2013 officer parler's bullying presentation


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CATA Bullying Presentation

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2013 officer parler's bullying presentation

  1. 1. What is Bullying?•Aggressivebehavior that involves unwanted, negative actions.
  2. 2. What is Bullying? Another way to put it is:•Behavior thatis intended tocause harm ordistress.
  3. 3. What is Bullying?•Bullying involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time.
  4. 4. What is Bullying? This is where the old saying, “pick•Bullying on somebody your own size” comes from. involves an imbalance of power or power of strength.
  5. 5. Physical Bullying.•Physical: involves harmful actions against another person’s body.Examples: biting, kicking, pushing, pinching, hitting, tripping, pulling hair; any form of violence or intimidation
  6. 6. Definitions•Bully – one or more students who intentionally intimidate or harm another student•Victim – the student who is being bullied
  7. 7. Bystander•Bystander – one or more students who stand on thesidelines and witness acts of bullying and might activelyprovide encouragement and support to the bully.
  8. 8. Verbal bullying•Verbal:involvesspeaking to a person or about a person in an unkindor hurtful way.
  9. 9. Different forms.•Sexual: singles out a person because of gender and demonstrates unwarranted or unwelcome behavior.
  10. 10. Different Forms.Racial: involvesrejection or isolationof a person becauseOf ethnicity
  11. 11. Jealousy: the bully isactually jealous of the kid he bullies.
  12. 12. Indirect Bullying• Emotional: involves behaviors that upset, exclude or embarrass a person.• Social isolation or intentional exclusion.Bullies will sometimes keep another kid from being able to participate in events or encourage other kids not sit with them at lunch.
  13. 13. Cyber bullying Officer Parler
  14. 14. CyberbullyingInvolves the use of technologicaldevices such ascell phones and the internet to target people.
  15. 15. Cyber bullying•Cyber bullying is a form of indirect or social bullying that uses technological communication (text or images) to humiliate, harass, embarrass, tease, intimidate, threaten, or slander one or more students.
  16. 16. GS 14-458.1 Cyber-bullying: PenaltyIt shall be unlawful for any person to use a computer or computer network to do any of the following: a. Build a fake profile or Web site: b. Pose as a minor on line in chat rooms. c.Follow a minor online in a chat room. d.Post or encourage others to post on the Internet private, personal, or sexual information pertaining to a minor.
  17. 17. It shall be unlawful for any person to use a computer to do any of the following:Intent to intimidate or torment a minor on the internet?a.Post a real or doctored image of a minor onthe Internet.b.Access, alter or erase any computer datacomputer program, breaking into a passwordprotected account or accessing passwords.
  18. 18. It shall be unlawful for any person to use acomputer to do any of the following: • Plant any statement, whether true or false, tending to provoke or that actually provokes any third party to stalk or harass a minor. • Copy and disseminate, or cause to be made, an unauthorized copy of any data pertaining to a minor for the purpose of intimidating or tormenting that minor.
  19. 19. Yes you can go to Jail.•Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of cyber- bullying, which offense shall be punishable as a Class 1 Misdemeanor.
  20. 20. CONSEQUENCES•What could happen to you if you started bullying other kids?
  21. 21. CONSEQUENCES•Parent notification•ISS – In school Suspension•ASD- After school detention•Suspended from School.•Criminal charges.
  22. 22. Consequences•You could hurtSomeone reallyBad and thenGET PUT IN JAIL!!!
  23. 23. You never know who will be your boss when you grow up.
  24. 24. So what happens tokids when they become victims of bullies?
  25. 25. THE IMPACT OF BULLYING!Research and experiencehave shown that bulliedchildren and teens cansuffer from significantmental health problems.
  26. 26. •Some kids get physically sick when they are bullied.
  27. 27. Victims areinjuredeverydaydue tophysicalbullying.
  28. 28. SuicideThere is mounting evidence of increased self-harmbehaviors(such as Cutting),suicidal thoughts, and prior suicide attempts among victims of bullying.
  30. 30. TELL SOMEONE!!!
  31. 31. Who can you Tell if you are being bullied? You can tell a teacher.
  32. 32. Who can you tell if you are being bullied?Tell a family member, your dad or mom or an aunt or uncle.They can’t help you if you do not ask for help.
  33. 33. The Principal.Dr. Shaun Poole
  34. 34. Assistant PrincipalMr. Jeff Pusser
  35. 35. Assistant Principal• Mrs. White
  36. 36. Who can you tell? 5 0
  37. 37. Ms. LongDepartment Chair Teacher Preparation Medical Science and Bio Technology
  38. 38. Mrs. Shari Davison Pre- Engineering, CISCO, Micro-soft, Dance and Theater.
  39. 39. Mr. Scott NorrisAuto Tech and Collision
  40. 40. What happens when we get along with each other?•Peace•Friendships may develop•Could change someones life!
  41. 41. Team• Working and Playing together always produces better results.
  42. 42. •Help those who need it. You will start feeling better about everything.
  43. 43. • If you don’t have to worry about being bullied you can spend more time on other importantthings in your life.
  44. 44. Smiles.• Smiling is contagious. Spread it around by being good to each other.
  45. 45. MAKE THE PLEDGE!
  46. 46. Partnerships.• Learn to work with Each other and build more friendships. Pledge to be a friend to anyone who you notice may not have a friend, do it as group.
  47. 47. There are enough people atthis school who care, thatmakes it were no one should haveto go through High School without a friend or someone to atleast talk to them at lunch.
  48. 48. No matter where you are from:You should be nice to everyone.
  49. 49. There have been cases were students haveretaliated against bullies in very violent wayswhich sometimes have included weapons and have had catastrophic endings.Let’s work to not make that an issue at CATA!
  50. 50. Use yourStrengthto Helpothers.
  51. 51. Learn more about whatyou can do to help others who are being picked on.
  52. 52. Be picky about who you choose to spendyour time with! Hang out with people who you trust are good decision makers and wont get you into trouble and who are not bullies
  53. 53. THANK YOU!C.A.T.A. ROCKS.