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An overview of PTMS, our capabilities and our past work

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People To My Site Capabilities

  1. 1. PEOPLE TO MY SITE<br />Our Capabilities<br />
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE<br />STRATEGIC. CREATIVE. RESULTS.<br />People To My Site (PTMS) crafts messages to change behavior and get results - from strategy through creative development and implementation. <br /> PTMS competes nationally as one of the Top 30 Interactive Agencies in the country. <br />We work locally with Columbus, OH based companies, and nationally with companies across the U.S. Our track record for success with multiple locations speaks for itself.  <br />We understand the automotive space and can produce clean and understandable results.   We are constantly looking to stay ahead of the curve as long as we can monetize it.<br />“Marketing is not an event, but a process... It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause it. But you never stop it completely.” - Jay Conrad Levinson<br />
  3. 3. WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT<br />Results Tracking<br />Real-time tracking in every communication piece<br />24/7/365 access to our proprietary reporting system for all clients for proof of ROI<br />Accountability<br />Access to results means you keep us accountable<br />PTMS support team digs beyond the metrics and provides in-depth analysis & recommendations to improve ongoing campaigns<br />In-house Efficiencies<br />Online & Traditional marketing specialists (including in-house production studio) working hand-in-hand<br />Full-picture view of your marketing, to come up with the best solution to your unique needs.<br />
  4. 4. SOME FACTS ABOUT PTMS<br />Founded 2001 – Pre AdWords<br />400+ Clients<br />Top 20 Search Marketing Agency in U.S. (2006)<br />Columbus Business First – Fast Fifty (2008) #2<br />Alpha and Beta testers of new products from Google, Yahoo and MSN <br />SEO Innovator<br />Driving Results Through Thought Leadership & Innovation<br />Best of Breed Technologies & Methodologies<br />Full Service Agency with experience in all venues<br />
  5. 5. OUR WORK<br />
  6. 6. PTMS RESULTS<br />LEXUS DEALERS<br />Goals:<br />Support ongoing promotion<br />Increase visits to dealer sites<br />Solution:<br />Promotional widgets inserted into dealer sites<br />SEO Optimization of the widgets that appear on the sites<br />Results:<br />#1 Rankings on Google for requested search terms<br />#1-5 Rankings on Google have increased from 16.7% to 75% of all optimized keyword phrases as the campaigns have been refreshed<br />
  7. 7. PTMS RESULTS<br />THE SCOTTS COMPANY<br />Goals:<br />Increase organic traffic to counter declining site traffic trend<br />Increase overall site traffic by 15% in 12 months<br />Solution:<br />SEO roadmap developed to summarize entire campaign strategy<br />Conducted over a month of keyword and site research<br />Determined the correct keyword strategy<br />Attended Scotts’ training sessions to get a first-hand knowledge of the business<br />24/7 access to expansive online reporting tool reporting results<br />Results:<br />Comparing 2009 visitors vs. 2008:<br />Increased April visitors almost 29%:<br />From 436,072 (2008) to 562,343 (2009)<br />Increased May visitors almost 20%:<br />From 301,085 (2008) to 359,963 (2009)<br />Overall visitors have increased by over 40% since March<br />
