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  • With the components of the SOC defined, let’s take a look at an example of how it can be implemented at a client. This example follows a similar deployment we currently have for a large global financial services firm. From an operational perspective, Keane has deployed the SOC in a multi-shore model with local accountability on site at the client. Issues are managed on a follow-the-sun schedule at both nearshore and offshore locations across all service levels and handoffs are coordinated and seamless. While significant value has been derived from operations, the real differentiator has been the value that has been driven by the elimination of manual tasks. By continually analyzing the environment and Utilizing Proactive Health Checks and Automation the team eliminated over 40,000 hours of time spent on manual reactive tasks in 1 year.
  • Keane Cloud Computing Customer Facing 0411 V5kk

    1. 1. Technical Infrastructure Solutions<br />Cloud Computing and Data Center Services<br />Integrated Keane and NTT Infrastructure Capabilities<br />April 2011<br />
    2. 2. Market Trends: IT Sourcing and Delivery Changes Over Time<br />1960s - 1980s <br />Organizations used a sole<br />outsourcing provider focused<br />on reducing costs<br />2005 - today <br />Sourcing enabled by a *”sourcing service integrator”<br />1990s - 2005 <br />Evolving demands leads to <br />Multi-sourcing and best-of-breed<br />technology providers.<br />optimization<br />Wave 3: <br />Ubiquitous <br />computing<br />Goals<br />effectiveness<br />Wave 2: Network Web / Internet<br />Wave 1: PC / Distributed <br />Computing<br />The concept of Cloud Computing is changing the way that many IT services are being sourced and delivered – including compute infrastructure, service management, applications development, software hosting, software testing and the methods of paying for those services<br />Complexity<br />efficiency<br />*<br />1<br />
    3. 3. Keane Cloud Framework<br />Keane is both a cloud provider and a cloud-broker for applications & infrastructure<br />Keane provides and supports cloud-based, cross-practice, vertical solutions and services<br />Offerings are across 4 cloud categories, in multi-tenant public or, white-labeled private cloud environments<br />Cloud Categories<br />Strategy<br />Cloud Opportunity Assessments (COAT)<br />Cost/Benefit Analyses of Adopting Cloud Infrastructure Solutions<br />NetSolutions<br />Figtree Suite<br />Optimum<br />Financial Services & Insurance<br />Commercial Services<br />Life Sciences<br />Software as a Service<br />ICD10/5010<br />CertidoTM<br />Cloud Architecture & Applications Development<br />SAP, Oracle Financial Fast Close (EAS/EPM)<br />Test Automation<br />Email<br />Platform as a Service<br />Microsoft Azure<br />Google Enterprise<br />Infrastructure as a Service<br />Cloud and Data Center Hosting – NTT Communications, Carpathia<br />2<br />
    4. 4. OverviewKeane Hybrid Cloud and Data Center Services<br />In combining the strengths of Keane with several NTT infrastructure service providers, four categories of solutions are offered that promote end-to-end technology service capabilities<br />Solution Categories<br />Keane Service Offerings<br />Solution Categories<br />Keane Service Offerings<br /><ul><li>Keane-managed Public Cloud Services
    5. 5. Keane On-demand Performance Testing
    6. 6. Keane Quick-start Applications Development
    7. 7. Keane Enterprise Solutions and Tools Hosting
    8. 8. Keane-delivered Proofs of Concept and Demos
    9. 9. Keane installation and support of Client-site private clouds
    10. 10. Consumption and services-based billing capabilities
    11. 11. Keane QAT Performance Testing
    12. 12. Keane-managed SDLC services
    13. 13. Keane Remote Infrastructure Management Services</li></ul>1<br />3<br />Customer Site Private Cloud Computing<br />Keane Public Cloud Computing<br /><ul><li>Keane Private Cloud Hosting in NTT Com’s data centers
    14. 14. Keane Application and Technology Migrations and Support
    15. 15. Keane SW Hosting as a Service
    16. 16. Keane QAT On-demand Performance Testing
    17. 17. Keane Enterprise Solutions and Tools Hosting</li></ul>Keane end-to-end data center migration and hosting services:<br /><ul><li>Discovery, estimating and migration planning
    18. 18. Data Center engineering, design, security and disaster recovery
    19. 19. Infrastructure and applications testing, migration and acceptance
    20. 20. Fully managed end-state solution</li></ul>4<br />2<br />Keane Private Cloud Computing<br />Data Center Migration and Hosting Services<br />3<br />
    21. 21. Cloud Computing and Hosting Fit-to-PurposeOptimum Application of Each Solution Category<br />The following lists the ideal uses for each Keane offering in considering one solution category versus the others<br />Solution Categories<br />Solution Categories<br />Ideal Application<br />Ideal Application<br /><ul><li>Allows customer to leverage benefits of cloud computing within their own data center facilities
    22. 22. Ideal for clients subject to stringent privacy restrictions (banks, government, etc.)
