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ROLE Developer Camp 2011
ROLE Developer Camp 2011
ROLE Developer Camp 2011
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ROLE Developer Camp 2011


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. DEVELOPER CAMP 2011 29 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2011, Leuven, BelgiumLocationThe meeting will take place at the Computer Science Department of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.Address:Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenDept. Computer ScienceCelestijnenlaan 200A3001 HeverleeBelgiumRooms:29 - 30 Nov.: 05.1521 - 2 Dec.: 05.001ProgrammeDay 1 - 29 November (10-18h):10:00 Introduction and welcome10:10 Introduction to widget competition and bar camp10:30 Introduction and Overview of ROLE SDK10:50 Social Requirement Engineering11:00 Coffee break11:20 Speed dating & Flipchart session explanation11:30 Demonstrations of ROLE technology12:20 Flipchart session for feedback on the demos12:30 Lunch13:30 Planning barcamp14:00 Barcamp - part 116:00 Coffee break16:30 Barcamp - part 217:30 Closing day 118:30 Visit the the University Library Clarrion, Hosted diner at Domus,
  • 2. Day 2 - 30 November (9:30-18:45h):09:30 Introduction to the widget development09:45 Inspirational presentations10:00 Split in small development groups10:20 Brainstorming, design & development11:15 Coffee break11:30 Design and development12:30 Lunch13:30 Design and development16:00 Coffee break16:15 Design and development17:15 Pitch presentation preparation17:30 Pitch presentations18:30 Award ceremony and closing day 219:00 City Walk20:15 DinnerDay 3 - 1 December (9:30 - 18:15):09:30 Presentation and discussion on things learned from external participants10:30 Open source integration discussion • open discussion on integration with open source projects • create a concrete integration plan with deadlines11:15 Coffee break11:30 Group 1: Combine the bundle and activity pattern approach • discuss how to combine patterns and bundles Group 2: Recommender for evaluation at SJTU testbed • activity recommender widget implementation • widget integration in Moodle12:30 Lunch13:30 Group 1: Integration of the Widget Store into the SDK and recommender systems + Semantics • transfer Store to SDK • preview widgets / bundles • discuss web services Group 2: Integration of IWC, XMPP, Spaces in SDK reference implementation • integrate IWX proxy widget in ROLE reference implementation • how will we integrate with an XMPP server? bundle/not bundle • space rooms & pubsub nodes15:00 Report on group work results and discuss them in plenum16:00 Coffee break16:30 Open Session Discussion on D4.5/7.418:00 Day 3 closing19:30 Brewery visit21:15 Dinner at De Klimop, 4 - 2 December (9:30 - 16:00):09:30 Deliverables presentations and discussion • D1.5/6 (ULEIC)
  • 3. • D2.4 (UU) • D3.5/D2.5 (FIT/KUL) • D4.2 (IMC) • D4.4 (EPFL) • D4.5/7.4 (WUW/UU)11:15 Coffee break11:45 Deliverables and review recommendations discussion • D5.5 (Alexander Mikroyannidis, OU) • D6.2 (Alexander Nussbaumer, TUG) • D6.3 (Alexander Nussbaumer, TUG)12:30 Lunch13:30 Open Session • preparation for next steps in Gunpowder14:15 Gunpowder planning16:00 Day 4 closingRelated documentsAll related documents of presentations and extra information of the developer camp will be included inthe Google Documents folder, available here: • Open for all people: • Only for ROLE developers (this folder is not shared with external people): camp &Twitter hash tag: #rolecampFoursquare location: “ROLE dev camp” or check, check in!Contact info of organisersSten Govaertse-mail: sten.govaerts@cs.kuleuven.bemobile: +32 484 91 81 22José Luis Santosmobile: +32 488 14 67 00