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5 plr article samples
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5 plr article samples


Samples Of Articles From Article Values …

Samples Of Articles From Article Values
Article Writing Service

Published in Design
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  • 1. 2013 Set of Five Prewritten Articles for Marketing PLR Articles for Sale The articles in this set are pre written for public distribution and sales Kimberly Article Values – Article Writing Service 3/22/2013
  • 2. Scams to Avoid Working At Home There are millions of people who want to earn a nice income with minimum effort from the comfort oftheir home. With the advent of internet, home based job and business opportunities are increasing dayby day. Though there are thousands of legitimate companies that offer real work at home jobs topeople, there are chances of scammers.Since working at home is attractive, false job offers are prevalent on the net. Some common work athome scams are noticeable, like envelope.Work at home scams take many forms. Most of the companies do not guarantee regular salariedemployment for the home based workers. They do not mention how many hours you would need towork without pay. Some others require you to spend money on instructions before getting the job.Some companies require paid training. Therefore work at home scams cost victims thousands of dollarsand also valuable time.In order to avoid being a victim of work at home scammers, you need to scrutinize the company beforeaccepting any job. In fact legitimate companies provide all the information in writing. Here are some tipsto avoid work at home scams:
  • 3. 1. If you need to provide personal information, avoid giving it to an unknown person or company.Provide personal information only to the company that you confirm is legitimate.2. You can check the company by typing the name of the company in the search box of Better businessBureau. If there is any complaint about that company, avoid contact with it.3. There is no easy road to wealth. Any job requires some effort to earn better income. Thereforebeware of companies that promise to make you rich overnight, there is no such thing.Reshipping fraud is becoming a common work at home scam. This type of job, the home based workerneeds to receive, repack and then mail the merchandise to a foreign address. They are promised asubstantial amount of money. But the worker may not know that the merchandise was paid for withstolen credit cards.The home based worker would therefore become a part of receiving and mailing of stolen goodswithout their knowledge. The worker receives the merchandize, repackages with their funds and told itwill be repaid at time of pay day, it gets worst!They are then told, their pay will be via cashiers check, but oddly its for more than owed. The worker istold to deposit the check and send the difference to the employers overseas bank account. Eventually,the cashiers check bounces and owe their bank the amount of the whole check.If you want to select a legitimate work at home job, then do not accept any job offer that promises toprovide high income for a part time job. Some companies would promise you get rich quick schemes.Remember only hard work and dedication can help you earn a good income from home.If you are asked to pay for start- up kits, then do not send money to such companies. Legitimatecompanies do not charge anything to hire you. If you are not sure about the legitimacy of a company,then ask for references.If the company is not willing to provide references, then beware!
  • 4. Start Your Own Work from Home Business Starting a home business is not tedious. In fact, there are many advantages in starting a home basedbusiness. You can enjoy the fun of working in a home atmosphere and can work at your convenientschedule. But running an own business requires lot of dedication and effort. You must know how tomanage time for work and family. However, your hard work and effort would be rewarded well.Before starting work at home business, consider the following:1. Whether you would have the freedom to choose when and where to work?2. Whether the home business would allow you continue your current job and work at home?3. Would the business require publicity or gimmicks?4. Would the home business require heavy investment?5. Are there any risks in starting a home business?6. Do you have complete training and support to improve the home business?7. Do you have acquaintance with any successful home business owner who can help as a mentor toyou?
  • 5. If your answer is positive to most of the above questions, you can start work at home business. Anotherimportant consideration in starting a home business is to do what you are really passionate about. Thisis because of the fact that you can put greater effort without any difficulty because you really love it.Starting a child day care center, candle business, decorative gift baskets, wall paintings, fashion jewelry,photography, party rentals and some other home business is really inexpensive and straight forward.However these businesses may be time consuming and require lot of effort. But once your business is upand running, you can get better rewards for your efforts.If you have a pc at home with an internet connection, your home business opportunities are vast. Youcan start work at home internet business if you have adequate knowledge and excellent communicationskill. You can start your own online dating site which can provide more profits from every member thatjoins you site.However you would need some investment. The dating website can earn you handsome profits whenmembers subscribe for premium membership and when existing members renew their membership.The main benefit of this business is that you need not have any previous experience for this.You can start work at home business if you want to enjoy the fun and freedom of working at home.However take the time to get an organized plan for your business. This helps you speed up and improveyour home business.You can allot a room in your home for business purposes. Then arrange the essential things like a chair,computer, cabinet, phone etc. A comfortable chair is very important if you have to work for hours at thecomputer. Also consider filing the essential paper work in a cabinet. Keep it organized!If you need to spend more time on your home business, then schedule your household routinesaccordingly. Time management is very important to start a home based business. You need to have theability to prioritize your work so that you can achieve success.