    23. 23. On-site Performance Testing
    24. 24. Keane-managed infrastructure and SDLC services
    25. 25. Reduce IT support costs
    26. 26. Lowest cost cloud computing option
    27. 27. Adopt utility-based billing
    28. 28. On-demand, quick-start Applications Development
    29. 29. Software Product Demos
    30. 30. Document and Information Collaboration (e.g. SharePoint)
    31. 31. Quick Proofs of Concept </li></ul>1<br />3<br />Customer Site Private Cloud Computing<br />Keane Public Cloud Computing<br /><ul><li>Virtualize applications from customer’s servers to Keane
    32. 32. Lower capital & data center costs with consumption-based billing
    33. 33. Host Software as a Service
    34. 34. Keane-managed SDLC services
    35. 35. App Performance Testing
    36. 36. Enterprise Software Solutions and Tools Hosting
    37. 37. Facilitates forklift migrations of customer’s technology to Keane/NTT data centers
    38. 38. Improved technology management and support
    39. 39. Reduce capital spend
    40. 40. Reduce customer data center facilities operating costs
    41. 41. Reduce company carbon footprint</li></ul>4<br />2<br />Keane Private Cloud Computing<br />Data Center Migration and Hosting Services<br />4<br />
    42. 42. Tools<br />BMC<br />Ionix<br />VMware vCenter<br /><ul><li>Service Desk single point of contact
    43. 43. Problem & Incident Mgmt
    44. 44. Configuration & Change Mgmt
    45. 45. Performance & Capacity Mgmt
    46. 46. Release & Patch Mgmt</li></ul>Tools<br />HP Quality Center<br />HP LoadRunner<br />VMware vCenter<br />VMware Lab Manager<br />Keane TIS Service Operations Centers<br />Keane ADM Software Development & Support<br />EAS / EPM / HSD Life Sciences SaaS Hosting , Applications & Tools Support <br />Keane Quality Assurance & Testing<br />1<br />Keane<br />Public Cloud<br /><ul><li>Sandbox
    47. 47. Product Demos
    48. 48. Proofs of Concept</li></ul>NTT Communications Data Centers <br />Customer Private Cloud<br /><ul><li>Dev/Test/Pre-Prod</li></ul>Code & Image Xfer<br />Legacy Systems<br />Managed Hosting<br />NTT Com Infrastructure and Network Management<br />4<br />3<br />2<br />Code & Image Xfer<br />Keane Private Cloud<br /><ul><li>SaaS
    49. 49. Application Hosting
    50. 50. QAT/ADM Services</li></ul>Customer Data Center<br />Fully Integrated Cloud, Infrastructure and Applications Services<br />Keane Migration Services<br />5<br />
    51. 51. Keane-Managed Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br /><ul><li>Dedicated pool of compute resources
    52. 52. Provisioned and managed by Keane
    53. 53. Secured and reliable as customer’s Private Cloud, full SLA
    54. 54. Compatible with Managed Hosting Services
    55. 55. Suits Test/Development and DR requirements
    56. 56. Can also be used as production</li></ul>Keane’s Service Operations Centers unify global service management onto a single, integrated platform<br />One portal<br />Keane TIS Service Operations Centers & Practitioners<br />2<br /><ul><li>100% shared / contended
    57. 57. Flexible billing (per hour of use)
    58. 58. No contract period
    59. 59. Partnership with NTT Communications & OpSource
    60. 60. Suits low end, short term test & development requirements</li></ul>Keane Infrastructure & Applications Management<br />Virtual Machines<br />Virtual Machines<br />Virtual Machines<br />Application<br />3<br />1<br />Operating System<br />4<br />NTT Coms – OpSource<br />Public Cloud<br />Keane Compute Infrastructure<br />Dedicated Servers<br />Dedicated Server<br /><ul><li>Dedicated Physical Servers and Hypervisor
    61. 61. Keane-provided control and management
    62. 62. Scale within physical architecture
    63. 63. Compatible with other managed services</li></ul>Managed Hosting<br />Client Private Cloud <br />Keane Public Cloud<br />Keane Private Cloud<br /><ul><li>Dedicated physical hardware
    64. 64. Scalable on a modular basis
    65. 65. Suits applications that cannot be virtualized or lift-and-shift data center migrations</li></ul>Unique Hybrid Cloud Computing Service- Unified public and private cloud computing tailored to the needs of the customer<br />6<br />
