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Art of Speaking Toastmasters Club - Aug 2009 Newsletter - won award for Best Inspirational Newsletter

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Artof Speaking Aug2009 Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 7, Issue 1 Aug 2009 Art of Speaking Toastmasters Club Speak to Win! Do you know? Art of Speaking club President’s Note is officially a Presi- dent’s Distinguished As newly minted President skills learned for both per- club for 2008-2009 for the 2009-2010 year, I sonal and professional look forward to leading a growth. Many of us tend to The club won ALL dynamic and friendliest look towards other more three membership group of people - Art of skillful and experienced building awards - Speaking Club. My goal this Toastmasters as role mod- 'Smedley,' 'Talk up year is to continue to grow els, which may be true, Toastmasters,' and both speaking and leader- however my emphasis will 'Beat the Clock' for ship skills in the true Toast- be placed on constantly im- 2008-09 masters tradition. With the proving thyself. As Matthew AoS officers for Two of our club mem- economic decline, more em- Kelly so eloquently states, 2009-2010 bers are Area Gover- phasis is being placed by "Be the Best Version of President: Fred Eng, CC nors for 2009-10 employers on "soft" skills - Yourself". I look forward to VP, Education: Nancie Garcia (Hitender Mittal and when all technical skills are another great year in serving VP, Membership: Kailas Simha Khajana Gowda) equal, who has better com- our membership base. VP, Public Relations: Kumar Kolaganti, ACB, ALB munication skills. As such, I Treasurer: Vanaja Sivakumar would seek to increase Best wishes, Secretary: Laxmi Samantara awareness of Toastmasters Fred Eng Sergeant-At-Arms: Hollis Donaldson and the importance of the Past-President: Hitender Mittal CC, ALB Editor Talk You might say a Toastmasters club is no different than any other organization. Therefore, a club newsletter wouldn't be much different either - more shop talk that focuses on the organizational rules and happenings. You would, however, be remiss to not take notice of one important differ- ence - The driving motivation behind the entire endeavor. The "Misson statement of a Toastmas- ters club" actually sums it up quite well. Look for it on page 3 of this newsletter or page 3 of your CC manual. Following on that thought, this newsletter is the collective voice of all the club mem- Inside this issue: bers. It is an additional tool to hone your communications skills. Use it in conjunction with your manual speeches, and use it well. Area Governor Note 2 It is my pleasure to bring you this first issue of our club newsletter for the current year. The in- Tribute to District 83 4 cluded articles are both informative and enjoyable. I hope you will like reading through them as much as I did putting them together. Feel free to share it with your friends and neighbors; just Tips & Tricks 4 leave out your dog - he has plenty other things to feast on. Lastly, this is just the beginning (no pun intended!), so don't forget to send articles reflecting your creative ideas and Toastmasters Meeting Minutes 7 wisdom for the next issue. Members Picture 7 Editorially yours, Kumar Kolaganti
  2. 2. Speak to Win! From the Desk of Area 43 Governor and Past President, Art of Speaking Fellow Toastmasters, the District, winning the clubs in Area 43. I expect to Club Triple Crown for 2008- promote inter-club interac- What an incredible year we 09 - an honor bestowed to 5 tion for sharing best practic- have had at Art of Speaking ! clubs out of a total of 140 in es and achieving excellence the District. It also earned as we work through this year. From a membership base of recognition from TI as Presi- Please do not hesitate to 20, we grew to a towering 41 dent's Distinguished Club, contact me if you have any members. That is an increase besides numerous other questions, suggestions or of more than one hundred membership-building and comments. percent. Ignoring member educational milestones for attrition, the club added 37 individual members. With Warm Regards, members - an amazing achievement. And this is just the begin- Hitender Mittal, CC, ALB Past President, Art of Speaking, 08- ning. The best days of AoS lie 09, Having been at the center of ahead. We have successfully Area 43 Governor, 2009-10 it all, I must say it was one shattered the membership District 83, Division D, Area 43 barrier. This frees the club E-mail: exhilarating ride. "Treat Guests like Royalty" is the from the shackles of main- timeless Toastmasters man- taining the magical '20' head- tra. And we followed it to count, which consumes a lot the letter - well, e-mail ac- of energy and resources for a tually. Each inquiry from a typical club. It can actually prospect was viewed as a mean the difference be- potential opportunity to tween a struggling and suc- bring forth the benefits of cessful club. It also lets us Toastmasters - one prospect, focus on building lasting val- one Guest, one Member at a ue for each club member. In time. short, it allows us to do all the things we set out to do in The club conducted a Logo the first place. contest which was a resound- ing success. Kumar's creative With the club leadership in talents bore fruit when one the able hands of Fred Eng, I of his entries was voted the am confident that AoS will winner by club members. We continue the winning tradi- got not just a logo, but a tion and scale newer heights brand new identity - and AoS this year. My best wishes to started its quest to establish all the current club officers itself as a brand; a shining and the entire AoS member- star; a feather in the cap of ship. District 83. There was no looking back after that. The Toastmasters is a service club hosted quality meetings, organization, with a philoso- members participated and phy rooted in building the won accolades in speech con- Communication and Leader- tests, and conducted presen- ship skills of its constituent tations from the Advanced members. My expanded role Series manuals. As the year as Area Governor this year drew to a close, AoS went on allows me the opportunity to to join the ranks of one of serve members of all the the most successful clubs in Page 2
