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Lintas IIMK Joint MDP

  1. 1. Effective Marketing Communication – TheScience Behind the Art A Lowe Lintas - IIM KozhikodeJoint Management Development Program World Trade Centre Mumbai July 14-16th, 2011
  2. 2. The Context The role of the marketer today is tougher than ever before  Proliferation in the number of brands  Reduced consumer attention spans  Explosion in the number of media vehicles and the resultant media fragmentation  The increasing cost of building or sustaining a brand Most marketing continues to be driven through a combination of individual judgment and research Research is important but it does not address all the strategic issues that a brand has
  3. 3. The Context With the stakes rising in an increasingly expensive and complex marketplace a different approach is necessary But there seems to be no structured approaches or guidelines available to marketers A practicable approach that supports theory with practice seems to be the need of the hour The Lowe Lintas-IIMK program Effective Marketing Communication aims at providing this direction
  4. 4. The Program Explores the structured processes and the strategic issues involved in communication and their role in enhancing communication effectiveness Brought together by the leaders in theory and practice, a first of its kind  IIM Kozhikode – one of the fastest emerging internationally reckoned management institutes in the country  Lowe Lintas – one of India’s largest and most storied communication groups An optimum mix of theory and practical applications from a practicing managers point of view  The best of both the worlds
  5. 5. Who Will Miss Out Not Attending? You’ll miss out not attending if you’re any of the following  Mid-senior level marketing or marcom professional, or a brand custodian  Your role involves defining a marketing strategy  You manage a large marketing budget and decide or influence how it is spent  You typically handle large advertising budgets  Communication plays an important role in the success of your brand  You are trying to make your communication more effective
  6. 6. Profile Of Participants A typical participant would be one of the following:  Senior Product Manager  Marketing Manager  Vice-president Marketing in a non FMCG company  Senior brand manager in an FMCG company
  7. 7. What Will the Program Cover? The program will help you imbibe a focused and structured approach to effective communication  How to identify the right audiences  How to sharply focus your communication message  How to assign the right objectives to various campaigns  How to develop brand propositions  How to evaluate creative ideas  How to measure communication effectiveness  And much more In short, help you understand the logic and magic that goes into the making of great communication
  8. 8. How Can You Apply? You can get your organization to nominate you through the nomination form available on the website: Or get in touch with the Administrative Officer, MDP Office at +91-495-2809208 or 09447100539 or email:
  9. 9. Thank You!