    66. 66. Keane’s Multi-Shore Service Operations Centers<br />BMC Tools position SOC with Significantly EnhancedCapabilities<br />Keane’s Service Operations Center:<br />Provides global management of Keane's RIM, cloud and data center hosting services<br />Drives continuous improvement by leveraging innovation and local intimacy<br />Simplifies IT management by providing a single point of accountability<br />Business<br />User<br />Keane Onsite Team<br />Governance & <br />Delivery<br />Service Requests<br />Monitor Alarms<br />Service Operations Center<br />Service Delivery<br />Nearshore Team<br />Keane’s Service Operations Center combined with BMC’s global service management tools, replaces disparate point solutions with a common service desk that unifies all service management onto a single, integrated platform<br />Offshore Team<br />L1 / L2 / L3<br />Remote Infrastructure and Application Management<br />Mainframe Distributed, & Virtual Servers<br />Application & Middleware<br />Client Devices<br />Transactions<br />Database<br />Storage<br />Network<br />7<br />
    67. 67. Keane’s Private Cloud Technology <br />The VCE Coalition VBLOCK<br />Storage<br />Keane offers private cloud computing services utilizing the integrated technology offerings of VMware, Cisco, and EMC: <br />The Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalitionVBLOCK – an integrated solution for Cloud based on best-of-breed core products <br />Solution Packages<br />Information<br /><ul><li>VMware vSphere server virtualization
    68. 68. Cisco Unified Computing System blade servers providing the compute power
    69. 69. Cisco Nexus switches providing the connectivity
    70. 70. EMC arrays providing the data storage
    71. 71. EMC arrays and software for data protection
    72. 72. EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager providing the solution management tools</li></ul>Applications<br />Operating Systems<br />Virtualization<br />Compute<br />Network<br />Vblock Infrastructure Packages<br />8<br />
    73. 73. Global Peer-to-Peer Public Cloud Computing<br />Keane, in partnership with NTT Communications and OpSource, offers a unique cloud peering model that allows virtual machine technology to be regionalized while images and data can be moved between regions depending on need and performance<br />Europe Cloud<br />US Cloud<br />Asia Cloud<br />Public Internet<br />Keane Administrators<br />OpSource Billing mediates billing and cross charges between regions and providers and Keane unifies costs by customer/project<br />India Cloud<br />Cloud Users<br />9<br />
    74. 74. Keane + NTT Communications + OpSource =Leading Enterprise Public Cloud Technology and Managed Services<br />10<br />
    75. 75. NTT Data Center Locations<br /><ul><li>EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)</li></ul>Europe (Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Slough, Saint Denis, Geneva) <br /><ul><li>Americas</li></ul>United States (Connecticut, New York, San Jose, Ashburn, Sterling, Santa Clara) <br />Brazil (Sao Paulo) <br /><ul><li>Asia Pacific</li></ul>Australia (Sydney) <br />China(Beijing, Shanghai, <br />Guangzhou, <br />Hong Kong, Wuxi) <br />India (Mumbai) <br />Indonesia (Jakarta) <br />Japan (Tokyo) <br />Korea (Seoul) <br />Malaysia (Cyberjaya) <br />Philippines (Manila) <br />Singapore <br />Taiwan (Taipei) <br />Thailand (Bangkok) <br />Vietnam (Hanoi)<br />Copyright © 2010 NTT DATA CORPORATION<br />NTT’s multiple data centers and high speed communication links provide the capacity to support the data center needs of Keane’s diverse client base<br />11<br />
    76. 76. Keane's On-demand Performance Testing Overview<br />Keane’s “QATalyst” services can be delivered to clients using the Keane-labeled Public Cloud, Keane’s Private Cloud, or the customer’s own private cloud technology<br />Keane Delivery<br />Just in Time<br />Performance Testing Experts<br />Performance Testing assets<br />Performance Test Reports & Continuous Improvement<br />Keane Hosted (pay per use)<br />Performance Testing Tool<br />Keane Cloud (Test Environment Hosting), Storage, Backup services<br />Customer<br />Apps<br />Websites<br />Legacy Apps<br />New Stores opening & Promotional schemes<br />Enhancements<br />New Product Launches<br />Effort<br />Seasonal Sales<br />New <br />Implem.<br />Bug<br />fixes<br />Hot <br />Packs<br />Minor<br />Release<br />M& A<br />Upgrades<br />Consolidate.<br />12<br />
    77. 77. Our Value Proposition – what we bring to our Clients<br />End-to-End Continuous Support – We Minimize the Impact of Change<br /><ul><li>Keane’s flexible, adaptable multi-shore delivery model with our proven transition approach provides access to a 24x7 service desk to support our Client base.