  8. 8. PTMS RESULTS<br />SIGNS NOW<br />Goals:<br />Develop and host websites for franchisees<br />Allow franchisee store owners to customize sites in real time<br />Sites should act as communication tool between stores/customers<br />Drive traffic to the new sites<br />Solution:<br />Search Engine-friendly websites with extensive back-end content and CMS<br />SEO campaign using highly-competitive, local keyword phrases and hand-submission of URLs to all major search engines and directories, monthly<br />SEM campaign targeting local consumers seeking sign/graphic solutions, with focused PPC ads on first page of search results<br />24/7 access to expansive online reporting tool reporting results<br />Results:<br />Sites were developed for 112 locations<br />An average of $1,256 in additional revenue/month from e- and phone-leads<br />Lead opportunities have increase an average of 50%<br />Delivered more than 1 million clicks and 1 billion impressions<br />Delivered 10,770 e-leads<br />Achieved 5,100 combined 1st place listings<br />
  9. 9. PTMS RESULTS<br />GERMAIN DEALER GROUP<br />Goals:<br />Increase web traffic to each dealership site<br />Convey the correct marketing message/brand standards<br />Convert visitors into legitimate lead opportunities<br />Solution:<br />PTMS’s proprietary Search Inventory Marketing Program<br />Local targeted SEM standard makes/models for keywordsand Google Maps submissions<br />Results<br />In a 4-month period with the lowest automotive sales in 27 years: 2995 direct inventory & 21,886 PPC campaign visits<br />85% of traffic to Germain&apos;s Inventory Portal from SIM<br />66% increase in calls as a direct result of SIM<br />“People To My Site continues to increase the dealer group’s overall online marketing performance through its search engine marketing and Inventory Marketing solutions. Our individual vehicles are ranking organically on the first page of the search engines, and when you combine that solution with the PPC campaign, we are literally monopolizing primereal estate on the web.” -Shaun Kniffin, Internet Sales Director, Germain Motor Co.<br />
  10. 10. PTMS RESULTS<br />OSU CFAES<br />Goals:<br />Change perceptions of the “Ag” college<br />Create site that encouraged applications<br />Solution:<br />Application of brand standards<br />Focus of content/messaging to reach multiple key targets<br />Organize extensive content for flow<br />Worked with client’s IT to ensure security <br /> and programming interaction/capabilities<br />Implemented into existing, internal CMS<br />Results:<br /> “The overall university experienced a large jump in applications for the fall of 2007, up some 23.5%.... Students indicating they wanted to study in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences went up by more than the above percentage, indicating the new marketing campaign and more targeted work by the recruiters is beginning to pay off.” - Jessica Kahan, OSU CFAES Strategic Marketing Manager<br />
  11. 11. PTMS RESULTS<br />OHIO DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION<br />Goals:<br />Reach a wide audience, compel them to seek out information and apply for tax amnesty<br />Recoup at least $11 million in unknown and potentially sizable back tax revenue<br />Solution: <br />Determine key audiences and their needs<br />Focus content/messaging to reach multiple key targets<br />Results:<br />The program exceeded its revenue goals six times over, collecting $66.8 million in back taxes, 4,700 amnesty applications, more than 12,800 phone calls on the helpline and nearly 29,000 website visits - all within less than two months. <br />“We hired Young Isaac [now PTMS] for marketing strategy and advertising agency services for the State of Ohio’s 2006 Tax Amnesty program and that program raised more than $66.8 million in revenue.” – Vaughn Lombardo, Administrator, Ohio Department of Taxation<br />
