2011 mobile retail infographics


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Cylinder 8 has published the most current mobile statistics for the retail market for both Canada and the US.

Cylinder 8's statistics show that Canadian smartphone marketshare as follows:
~ Blackberry 42%
~ iPhone 31%

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2011 mobile retail infographics

  1. 1. 2011 MOBILEDATA SNAPSHOT FOR RETAILERS www.cylinder8.com
  2. 2. Canadian Mobile Statistics 32.8% of Canadian mobile phone users are now using multifunction smartphones such as BlackBerrys and iPhones. Canadian Smartphone Top 5 Types of Mobile Number of Mobile Market Share Apps Downloaded Subscribers in Canada 5.1% 6.4% Games 9.15m 32% 7.28m Social Networking 22% 7.10m 12.5% 42% Music 21% 489k Entertainment 317k 21% 31% 203k News 15% Total Subscribers 25.1m Sources: http://www.cwta.ca/CWTASite/english/industryfacts.html http://www.cbc.ca/fp/story/2011/06/02/4879881.html, June 2011 http://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Presentations_Whitepapers/2011/2010_Canada_Digital_Year_in_Review www.cylinder8.com
  3. 3. Mobile Shopping 67% of all mobile subscribers in the US are mobile shoppers. 35% prefer using their mobile device as opposed to their desktop computer to shop. Percentage of People Purchasing from Phones Most Common Shopping Who Have Shopped Online Quadrupled Year Over Year Related Activities In-Store Call, text, or photo message someone 8% to get their opinion on an item 2010 62% 83% Check the price of an item 44% Review a product description 44% Look for product coupons Half of North Americans said they most frequently purchase from 2009 2% Make a purchase 39% online-only stores 35% Sources: Global Trends in Online Shopping, A Nielsen Global Consumer Report, June 2010 http://www.foreseeresults.com/news-events/press-releases/explosion-in-mobile-retail-u.s.-2010.shtml http://www.internetretailer.com/ www.cylinder8.com
  4. 4. Mobile Search 84% of smartphone owners search for retailers on mobile web. 77% report using mobile search more than 5 times in the previous month. When Mobile Users How Mobile Search When Mobile Users Search Converts Multitask 59% from home 84% search for retailer contact info Mobile search + watch TV 66% 82% find online 47% during retailers Mobile search + use computer commute 73% 45% find product websites 61% from work Mobile search @ social events 68% compare product or service prices 56% 81% in the evening 63% search before purchasing offline Mobile search + running errands 74% Sources: www.performics.com www.roiresearch.com www.marketingzeus.com www.cylinder8.com
  5. 5. Mobile Advertising 75.9% of retailers expect to launch a mobile commerce site. 52.6% expect to have it up and running in under one year. Top 4 Countries for Mobile Consumers Would Be Worldwide Mobile Ad Ad Impressions Interested in Receiving: Spend Predictions 2011 SMS ads in proximity of a retailer 1st 21% $3.3 billion USD Movie theatre offers/promos 2015 26% 2 nd Offers you can pursue at leisure 26% $20.6 billion USD 3 rd A barcode scanned by phone 29% Driven by mobile search ads and local ads. Over half of U.S. mobile ad 4th Grocery Coupons 36% spending is local. Asia – Japan particularly – continues to dominate global mobile ad spend. Sources: http://blog.mobclix.com/index/, August 2010 http://www.360i.com/ http://mobithinking.com/mobile-marketing-tools/latest-mobile-stats#mobileads www.cylinder8.com
  6. 6. Mobile Couponing 57% of shoppers would not have bought an item if they did not have a coupon. 91% (with coupon) vs. 85% (without) were more likely to purchase from the store again. How are Mobile Coupons Being Delivered? QR Codes SMS Geolocation A QR Code allows its content to be Promotions and coupon codes have ‘Checkin’ services such as FourSquare decoded quickly. They normally are been sent to mobile phones via SMS are now pairing up with companies to used as a quick link to access paper or for some time, but with new offer their customers offers based on online content from a mobile device. technologies, informational SMS can their current or most visited locations. These are more frequently being used now be triggered automatically by Events can also be triggered as a tool for retail coupons. proximity to a service or retail outlet. automatically by proximity. NFC Smart Posters Apps By passing their device near a ‘smart There are now a variety of apps poster’ with a near field communication available on iPhone, Android, and tag embedded within it, users can BlackBerry that users can interact interact directly with the content / with and find coupons relevant to promotion by information being sent them by location and category. straight to the device. Sources: Borrell Associates Report Mobile Marketing Association www.cylinder8.com
  7. 7. Mobile In-Store 25% of online shopping conversations happen in-store. If you are a retailer, you no longer have a shoppers’ undivided attention. Men and Women Mobile What are They Talking In-Store Shopping Browsing In-Store (%) About? Mobile Activities 1 While on their way, they are most likely to ask for 16% of consumers compare prices via mobile 51% assistance 2 While browsing, they are most likely to talk about your 10% visit the same brand or store’s website staff 3 While deciding to buy, they are most likely to talk about 7% look for coupons or discounts 44% your products 4 While checking out, they are most likely to talk about 6% see ratings or reviews on a product or service other customers 5% collect rewards for visiting a store Sources: www.marketingcharts.com/direct/in-store-mobile-product-browsing grows-78-from-09-16926 www.slidehsare.net/listenlogic/listenlogic-mobile-social-shoppers www.cylinder8.com
  8. 8. What Does This Mean for Retailers? 65% of smartphone owners are open to receiving offers on their mobile phones. 91% of mobile internet access is to socialize and share. Users that Share Social Smartphone Users Prefer Utilize Mobile Devices Deals with Friends Shopping via Online Catalog to Extend Reach Through: 62% of people under the age of 24 1 Search 2 69% of people between Advertising the ages of 25 - 44 13.2% 48.7% 13.2% of Smartphone owners 3 Couponing 55% of people aged 45 and over used catalogs to browse for items, compared with a staggering 48.7% who use mobile websites 4 In-Store Opportunities and apps for the same purpose. Sources: JiWire, “Mobile Audience Insights Report: Q1 2011,” May 24, 2011 http://mkt.gs/mobileretail www.cylinder8.com
  9. 9. WE’LL GET YOUR BRAND WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE.We create the digital marketing campaigns that unite ideas, people, and brands.Who is C8? Contact UsWe are Cylinder 8, a digital-marketing ideas factory. We make authentic brand connections, Kevin Krossingpropelled by incredible technology, for the “Screen Age.” Through these connections, people T: 416 628 4160 x8334exchange ideas, share culture, and influence social change, making the world a better place. E: kevin.krossing@cylinder8.com www.cylinder8.com