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Collaborative Storytelling on the Web 2.0
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Collaborative Storytelling on the Web 2.0


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Collaborative Storytelling on the Web 2.0 …

Collaborative Storytelling on the Web 2.0
Ralf Klamma

Terence Workshop, L3S, Hannover
January 21, 2011

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  • 1. Informatik 5 (DBIS) RWTH Aachen UniversityTeLLNet GALA Collaborative Storytelling on the Web 2.0 Ralf Klamma RWTH Aachen University TERENCE Workshop, L3S, Hannover, Germany January 21, 2011Lehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-1
  • 2. GALAI5-KL-111010-2 Prof. Dr. M. Jarke TeLLNet Lehrstuhl Informatik 5 (Informationssysteme) RWTH Aachen Motivation From MIST to youTell Extension to Storytelling Web 2.0 Monitoring Agenda Conclusions and Outlook
  • 3. RWTH Aachen University • 260 institutes in 9 faculties as Europe’s leading institutions for science and researchTeLLNet • Currently around 31,400 students are enrolled GALA in over 100 academic programs • Over 5,000 of them are international students hailing from 120 different countries • 1,250 spin-off businesses have created around 30,000 jobs in the greater Aachen region over the past 20 years. • IDEA League • Germany’s Excellence Initiative: 3 clusters of excellence, a graduate schoolLehrstuhl Informatik 5 and the institutional strategy “RWTH Aachen 2020: Meeting Global Challenges”(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-3
  • 4. Community Information Systems Research GroupTeLLNet GALA  Established at DBIS chair, RWTH Aachen University  9 Phd students & researchers  10-15 paid student workers & thesis workersLehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-4
  • 5. Motivation  New models of participation on the Web 2.0TeLLNet –, YouTube – the multimedia Web 2.0 GALA – Prosumers – amateurs and experts  From storytelling to educational gaming – Stories lay the foundation for successful games – Emotional identification of listeners/gamers M. Spaniol, Y. Cao, R. Klamma, P. Moreno-Ger, B. Fernándaz Manjón, J. Luis Sierra, G. Toubekis: From Story-Telling to Educational Gaming: The Bamiyan Valley Case, in:Proceedings of 7th ICWL, Jinhua, China, August, 2008, pp. 253-264Lehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-5
  • 6. Yiwei Cao, Ralf Klamma, Matthias Jarke Mobile multimedia management for Virtual Campfire – the German excellence research cluster UMIC International Journal on Computer Systems, Science and Engineering (IJCSSE), 25(3): 251-265, May 2010TeLLNet Semantization GALA Multimedia management: tagging, semantic annotation Data repository: cultural heritage, Web 2.0 user generated media etc. Contextualization Mobile multimedia production Mobile provisioningLehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-6 Mobile media creation, sharing, and storytelling Multimedia storytelling: collaboration, stereotyping
  • 7. Collaborative Non-Linear StorytellingTeLLNet GALALehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-7
  • 8. Movement Oriented Design Non-linear MM Storytelling Creation of non-linear multimedia storiesTeLLNet Definition of story paths compliant to Movement GALA Oriented Design (Victoria University) Linkage of story elements with multimedia contents MIST story editor Marc Spaniol, Ralf Klamma, Nalin Sharda, Matthias Jarke,Lehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Web-Based Learning with Non-linear Multimedia Stories, Prof. Dr. M. Jarke Proceedings of ICWL 2006, Penang, Malaysia, July 19-21, 2006, I5-KL-111010-8
  • 9. YouTell: A Web 2.0 Service for Collaborative Storytelling  Collaborative storytelling  Tagging  Web 2.0 Service  Ranking/FeedbackTeLLNet  Story search and “pro-  Expert finding GALA sumption”  Recommending Ralf Klamma, Yiwei Cao, Matthias JarkeLehrstuhl Informatik 5 Storytelling on the Web 2.0 as a New Means of Creating Arts(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke Handbook of Multimedia for Digital Entertainment and Arts, Springer, 2009 I5-KL-111010-9
  • 10. youTell Role Model  Elements ofTeLLNet – Web 2.0 GALA – Media Production – CoP  What could be an appropriate role model for a learning system?Lehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-10
