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Verizon NBI LBS SDK - WIP Webinar
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Verizon NBI LBS SDK - WIP Webinar


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Verizon NAVBuilder LBS SDK with free APIs for locationn, maps, geo-services, geo-content, GPS Navigation, Coupons. …

Verizon NAVBuilder LBS SDK with free APIs for locationn, maps, geo-services, geo-content, GPS Navigation, Coupons.

NBI is cross-OS and cross-carrier.

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  • 1. NAVBuilder Inside – LBS SDK
    Develop and Monetize LBS Apps Using NAVBuilder Inside (NBI) Free & Cross-OS APIs
    Kris Kolodziej
    Sept 9, 2011
  • 2. Most popular APIs
    LBS Apps Market
    What is NBI
    Why developers like NBI
    Making money with NBI via coupons/deals
    Who uses NBI and their testimonials
    What’s new in NBI
    Getting started with NBI
    NBI App Examples
    Go-to-market: upload your NBI app to VCAST, Android Marketplace, iTunes App Store, etc
  • 3. What Developers WantMaps –The Most Popular APIs
  • 4. Opportunity
    Device/OS fragmentation
    Different APIs for Location Services
    Different terms and conditions for LBS services, geo-content
    Access to carrier location (Cell ID BSA)
    How do I make money?
    How do I increase downloads? (visibility, discoverability, merchandising)
    How do I decrease dev costs?
    How do I reach more users?
    How do I provide engaging & best-in class experience
    LBS Apps Market & Development
    Source: ABI, comScore 2011
    LBS is becoming a commonplace, but it’s challenging
  • 5. What is NBI?
    Set of APIs and toolkits that allow developers to quickly create or enable their apps with interactive maps, geo-content, and fast, accurate location.
    OS Support:
    LocationKit: GPS, Cell-ID, Wi-Fi
    MapKit: , local search, directions, geocode/reverse geocode, customizable annotations & POIs, traffic overlay, custom layers
    Navigation API: voice GPS turn-by-turn
    Geo-Content Feeds: Traffic, Gas Prices, Movies & Event listing, Weather
    Coupon API: With revenue share for developers!
    VZ Navigator
    NBI is a one-stop-shop for LBS developers
  • 6. Key Benefits
    Developer Survey (3/11)
    Monetization with local coupons
    Cross OS APIs
    It’s free
    One Agreement
    Reduces development cost and time-to-market
    Enables best-in-class user experience
    It’s reliable
    Access to abundant geo-content
    Enables branding opportunities
    Promotion Opportunities
    Sample apps and source code
    Distribution opportunities via V Cast App Stores, Android Marketplace, BREW
    Why NBI?
    Verizon tab
    NBI is the ultimate solution for LBS
  • 7. Making Money with NBI
    • Benefits of Using NBI Mobile Coupon/Deals APIs
    • 8. NBI deals and coupon APIs are offered across Android, BlackBerry, and Brew (iPhone coupon API coming in 2012)
    • 9. Deals available by category and by deal quality
    • 10. Future aggregation to ensure quality and inventory
    • 11. Offers a single interface
    • 12. Getting Started
    • 13. Download NBI SDK 2.0 and sign the license agreement
    • 14. The new license agreement clarifies the terms for using the coupon APIs and the payments
    • 15. Get an NBI API key and enable the coupon key
    • 16. Complete and submit payment information
    • 17. Integrate NBI SDK 2.0 into your application
    • 18. Track Revenue
    • 19. NBI offers 70% revenue share to developers
    • 20. Revenue is generated per NBI API Key
    • 21. Track your revenue on the VDC web
  • Who is Using NBI?
    Developers using NBI
    Developer Testimonials
    “Using the NBI library made retrieving the device location quick and easy, which has been an issue with other BlackBerry clients. The NBI library was easy to integrate and has worked great”
    “ < 1 Day for Integration”
    “Simple robust framework to fetch precise location. Took 1 hour to integrate”
    “Was able to use the common API across OSs. Kudos for making it so simple”
  • 22.
    • Go to
     Tools & APIs > Verizon APIs or Developer Tools >NBI
    • Sign SDK Terms and Conditions
    • 23. Get your API Keys
    • 24. Build your app in 5 easy steps
    Getting Started
  • 25. 1. Start with Eclipse with Android SDK installed
    2. Create a new Android project
    File  New  Android Project
    Create project from existing source…
    Choose the Sample App directory
    Build Target: Android 2.0+
    3. Include the nbi.jar file downloaded from File  Properties
    Select Java Build Path
    Within the Libraries tab, Add External JARs…
    Choose the nbi.jar file
    4. Include resources and copy your API Key
    In Windows Explorer, copy file into assets directory
    Be sure to refresh the files in Eclipse
    5. Build and run the app!!
    NBI Sample App in 5 Simple Steps
  • 26. Go To Market
    1. Register for a free account on VDC
    2. Complete a brief questionnaire regarding the nature of your app
    3. Wizard will guide you through the Rest. For NBI, don’t miss the following:
    a. Select “Yes” for NAVBuilder Inside
    b. Pick an API Token (API Key)
    c. Identify the use of MapKit or LocationKit
    4. Wait to be notified via email about the status of your application
  • 27. Go To Market – Non V CAST App Stores
    1. Submit a V Cast App application
    2. Once approved, sumbit to your application storefront of choice
  • 28. NBI App Example:
    NBI MapKit displays the coupon location, custom maps, and custom annotation.
    NBI Mapkit guides the user to the store with directions presented inside the app.
    NBI Mapkit displays satellite maps inside the app.
    NBI Navigation API enables users to get voice GPS Navigation with VZ Navigator®
    NBI LocationKit uses Verizon’s location technology to query most relevant coupons per device location.
    VZ Navigator® is preloaded on most Verizon devices.
  • 29. NBI Navigation API enables Glypmse users to navigate to their friend’s location using VZ Navigator®
    NBI LocationKit uses Verizon’s location technology to provide precise location of user.
    Note: you can use Google Maps with NBI LocationKit
    NBI App Example:
  • 30. Thank you!