  • 6. Moms Working At Home Work at home jobs is particularly beneficial to moms who need to take care of their children. Thousandsof work at home moms’ find available jobs online, which help stay at home moms to get a suitable joband thereby earn a little extra every month.If you want to search for a home based job without sacrificing your parental responsibility then you canselect any of the online home based jobs like customer service, online surveys, data entry processing,virtual assistants, online tutor etc. You need to have some basic computer experience.Work at home mom’s generally select data entry processing jobs since these jobs do not require mucheffort and time. You need to fill out the forms provided by the company at your own speed. Moms cando the work when you find free time.Virtual assistant’s jobs however sometimes require qualifications. These jobs are suitable for moms whohave previous experience in administration or clerical work. Virtual assistants can earn an income similarto a personal assistant in real world. However you need to provide regular hours. Moms of olderchildren can try these jobs, which are also a great way to back into the career mode after timeout.Online tutors are yet another suitable job for stay at home moms. There are some internet basedcompanies that offer help to students of all age groups. If you have adequate knowledge in teaching,you can and should look at becoming a tutor onlineIf you have good command over the English language, then ghost writing is a suitable home based jobfor you. You can write articles, books, stories or reports on behalf of clients and get paid for yourservices. Normally this type of job does have deadlines, so more pressure for completing the job in aspecified time period. But if enjoy writing, a job as a freelance writer could be the perfect solutionworking from home.
  • 7. Transcription jobs are also suitable for stay at home moms. You need to transcribe the documents andedit records. Transcription jobs do require some special knowledge and so you need to normally do ashort course and training.Work at home moms can enjoy the fun of working at home atmosphere without sacrificing their familyroutine.
  • 8. Ideas for Working At Home The cost of living is increasing day by day almost all over the world. Everyone ought to go for a job.However, it becomes difficult to spend time with the children. Working at home helps those who wantto stay at home to look after their children and also want to stabilize their financial position.You can get some work at home ideas from your friends or neighbors who might work from home. Lookthrough the classifieds in local newspaper for some home based job opportunities. There are lots ofproven ideas available on the internet.However before selecting any idea, ensure that it really suits you. This is because any idea that benefitsyour neighbor or friend may not be suited for you.There are some books and e-books available in online that provides some successful work at home jobor business ideas. These ideas can help you in your cash raising projects. The ideas are given to each andevery person to suit his or her age and interest. Some books even provide step by step instructions toget success in work at home business and job.Some work at home ideas:
  • 9. 1. Most of the home based workers find their work by asking their friends, relatives or neighborswhether they know some local employers who are looking for home based employees. You can alsoapproach local companies nearby your residence to find out whether they use home based workers.2. While you searching a work at home job online, try to find out a suitable job in a firm nearer to you sothat you can collect and deliver work easily and can sort out any problems.3. You can also get recommendations from other work at home employees who have worked and getpayment from the company.4. Before accepting a job, take some effort to find out that the company is a reliable one. This helps youavoid wasting your time, and that you get paid.If you are looking for home based business that suits you and your lifestyle, then you can use some ofthe following work at home business ideas:If you are a competent writer, then you can earn a good income as a ghost writer. In fact ghost writersare in high demand from website owners. You can also write an e-book or an old fashioned paper book.You can get lot of ideas from the internet to sell your e-book.Kids’ oriented businesses are on the rise. Arranging children’s parties, running a kids’ day care, etc.There are thousands of works at home jobs. However before going with any idea, ensure that you havereal passion for that. Only then can you successfully achieve your goals.
  • 10. Working At Home Making Crafts Work at home crafts requires assembling small products or crafts. These types of jobs are most suitablefor stay at home moms, retired, college students and anyone who wants to leave their boring 9 to 5jobs.Work at home crafts can help you earn a good weekly income. The job does not require any experienceor special qualifications. The companies are in tremendous need of home assemblers and so they areready to pay smart for work. There is no age limit for these types of jobs. Hence you are guaranteed toget a job.There are number of companies that offer wide variety of craft works like baby burb pads, dough art,doll house furniture, jewelry, stuffed animals, hand painting, needle work, toys and gifts, wood productsand holiday decorations and so on.You may wonder then why they select you for such craft works. The reason is simple. Hiring home basedworkers like you is economical and the companies can avoid huge costs of employing large a permanentwork force.Work at home crafts does not require any special skill. You need to follow the easy instructions providedby the hiring company. Most of the crafts can be mastered very quickly. Since there is no boss watchingover you, you would be relieved from the pressure of working seriously. You can select your convenientschedule and start working peacefully. You can earn a nice income from the making craft products. Themore you can do, then the more you can earn.
  • 11. Most of the companies hiring home based workers like you for craft works provide payment in the formof a check. You would be paid for every item you send in usually within 3 days of shipment. However thepayment may slightly vary from company to company depending upon its policies.Work at home crafts is the fun way of earning money. You can enjoy your work of doing beautiful craftsand at the same time you can improve your financial position. Since there is no compulsion or deadlineto accomplish the tasks, you can do the work without any pressure at your convenient timings say whenyour child goes to school.Assembling crafts at home is one of the legitimate home based jobs. However there may be scams.Therefore you must be careful in selecting a job. There are some websites who work as intermediates tocompanies and home based workers.Thousands of people have started home craft assembly jobs. People all over the world are makingdecent income from things they create. Therefore creating craft things is not only a hobby but rewardingwork that can provide you full time or supplemental income.