    78. 78. Our Service Operations Centers provide the full range of monitoring and management services whether the technology is located in the Cloud, an NTT data center or within a customer’s own facilities.</li></ul>Greater Transparency – We Deliver Proactive Services<br /><ul><li>Keane creates an infrastructure to support transparency and frequent communications, which keeps solutions running at peak performance and provides our Clients with visibility and actionable insight needed for real time decision-making.
    79. 79. We continuously monitor the performance characteristics of your applications and infrastructure to proactively report and adjust technology parameters to maintain optimum performance.</li></ul>Compelling Total Quality Management – We Maximize Customer Satisfaction<br /><ul><li>Keane helps our Clients achieve and maintain year-over-year continuous process and quality management improvements, resulting in significant customer satisfaction across all business segments. </li></ul>Real Cost Savings – We Reduce IT Support Costs<br /><ul><li>Our Clients typically save 25 – 40% using our Remote Infrastructure Management Services.
    80. 80. Utility-based private cloud compute services means no investment in capital equipment by our hosted customers and you pay for only the technology and services you consume with the capacity to expand readily available as needed.</li></ul>13<br />
    81. 81. Keane CloudCase Studies<br />14<br />
    82. 82. Product Development Lab on a Private Cloud <br />Streamlined testing and development for a global provider of mission-critical IT environments for businesses and governments <br />RESULTS<br /><ul><li>The virtual machines hosted all Windows OS’s, all Linux OS’s and Solaris X86
    83. 83. VM Ware lab-manager allowed creating a machine library containing pre-configured machines with SAN Storage to host around 200 machines of 40 GB each
    84. 84. The ability to create machines on the fly minimized the duration of lengthy SAT testing and the ability to throttle compute power allowed quick and controlled builds
    85. 85. The Clone feature of Lab Manager allowed testing team to recreate environments and expedite the debugging and fix processes
    86. 86. The total testing time cycle for the product was brought down by 6 days, leading testers to add new test cases to the test bed, improving the quality of the product, improving the developers productivity, and reducing the overall product time-to-market
    87. 87. More frequent releases resulted in customers getting their bug-fixes and enhancements earlier and on time</li></ul>SOLUTION<br /><ul><li>Solution was to build a Private cloud environment for the lab that would host a library of test environments
    88. 88. Families of machines representing multiple test scenario could be brought to live within 3 Minutes
    89. 89. Commodity hardware was virtualized using VMware Esx (Virtualization on bare metal)
    90. 90. VM Ware Vcenter was used to Federate resources from multiple machine into one resource pool
    91. 91. VM Ware Lab Manager was used to create machine templates
    92. 92. All the machines used for a given scenario were made in to templates that were organized into libraries based on test scenarios
    93. 93. A Template would represent a machine with all the OS/Hardware/Software built into it and taxonomies were developed to name the templates</li></ul>BUSINESS CHALLENGE<br /><ul><li>A large Software products company contracted Keane to build a multi-technology software product
    94. 94. The product has a build-test-release cycle of 6 weeks elapse time
    95. 95. The team consisted of 100 to 150 members composed of Architects, Developers, Testers and managers distributed among three organizations spread in three geographies
    96. 96. “Time to market” most critical aspect of the engagement as there were around 1200 test cases to be executed on 12 Different Hardware/OS Platforms
    97. 97. Customer Site Product Dev Lab had 127 physical servers which had to be shared by all teams with most machines having too little RAM for Product Development testing
    98. 98. The current environment required the product to be installed and configured on various machines from scratch which took around 6 days and consumed 40% of testing schedule</li></ul>15<br />
    99. 99. Keane Cloud Applications Development and Testing Environment <br />Keane-provided Cloud test and development environment for a leading provider of mobile phones and broadband services<br />RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Ability to configure, copy and clone server and test environments in minutes
    100. 100. Consumption-based costing model – No investment in capital by the customer
    101. 101. Usage of resources tracked by project and billing is individually generated and reported at the project level
    102. 102. Keane TIS 24x7 monitoring & management of critical infrastructure – applications monitoring available upon request
    103. 103. User security is delivered through dedicated VPN tunneling and role-based client access managed by Keane TIS
    104. 104. Fully managed version control of application iterations through Keane QAT best practices and tools</li></ul>SOLUTION<br /><ul><li>Keane Technology Infrastructure Solutions (TIS) cloud-based virtual machine infrastructure, providing global access, high availability and full security features
    105. 105. Fully configurable server and storage capabilities, set up through graphical user interface
