides.Images at www.flickr.com (orspecifically stated).This ppt licensed: CreativeCommons BY-NC-SADownload presentationwww.slideshare.net/klang