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The Washington Examiner

  1. 1. PRINT  ONLINE  MOBILE  EVENTS  STREET ACTIVATION  EMAIL examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on.
  2. 2. The Washington Examiner is a multi-media company that provides targeted solutions that get results. With the highest average HH income ($103,000) among the top 10 metro markets and more than POWERFUL POWERFUL MARKET $126.5 billion in consumer spending, Washington DC is ranked the healthiest retail market in the MARKET nation and an important place for you to connect with more customers to grow your business. The Washington Examiner helps you expand your business by effectively reaching your ideal TARGETED TARGETED audience. Our distribution strategy is targeted to a home delivered audience, with very high retail purchasing power, and our street edition reaches young, mobile “Millennial” consumers. The Washington Examiner is a definitive and credible local news brand that reaches more than CREDIBLE CREDIBLE BRAND 1,000,000 adults each week. Readers are highly educated and affluent with above-average BRAND discretionary incomes giving them more purchasing power than the general market. The Washington Examiner invested $1.5 million dollars on an opt-in strategy to ensure our OPT-IN OPT-IN newspaper is requested, read, and relied on. People who choose to opt-in to receive home delivery are engaged readers and are more likely to shop our ads and buy your product or service. As a consultative media company, we deliver your message to the right audience in the most 360 360 SOLUTIONS effective way. Our knowledge of the market coupled with your business goals, allows us to provide SOLUTIONS you with a targeted and comprehensive marketing strategy that gets results.Source: 2011 Census Bureau and 2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey compiled by EASI andAdMall. Washington Regional Economic Development 2011-2012. ChainLink Economics 2011. examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on. 2
  3. 3. The Examiner’s unique approach helps you create profitable partnerships with our readers; your desired customers. Affluent and Influential Young Millennial Mobile Washingtonians •The distribution footprint includes •Nearly one-third (30%) of •The Washington DC area four of the ten most affluent and Washington Examiner weekday population virtually doubles five of the most educated counties readers are “Millennials” – when 450,000 people commute in the U.S. below the age of 34. to work each weekday. •55% of consumer expenditures •Nearly half are married (45%) •The Washington Examiner is occur in the Examiner footprint. with children (37%). delivered by hand to this mobile •45,000 copies delivered to House •60% are more likely to use population on their way to work and Senate offices, the Pentagon, Facebook and Twitter from their in 1,832 high profile, high traffic locations. federal agencies, White House, cell phones. courts, military, lobbyists, and associations. Source: Scaborough Research. R2, 2011. examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on.3 3
  4. 4. People read the Examiner for local news in a concise read – they say “it’s what a newspaper should be”. The Washington Examiner’s unique content mix of local news coupled with a governmental focus – which is local news in Washington DC – drives consistent readership and online audience growth. In addition to local news, The Washington Examiner offers readers a wide variety of news features including Healthy Living , Education , Time Out!, The Look, and Home & Garden. Reasons To Read Among Home Delivered Readers*: 93% 84% 81% It’s free. Concise Good local read. news. Among Single Copy Readers**: 90% 68% 64% Read for Read more than Read 5 days local news. 20 mins. daily. per week. *Source: CAC Readership Study, May 2012. **Source: Scarborough Intercept Study, September 2011. examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on.4 4
  5. 5. Readers opt-in to receive The Examiner making it requested, read, and relied on. The Washington Examiner to invested $1.5 million in an opt-in campaign to ensure our newspaper is being read by those who want it. Moving newspapers into the hands of those households requesting home delivery guarantees satisfaction for readers and advertisers. Our CAC audience research revealed that Examiner home-delivered households are engaged; our single copy locations all but sell out daily with an average pick-up rate of 98%. Home Edition* Street Edition** Weekly Audience** Weekly Issues Distributed: 411,515 Weekly Street Issues: 591,786 Weekly Issues Distributed: 1,003,301 HH Acceptance: Pick-Up rate: Pick-up rate: 92% 98% 96% Thursday/Sunday Home Delivery 80-120 Hawkers daily 1,712 Single Copy Locations Including Book Stores After choosing The Washington Examiner, 97% of new households have been retained for more than a year. Source: CAC Publisher’s Statement, March 2012. * Readership Growth Initiative, completed Spring 2011. examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on.5 5
  6. 6. The Washington Examiner engages readers and delivers the audiences you want to create long-term results. CIRCULATION CIRCULATION AUDIENCE PROFILE AUDIENCE PROFILE DIGITAL / MOBILE DIGITAL / MOBILE SUNDAY 57% Men and 43% Women, 38% Between Ages 25-49, 5 MM 81% Homeowners, 56% College + Uniques UNIQUES April 2012 WEEKDAY 4,300,000 M/T Circ 105,200 60% Men and 40% Women, 50% Between Ages 25-49, PAGE VIEWS Wed Circ 127,000 67% Home Owners, 49% College +, 8,000,000 Thur Circ 294,000 ONLINE Fri Circ 136,000 63% Men and 37% Women .gov & .mil 63% Between Ages 25-49, 100,000+ visits Sun Circ 236,700 69% Home Owners, 69% College +, Su/F E-dition 18,800 90% unduplicated to the printed edition 2012 examiner media groupSource: Circulation CAC Audit, Fall 2011 adjusted May 2012, Demos:Scarborough R2 2011 and R1 2012. Online: Google Analytics. Requested. Read. Relied on. 6
  7. 7. As a consultative media company, we help deliver yourmessage to the right audience in the most effective way. Pop PRINT SOLUTIONS Ups •Front Cover Wraps •Front Page Skyboxes •Front Page Strips •Tab-Ons •Pop-Ups •Content Adjacencies •Inserts •Print/Delivers SkyCover BoxWraps Tab Ons Strip Ads examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on. 7
  8. 8. Interact with consumers through live events, promotions, and signage to build connections and transactions. OUT-OF-HOME •Events/Promotions •Partnerships With Major DC Arts, Events, Sports Franchises, and Military •Custom Events: Built To Fit Your Need •Brand Ambassadors •Mobile Marketing Teams •Sampling •Shout Outs! •Rack Cards and QR Codes •Convention Center Signage examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on. 8
  9. 9. delivers a multi-faceted digitalexperience to reach more than 5 million adults monthly!DIGITAL SOLUTIONS•Home Page Wraps ••Traditional Banners•Standard Display Ads•Rich Media Expandables•Video Display•Social Media Sponsorships•Custom Pop-Up Platforms • examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on. 9
  10. 10. The Examiner works with many clients to maximize their advertising investment and deliver measurable results. examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on. 10
  11. 11. For more information contactJeannine Antus @ 818-429-0913 examiner media group Requested. Read. Relied on. 11