    106. 106. Windows or Linux operating system pre-installed with ability to install others as required
    107. 107. 24x7 Remote Monitoring and managed services support
    108. 108. Keane ITIL services support of Problem, Incident, Change, Configuration, Capacity, and Release Management
    109. 109. Consumption monitoring of technology use by project – costs incurred only when resources are in use
    110. 110. Keane Quality Assurance and Testing (QAT) practice participation in setup and management of the application testing environment and testing process support</li></ul>BUSINESS CHALLENGE<br /><ul><li>Customer has a single Reference environment which is used by projects for all phases of the testing lifecycle (System, Integration, Acceptance, Non-functional)
    111. 111. All projects / work streams share one environment, causing bottlenecks in delivery
    112. 112. No effective change control in place for applications, leading to project clashes
    113. 113. No configuration management for applications, leading to reference being out of sync with live; causing issues when needed for live fault resolution</li></ul>Desired End State<br /><ul><li>A single testing infrastructure solution that allows multiple test environments running concurrently, to be set-up on a per project basis, for the lifetime of the project, paid for by the project.
    114. 114. One end-to-end live like “reference” environment, not to be used for simple, functional testing.
    115. 115. Reference environment fully change/configuration managed.
    116. 116. Application level change management for all test environments.
    117. 117. Both “test” and “Reference” platforms to be fully supported and monitored.</li></ul>16<br />
    118. 118. Keane HSD – Subscription-based Cloud Applications<br />Keane’s Healthcare Services Division (HSD) has developed a series of healthcare management applications for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to support administrative and clinical records management functions. Keane HSD has joined with Keane Technology Infrastructure Solutions (TIS) to move those applications into a cloud infrastructure managed by TIS and made available to customers via multiple subscription-based pricing models. <br />RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Ability to offer the applications on cloud-hosted infrastructure with various pricing options depending upon the needs and desired service level delivery model of the customer
    119. 119. Technology that can be leveraged to support multiple customers without risk to each other
    120. 120. Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are freed of capital investments in technology and infrastructure support
    121. 121. High availability and disaster recovery capabilities of the cloud infrastructure far exceed previous on-site hosted models while operating at a reduced TCO</li></ul>SOLUTION<br /><ul><li>Keane HSD and TIS worked together to port the applications to virtual hardware platforms: AIX partitioned servers for AcuteCare and Windows VMware platforms for Long Term Care
    122. 122. Keane resulting cloud-based virtual machine infrastructure provides global access, high availability and full security features
    123. 123. High availability is delivered through hosting the technology on highly fault-tolerant technology installed in Keane-managed Tier III+ data centers
    124. 124. Health records are partitioned separately from each customer to ensure privacy and compliance with HIPPA requirements
    125. 125. Disaster Recovery and failover is engineered through regular replication of data to systems located at a remote site
    126. 126. Keane TIS provides 24x7 remote help desk, monitoring and managed services support including Problem, Incident, Change, Configuration, Capacity, and Release Management
    127. 127. Keane HSD provides applications and user support to subscribers of the applications</li></ul>BUSINESS CHALLENGE<br /><ul><li>Keane HSD has multiple healthcare management applications marketed to small to medium sized hospitals and clinics (AcuteCare applications suite) and nursing homes (Long Term Care applications)
    128. 128. HSD had traditionally licensed the applications for installation on the customers’ premises and hardware platforms but was encountering increased competition from other vendors offering similar applications in an ASP hosted, subscription pricing model
    129. 129. Small hospitals and nursing homes are traditionally challenged for IT resources and supporting applications and technology onsite is costly and difficult for them
    130. 130. Even in an ASP service model (whereby a third party would host their applications), smaller healthcare providers find it difficult affording server hardware dedicated to their use</li></ul>Desired End State<br /><ul><li>Ideally, for smaller hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and physicians, healthcare and clinical records management applications need to be readily available from hosting providers that can offer the applications priced to support their specific needs and operated on technology that is highly available and leveraged to support multiple customers without risk of security and HIPPA infractions</li></ul>17<br />
    131. 131. Questions?<br />
    132. 132. Thank You<br />For any inquiries, please contact:<br />Kim Krzenski<br />Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions<br />Keane, an NTT DATA Company<br /><br />