  3. 3. Speak to Win! AoS Seventh Chartering Anniversary Celebrations June 27, 2009: “The Mission of a Toastmasters Club: The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self confidence and personal growth “ Page 3
  4. 4. Volume 7, Issue 1 Tribute to District 83 Tips & Tricks District 83 Distinguished in its Inaugural Year Some Thoughts for Those Seeking CC How could anyone have doubted The following are some thoughts that Open House those seeking their CC's might consider: The new District 83 that sprouted, Was driven to be 'Distinguished' Do your Ice Breaker as soon as possi- It was a mission well accomplished, Art of Speaking ble - don't put it off club will be host- For leaders are born to lead ing an „Open They live by a different creed, Decide on what speaking schedule you House‟ in the last would like to follow (say, a speech And we had 'Three' no less week of Septem- Someone say 'Amen' and God bless, ber. every 3 weeks) and then work with the Educational V.P. to schedule your Paul Scharf, Brian Lin, and Tom Somers Stay tuned for fur- speaking times to fit. You can always Veteran Toastmasters not newcomers, ther details. change it if it just doesn't work. Our own 'Three Amigos' On completing a speech assignment, Never gave up, or said adios, The idea is BYOB - take some time to digest the evalua- Bring tion. Decide what you want to try to Rolled their sleeves & setup all the roles Your do better in your next speech. Looked farther ahead & set lofty goals, Own One CC, One member, at a time Buddy Start preparing the next speech within Armed with a clock & 'ah-um' the mime, the week following the previous speech was given. Practice the Continued nonstop what they had begun speech, but do not attempt to memo- Carving out history built on solid tradition, rize it. Do real practices (i.e stand up Help came from clubs near and far in a room and deliver the speech with Turning District 83 into a Toastmasters Star, vocal variety and gestures). There was, of course, the 'rocking' Division B Consider the notion of going for the As also, the 'Art of Speaking' club of yours tru- “We are a group of Competent Leader program. Toast- ly, people brought masters recommend it, and going for All kept making steady progress it in connection with the CC program together to do things Marching along 'The Road to Success,' seems to work pretty well. we could not do alone” Attend all meetings possible. In some Finally, there was no road to follow A simple & sublime truth to swallow, ways the meetings that you have no For it was piloted by a giant, not some dwarf, "speech" to give provides the most Give it up for the one and only - Paul D. - Johnny Uy, DTM learning for each of us, and Scharf. especially newcomers. Listening to speakers with a great variety of expe- rience and know how is so education- by Hitender Mittal. He read this during the 'Hail al, as is listening to speakers who and Farewell' on August 8, 2009 are in the struggling stages of learning how to do it right. And, of course the evaluations of others are also benefi- ciary. Welcome Aboard Regardless of your ability, volunteer to do a Table Topic, and do your best - you will be applauded, and New Members since July 2009 it's only a minute or so. Prasanna Jayapalan Vikram Polavarapu Sami Seerangan Page 4
  5. 5. Speak to Win! Toast Masters - Myth Vs Reality People put off professional development for many Myth 5: You have to attend every meeting every reasons. If you have avoided joining Art of Speak- week. ing Toastmasters for any of the following reasons, please reconsider - Toastmasters may not be what Reality 5: You can attend as many meetings as you you think! want. There is no minimum requirement. As a courte- sy to the other members and to get all the good from the organization as possible, you should participate in Myth 1: I don't need Toastmasters because I meetings regularly either as a speaker or in one of have been giving presentations for years. the other functions but you choose how often you can attend. Just being there as an audience for the other Reality 1: ...and you are probably using the same speakers is vital! techniques you started with years ago. For experi- enced speakers, Toastmasters is a way to expand Myth 6: Each speech is criticized. and modernize your presentation style. You will get honest feedback about your style and good Reality 6: Toastmasters is adamantly against criti- suggestions for alternative techniques. cism. Our keyword is "evaluation" and we concentrate on helping each person understand what they are do- Myth 2: I don't need Toastmasters because I ing RIGHT and suggest alternatives for future presen- don't give speeches. tations. This is not to make you change but to help you build your speaking toolkit. The more tools you Reality 2: What about when your boss asks for a are experienced with the more options you have in status report on your project? What about when various communication situations. you talk to someone on the phone to ask a ques- tion or give information? What about when you Myth 7: Toastmasters is very time consuming. present an idea at a staff meeting? The more you consider your business and personal conversations Reality 7: The amount of time you give to Toastmas- as "presentations", the more care you will give ters depends on you and your needs. Giving presenta- that conversation and the more professional it tions does require preparation, but you can use topics will be. Art of Speaking Toastmasters will help associated with work or home so content preparation you develop that professional edge. is minimal. You can also space your presentations to meet your schedule. Other program functions such as Myth 3: I'm not smart enough. I'll be embar- evaluator and timer require no preparation. Table rassed. I can't think of anything to talk topics and Toastmaster