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  • 1. Important Information Flag Historic Turkey Location Traditional Food Republic of Turkey Traditional Clothing SightseeingMotto: Yurtta Barış , Dünyada Festivals Barış References(Peace at Home, Peace in the World) .
  • 2. Important Information Capital Ankara Currency Turkish Lira ($ 7.2045 Pesos) Time Zone UTC + 2 Official Language Turkish Demonym Turkish Area 783,562 km2Population (estimate 2012) 74,724,269 Declaration of republic 29 Octuber 1923 Internet .tr Calling code 90 Back
  • 3. Flag● After the Battle of Kosovo -1389, Sultan Murad visited the battle field, the Sultan Murad was in tears with the scene right before his eyes, and the reflection of the moon and the star in the bloody field inspired the idea for the flag of the victorious Ottoman Empire. Back
  • 4. The oldest known human settlement in the world● The oldest known human settlement in the world is located in Catalhöyük, dating to 6500 B.C.● The world’s first landscape painting was found on the wall of a Catalhöyük house, illustrating the volcanic eruption of nearby Hasandag.● The first coins ever minted were produced at Sardis, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia, at the end of the seventh century B.C.● Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World stood in Turkey – Temple of Artemis at Ephesus – Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Bodrum.● Anatolia, the Asian portion of Turkey, is the birthplace of many historic figures and legends, such as the poet Homer, King Midas, Herodotus (the father of history) and St. Paul the Apostle. Back
  • 5. Location Republic of Turkey is an Euroasian country located on Anatolian Peninsula.● Its bordered by eight countries – Bulgaria to the northwest – Greece to the west – Georgia to teh northeast – Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijani to the east – Iraq and Syria to the southeast● The Mediterranean Sea to the south● Tha Black Sea to the north Back
  • 6. Food● Turkish cuisine is renowned as one of the worlds best. It is considered to be one of the three main cuisines of the world. ● Turkish cuisine is in a sense a bridge between far- Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. ● The foundation of the cuisine is based on grains (rice and wheat) and vegetables● The foundation of Turkish food is dough made of wheat flour. Besides "ekmek" (ordinary white bread), "Pide" (flat bread), "simit" (sesame seed rings), and "manti" (similar to ravioli), a whole family of food made up thin sheets of pastry called "börek". Back
  • 7. Traditional Clothing Back
  • 8. Sightseeing● Cappadocia In the mythology of the Hittites and the Phrygians, the region of Nevşehir lies on the planet of Cappadocia, whose creation was the work of the Gods of the Volcanoes and which was shaped by the soft and magical hands of the Gods of the Rains and the Winds Next
  • 9. Sightseeing● Sanli Urfa Rizvaniye Mosque And Halil Ul Rahman Lake This is the place where according to legend the prophet Abraham was thrown into a fire, but by a miracle the fire turned into a pool. The legend says wood from the fire turned into fish. Back
  • 10. Festivals● Camel Wrestling Festival .- It is a traditional game in Turkey in which the two male wrestler camels fight to get the attention of the female camel.● Many people in Turkey celebrate Republic Day on October 29 by attending performances and participating in traditional processions with flags and musical bands. The Turkish Republic’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk proclaimed Republic Day as Turkey’s most important holiday. Back
  • 11. References●●● SearchID=597 Back