  12. 12. PTMS RESULTS<br />OPEN ONLINE<br />Goals:<br />Find long-term marketing partner<br />Increase leads from website<br />Ensure consistent and effective brand message<br />Solution:<br />Clarity™ brand strategy process<br />SEO/SEM campaign to increase traffic while messaging is determined<br />Results:<br />Clarity revealed name of company causes confusion and lack of adoption. OPENonline secured PTMS help to develop a new name and logo, as well as marketing materials<br />SEO placement has doubled since the campaign went into effect<br />SEM increased traffic to over 1000 clicks and 20,000 visitors per month(previously both ranked in low hundreds at best)<br />
  13. 13. PTMS RESULTS<br />ROUSH HONDA<br />Goals:<br />Refresh website with easily updated content<br />Increase traffic to site<br />Develop more outside branding, such as usinginteractive technology to attract additional buyers in alternate locations<br />Solution:<br />New site design showcasing inventory/servicesusing existing rich content and simplified navigation<br />SEO/SEM/SIM campaign<br />Kiosks in shopping mall, provide real-time access to existing inventory, through website interface<br />Results<br />Inventory Marketing achieves premium rankings in the top two search engines<br />Pushed competitors down on the list of results<br />SEM increased traffic to site with 25% close rate on leads generated<br />Kiosks provided an 18% conversion rate and achieved SIAA Gold Award<br />Testimonial: Gary Harkin, Integrated Marketing Manager, Roush Honda<br />
  16. 16. OUR SERVICES<br />
  17. 17. OUR OFFERINGS<br />TRADITIONAL MEDIA<br />Strategy –<br />Creative Development & Production –<br />Public Relations –<br />Promotions –<br />Media –<br />Brand and Campaign Planning<br />Broadcast, Print, Direct, Collateral<br />Consulting and Planning<br />Development and Implementation<br />Planning and Purchasing<br />INTERACTIVE MEDIA<br />Search Engine Marketing<br />Search Engine Optimization<br />Search Inventory Marketing<br />Website Design & Development<br />Microsites<br />Widgets<br />Behavioral Targeted/Display Ads<br />Email Marekting<br />Viral Marketing<br />EMERGING MEDIA<br />Mobile SMS Marketing<br />Kiosk Development<br />Flash Application Development<br />CD-Rom Development<br />Applications Programming<br />Social Media Marketing<br />
  18. 18. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)<br />WHY SEO?<br />There’s no point in having a website if no one can find it. <br />Improve your website’s organic search engine rankings<br />Everyone’s SEO needs are different – so we offer options to fit your SEO needs: <br />SEO Basic<br />SEO Platform<br />SEO Overdrive<br />Inventory Marketing<br />
  19. 19. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)<br />IT’S ALL ABOUT THE 1ST PAGE<br />No cookie-cutter SEO - we optimize for the right keywords for your business to help you succeed <br />Our Keyword IQ tool helps to determine your keyword phrase list for optimization <br />Your keyword phrases are selected and optimized to achieve first page listings on search engines. <br />Ranking analysis and keyword reports show you your results. <br />
  20. 20. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)<br />BASIC SEO<br />Basic Site Submission to Search Engines<br />Google<br />Yahoo<br />MSN<br />Basic Local Content Submission (Two Local Directories)<br />Google Maps<br />Yahoo Local<br />META Tag Creation (Homepage Only)<br />Page Title <br />META Keywords<br />META Description<br />Keyword Reporting<br />Access at<br />Monthly reporting<br />PLATFORM SEO:<br /><ul><li>All Basic Level Services
  21. 21. Basic Site Tracking
  22. 22. Entry & META Verification Codes For Google Webmaster & Yahoo Site Explorer
  23. 23. META Tag Creation (whole site)
  24. 24. Page Title
  25. 25. META Keywords
  26. 26. META Description
  27. 27. Consultation and Competitive Analysis
  28. 28. Linking Building
  29. 29. Video Optimization (optional)
  30. 30. Monthly Reporting</li></ul>SEO OVERDRIVE<br /><ul><li>Pay for performance SEO
  31. 31. If your site doesn’t rank in the top 30, then you don’t pay us!
