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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Servant Leadership AIM TMP 2004 Prof. Sonny Coloma
  • 2. Prologue: The Lantern Swinger
    • Spuyten Duyvil Bridge: over the Hudson River, between the Bronx & Manhattan, New York
    • Friday morning, October 1904, 3 a.m.:
    • Train crash  great tragedy, scores dead
    • Bridge closed for 18 months
    • Who was responsible?
  • 3. Prologue: The Lantern Swinger
    • Prime suspect: Lantern Swinger
    • Duty: Swing lantern if bridge is up & could not be crossed
    • Q. What is your occupation?
    • I am the Lantern Swinger.
    • Q. Where were you early on the Friday morning in question?
    • A. At my post.
  • 4. Prologue: The Lantern Swinger
    • Did you see the oncoming train?
    • Yes, I did.
    • Were you inebriated (drunk)?
    • No sir, I never drink.
    • Then tell the court what happened when you saw the oncoming train. Did you or didn’t you swing your lantern?
    • A. Y-y-y…yes I d-d-d-did swing the lantern .
  • 5. Prologue: The Lantern Swinger
    • After he was finally acquitted, the defense attorney asked him:
    • “ Why the stutter of a guilty man? We nearly lost our case? Were you lying to me all these months?
    “ I never lied to you…you just always asked me the wrong question. You asked if I swung my lantern. You forgot to ask if the lantern was lit.”
  • 6. Prologue: The Lantern Swinger
    • We live in an age of competence & skill.
    • We are well trained in our chosen fields.
    • We lead and manage our organizations…our companies.
    • We manage our time, we are even taught how to manage our relationships.
    • We are experts at swinging the lantern: just at what angle to swing it, how to hold it.
  • 7. Prologue: The Lantern Swinger
    • We forget that for the lantern to illuminate our way at all --- the lantern must be lit.
    • Only the fire of your unique character can light up your life, transform your existence
    •  from routine fulfillment of obligation
    •  to passionate unfolding of your distinct contribution to humanity
    • Is your lantern lit? Are you truly motivated to lead?
  • 8. Prologue to Greenleaf
    • HERMAN HESSE’s Journey to the East (1960s)
    • All is well with a journeying party, especially with Leo as the servant who sustains them with his caring spirit.
    • Then Leo disappears.
    • The group falls into disarray. The journey is abandoned.
    • They discover they cannot make it without the servant, Leo.
  • 9. Prologue to Greenleaf
    • Leo is found after many years of searching.
    • Leo is, in fact, the head of the religious order that sponsored the original journey.
    • The great leader is first experienced as a servant to others.
    • True leadership emerges from those whose primary motivation is a deep desire to help others.
  • 10. Servant Leadership: A Definition
    • “ The servant leader is a servant first.
    • It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve.
    • Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.
    • This is sharply different from the person who is leader first.
    • The difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant first to make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served.”
  • 11. Reflections on Doing What Matters: Leading by Serving
    • “ There are two ways to be rich: one is to have more, the other is to want less. Happiness does not consist in having what you want, but in wanting what you have.”
    • “ Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”
  • 12. Reflections on Doing What Matters: Leading by Serving
    • “ There is joy in transcending self to serve others.”
    • “ We make a living by what we get.
    • We make a life by what we give.”
  • 13. Test of a Servant Leader
    • Do those served grow as persons?
    • Do they, while being served, become healthier, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?
    • What is the effect on the least privileged in society? Will they benefit, or at least, not be deprived further?
    • No one will be hurt, knowingly or unknowingly
  • 14. Ten Characteristics of a Servant-Leader
    • Listening
    • Empathy
    • Healing
    • Awareness
    • Persuasion
    • Conceptualization
    • Foresight
    • Stewardship
    • Commitment to the Growth of People
    • Building Community
  • 15. Management & Leadership: A Contrast
    • “ A way of doing” (Drucker)
    • External
    • “ Ends justify the means” – do what works
    • Goals & Tasks
    • Call to Duty
    • “ A way of being” (Greenleaf)
    • Internal
    • “ Means determine ends” – primacy of beliefs & intentions
    • Relationships & connections
    • Life Calling (Vocation)
  • 16. A New Kind of Leadership
    • Motivated by personal drive to succeed
    • Highly competitive; independent mindset; seeks to receive personal credit for achievement
    • Understands internal politics & solicits personal loyalty from followers
    • Motivated by desire to serve others
    • Highly collaborative & interdependent; shares & gives credit to others
    • Aware of what motivates others & empowers all to win with shared goals & vision
  • 17. A New Kind of Leadership
    • Focuses on fast action; impatient with others who are slower to comprehend
    • Relies on facts, logic, proof
    • Controls information to maintain power
    • Focuses on gaining understanding, input, buy-in from all parties
    • Uses intuition & foresight to balance facts, logic, proof
    • Shares big-picture information generously
  • 18. A New Kind of Leadership
    • Spends more time telling, giving orders; unwilling to devote time to listening or coaching
    • Feels that personal value comes from individual talents
    • Sees network of supporters as power base and highly conscious of titles & perks
    • Listens deeply & respectfully to others, especially to those who disagree
    • Feels that personal value comes from mentoring & working collaboratively with others
    • Develops trust across a network of constituencies; breaks down hierarchy
  • 19. A New Kind of Leadership
    • Eager to speak first: feels his ideas are more important; often dominates or intimidates others
    • Uses personal power & intimidation to leverage & obtain what one wants
    • Accountability: who is to blame?
    • Uses humor to control others
    • Listens intently & values inputs from others
    • Uses personal trust & respect to build bridges and do what’s best
    • Accountability: making it safe for people to make mistakes
    • Uses humor to lift others up & energize them
  • 20. Worry Apathy Boredom Anxiety Relaxation Control Arousal Low High Flow Challenges Skills High
  • 21. Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations. James Kouzes & Barry Posner, The Leadership Challenge
  • 22. We need leaders of inspired idealism, leaders to whom are granted great visions, who dream greatly, who can kindle the people with the fire from their own burning souls. Theodore Roosevelt
  • 23. In my regiment, nine-tenths of the men were better horsemen than I was, and probably two-thirds of them better shots than I was, while on the average they were certainly hardier and more enduring. Yet after I had them a very short while they all knew, and I knew too, that nobody else could lead them as well as I could. Theodore Roosevelt
  • 24. Tashi Deley
    • I honor the greatness in you.
    • I honor the place in your heart where lies your courage, honor, greatness, love, hopes and dreams.
    • I honor the place in your heart --- where if you are at that place in you…and I am at that place in me…there is only one of us.
    • May the God in me meet the God in you!
    • Tashi Deley!