  • 11. Profile Based Story SearchTeLLNet GALALehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-11
  • 12. Bubble Annotation Tool: Storytelling with FunTeLLNet GALALehrstuhl Informatik 5 Anna Hannemann, Christian Hocken, Ralf Klamma(Informationssysteme) Community Driven Elicitation of Requirements with Entertaining Social Software Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-12 Software Engineering 2009 Workshop-Band, Germany, Kaiserslautern, March 2-6, 2009
  • 13. The Hero’s Journey Template-based Storytelling Departure Series of Initiation The Call to tests and Adventure tasksTeLLNet Spirited GALA Super- away Meeting with natural Aid Become Goddess/ Apotheosis a King Oracle Refusal of the Call Reared by foster parents The ultimat e Boon Physical Driven from Final separation the throne conflict Refusal Return Dies of the return Crossing of the return One or threshold more holy Freedom sepulchers to liveLehrstuhl Informatik 5 Yiwei Cao, Ralf Klamma, Martin Hristov(Informationssysteme) The Heros Journey - A Storytelling Template Engine for Ubiquitous Multimedia Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-13 3rd IEEE International Conference on Ubi-Media Computing (U-Media), July 5-7, 2010, Jinhua, China
  • 14. Storytelling as a Self-monitoring Tool for CommunitiesTeLLNet GALA Storytelling • Requirements Service • Self monitoring engineering • Mobile interfaces • Multimedia metadata • Scenarios design service • Multimedia semantic and context mapping service Community Community Service ServiceLehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-14
  • 15. IKYDA: Non-linear Digital Storytelling for the Battleship “G. Averof”  Targeted at (semi-) professional cultural heritage management: Battleship Averof (managed by Greek Navy)TeLLNet  A great amount of multimedia material with insufficient GALA management expertise  Story template based storytelling  GIS integrated multimedia storytelling with 3D mediaLehrstuhl Informatik 5 E. Gadolou, H. Papadaki, E. Stefanakis, G. Kritikos, Y. Cao, A. Hannemann, R. Klamma, D. Kovachev(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke Storytelling, Spatial Standards and Cultural Heritage Management I5-KL-111010-15 13th AGILE International Conf. on Geographic Information Science: Geospatial Thinking, Guimaraes, Portugal, May 10-14, 2010
  • 16. Community Service & Requirements EngineeringTeLLNet GALALehrstuhl Informatik 5 Yiwei Cao, Anna Hannemann, Ralf Klamma, Dejan Kovachev, Dominik Renzel(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke Mobile Multimedia Management for Community-aware Storytelling I5-KL-111010-16 11th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM10), May 23-26, 2010, Kansas City, MO, USA
  • 17. Mobile Service Oracle for Success  Monitoring of service invocations  Time and position tracking of a service callTeLLNet GALA  Recognition of patterns in user behaviourLehrstuhl Informatik 5 Dominik Renzel, Ralf Klamma(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke Semantic Monitoring and Analyzing Context-aware Collaborative Multimedia Services I5-KL-111010-17 2009 IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, 14-16 September 2009 / Berkeley, CA, USA
  • 18. Community Monitoring Experts vs. Amateurs  Community behaviors: experts spent more time on the servicesTeLLNet  Experts prefers semantic tags while amateurs uses “simple” tags frequently GALA  Community tags: experts use more precise tagsLehrstuhl Informatik 5 Dominik Renzel, Yiwei Cao, Michael Lottko, Ralf Klamma(Informationssysteme) Collaborative Video Annotation for Multimedia Sharing between Prof. Dr. M. Jarke Experts and Amateurs, WISMA 2010, Barcelona, Spain, May 19-20, 2010 I5-KL-111010-18
  • 19. CoP: Collaborative StorytellingTeLLNet GALA  Knowledge value of community sorted by keywords  Amateur created data uncertainty  CoP cultivate experts and expert knowledgeLehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-19
  • 20. Conclusions & Outlook  Storytelling and Educational Gaming are important forTeLLNet emotional involvement GALA  Web 2.0 and Collaboration extend capabilities of classic storytelling approaches by new – Role Models – Social Learning Models – Community Self-Monitoring and Self-Assessment  NoE GALA - Learning and Gaming Alliance  STEG 2011 Workshop at ICWL 2011, HongkongLehrstuhl Informatik 5(Informationssysteme) Prof. Dr. M. Jarke I5-KL-111010-20