  32. 32. Includes all services of SEO Platform</li></li></ul><li>SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM)<br />WHY SEM?<br />Potential customers are looking specifically for you and your services online <br />Drives traffic directly from search engines to your website<br />SEM CAMPAIGNS FEATURE:<br />Conversion Tracking<br />Customized Ad Copy<br />Keyword IQ™<br />Proprietary Bid Management System<br />Free Dynamic Call Tracking<br />Results in as little as 3 days!<br />
  33. 33. PAID SEARCH MARKETING APPROACH<br />SEM APPROACH<br />Campaign goals & objectives should be in-line with the searcher’s profile and budget<br />
  34. 34. GET REAL REPORTING<br />RELIABILITY. EXPERIENCE. ACCOUNTABILITY. LEADERSHIP.<br />Near Real-Time Reporting:<br />Total Clicks  Total Ad Views/Impressions<br />Call Tracking  Hot Words<br />Market Share  Cost Per e-Lead<br />Average CPC  Average CPM <br />  View-Through Conversions <br />
  35. 35. SEARCH INVENTORY MARKETING (SIM)<br />WHAT IS SIM?<br />Search Inventory Marketing: using your inventory for superior site optimization<br />Each page of inventory is visible for the search engines to crawl and index<br />HOW DOES SIM WORK?<br />We develop your website, optimized in our SIM platform<br />We submit inventory to Classified Listings (requires an inventory feed)<br />We monitor the results, making adjustments to SEO plan as needed, for improved results<br />
  36. 36. BENEFITS OF SIM<br />More keywords and landing pages lead to your site<br />More pages indexed<br />Greater likelihood of 1st page rankings in algorithms<br />More frequent crawls by the engines<br />Inventory changes help rankings as engines look for changes<br />SIM Platform includes:<br />Dynamic inventory feed<br />Sorts pull from your current inventory<br />Sorts reflected through unique URLs – every page can be linked, crawled, and ranked<br />“Everlasting” pages<br />Dynamic content generates closest result<br />Links never die or show a blank page<br />Save search<br />Customers can save search results & view later, share with others<br />Saves stored in back-end database<br />Popular saved items can be “discounted” with automated email announcing promotion to those who “saved” item<br />
  37. 37. WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT<br />Our sites are strategically designed to reach your targets<br />Dedicated client service contact ensures timely completion and prompt response to your inquiries <br />We offer a proprietary Content Management System (CMS)<br />Make regular revisions without recurring cost<br />Keep your site interesting for repeat visits<br />Superior SEO techniques<br />
  38. 38. MICROSITES<br />WHY A MICROSITE?<br />1-3 pages with narrow, specific functionality:<br />To collect lead information<br />To direct visitors to another website (main site)<br />Used to:<br />Provide additional support to a specific product or service<br />Support a promotional strategy<br />Benefits:<br />QUICK implementation<br />Cost efficient lead generation<br />Standardized templates (look/feel) offer all the functionality with minimal cost<br />Customized design and function available for additional cost<br />
  39. 39. WIDGET<br />WHY A WIDGET?<br />Can be inserted into any website <br />No technical integration or alterations to the site required<br />BENEFITS:<br />Includes contact form for lead capture<br />Tracks and gathers visitor’s information, without compromising site architecture<br />Allows companies to engage visitors<br />Prominent call to action<br />
  40. 40. WIDGET<br />HOW IT WORKS:<br />Opens when a visitor first arrives to the site<br />Closes automatically afterfive seconds<br />“Learn More” button remains, allowing users to reopen at any time<br />OPTIONAL SEO INTEGRATION FEATURE:<br />Advertisement can be fully-optimized<br /><ul><li>Drive maximum, targeted, organic traffic
  41. 41. Some clients have more than doubled the total number of #1 placements during the campaign</li></li></ul><li>ONLINE DISPLAY ADS<br />WHY ONLINE DISPLAY?<br />95% of a user’s time online is spent on sites with banner ads (not search engines)<br />Enables you to reach users higher up in the sales funnel<br />Search and Display together provide a 22% conversion rate lift over search alone.<br />Ability to track “view-throughs,” accountable reporting to track your ROI<br />TYPES OF CAMPAIGNS:<br />Behavioral Targeted (BT)<br />Behavioral Re-Targeted (BRT)<br />Ad Creative Development available<br />
  42. 42. BEHAVIORAL TARGETING VS. RETARGETING<br />WHAT IS BEHAVIORAL TARGETING (BT)?<br />BT (anonymously) observes online consumer behaviors  - like web browsing patterns. <br />Groups these users into interest segments.<br />Serves ads based on interests, indicated by recency and frequency of their behaviors<br />WHAT IS BEHAVIORAL RETARGETING (BRT)?<br />A consumer visits a website ,and a cookie is dropped on their computer to enable anonymous tracking .<br />Once they leave the advertiser’s website, the consumers is  followed across the internet to enable behavioral  retargeting.<br />Once the “cookied” consumer is identified again on a website that accepts advertising, the advertisers banner ad is served to them <br />Conversions are tracked based upon a click through or a “view through” <br />A view through is when someone sees the banner ad, doesn’t click on it, but returns to the advertisers website and fills out a lead form.<br />