require some very limited about. preparation, or none at all, if you think fast on your feet! You attend as many meetings as you can. There Reality 3: Everyone is smart enough. Everyone are no "musts." has things that interest them and which they can share. You won't be any more embarrassed Myth 8: I want to, but I don't have the time. than you are about other things when with friends. Have you got a hobby? What is your job Reality 8: If you want to and need to, you can find like? Do you have kids, a spouse, other family? the time. It's just four hours a month. All members Have you ever fixed something? Where did you are busy people with limited time but most find go on your last vacation? You have a lot to say! the weekend hour of Toastmasters a positive way to spend time. Finding time is a matter of need and commitment. Myth 4: The other members are already good speakers. I'd be nervous. Toastmasters is the only organization devoted to making effective oral communication a worldwide Reality 4: While the current Art of Speak- reality, and our club is here to help you develop your ing Toastmaster membership does have good Communication and Leadership skills with training speakers, everyone starts at the same place. and coaching that enables and empowers you to build Even the most experienced speakers are nerv- self-confidence, improve self-discipline, and gain an ous. Toastmasters won't be able to eliminate enhanced self-image. that. What we can do, however, is help you discover a way to use that adrenaline to your advantage. Many of the senior members contin- ue to attend and give presentations because Contact for member- even though they have improved their speaking ship information. skills, there is always something new to learn from each other. (Article Courtesy: UT Toastmasters) Page 5
  6. 6. Speak to Win! Why do manual speeches? Part of the Mission of Toastmasters International is: The Top Reasons for doing a “Manual” speech are: “Through its member clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listen- Self Improvement: ing, and thinking—vital skills that promote self- actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster hu- 1. The manual systematically works through different elements man understanding, and contribute to the betterment of speech making and after being exposed to a myriad of fa- of mankind.” cets, your speeches will shine like a well faceted jewel. Upon joining a Toastmasters Club, each new member 2. Improve your speaking ability—identify an area that needs receives a variety of manuals and resources on speak- improvement; and choose a Manual Project that emphasizes ing. Toastmasters need to learn by studying the manu- that area. als, practicing and working with the other Club Mem- bers. 3. Manual speeches provide the speaker the necessary guidance to improve our speaking skills. The “Communication and Leadership”, known as the “Basic Manual”, is the first tool the new member re- ceives. Each manual is developed with projects that 4. Having a goal helps narrow your focus and increase the disci- build upon each of the preceding projects. Each of the pline needed to improve your speaking. projects presents information on how to complete that project, objectives to be accomplished, and an evalua- 5. Helps you to have thorough knowledge of a topic through tion form. The ten projects in the “Basic Manual” are: 1 practice delivery and research of your topic. - The Ice Breaker; 2- Organize Your Speech; 3- Get to the Point; 4- How to Say It; 5- Your Body Speaks; 6- Vo- Evaluation: cal Variety; 7- Research Your Topic; 8- Get Comfortable with Visual Aids; 9- Persuade with Power; and 10- In- spire Your Audience. These speaking skills are the basic 1. A manual speech provides a criterion from which to develop of all public speaking. the speech and gives your evaluator something more structured to work with during the evaluation. Hence they can give a more focused and concise evaluation based on the speech ob- The Advanced Manuals are all designed on the same jective. principle as the “Basic Manual” with one difference: They all contain five projects instead of ten. There are currently fifteen different Advanced Manuals, each 2. Experienced speakers provide an opportunity for new mem- stressing a different area of speaking. bers to practice and develop evaluation skills by evaluating the experienced speaker adhering to the objectives of the speech manual. 3. Evaluations are the corner stone of an individual‟s growth. It‟s unfair to your evaluator not to provide a list of objectives for them to base their evaluation. Club: 1. As a members of Toastmasters, we have agreed to follow its rules and manual speeches to be a “must do” in Toastmasters. 2. Commitment to each other in the Club and it benefits both the Club and Individual. (Article Courtesy—Fourcaster Volume 69, No. 2) Guests are always welcome! Feel free to stop by and sit in on any one of our meetings. You may visit as a guest as many times as you like, and there is absolutely no cost to visit - no reservations or prior arrangements are required! We pride ourselves in being a friendly, supportive, welcoming group. So come join us and see what it's all about! Page 6
  7. 7. Speak to Win! Minutes for Club Meeting on Aug 8, 2009 Fred Eng, the club President, called the meeting to order with his understanding. Stephanie added drama to her speech by slamming a total of 29 anxious and excited Toastmasters and Guests in down a dictionary which was received quite well. Kumar Kolaganti attendance. Officers were introduced and the meeting turned evaluated the speech. over to Toastmaster of the Day, Nancie Garcia. Nancie re- viewed the meeting format, and had Sami (Timer) and Hetal Khajan Gowda gave an Advanced Series speech from the Interpretive (Ah Counter/Grammarian) explain their respective meeting Reading manual. He used a speech from John F. Kennedy on potential roles. nuclear war with the Soviet Union. It was a stirring rendition of a very famous speech given by a very powerful orator. As Khajan read, you Hollis Donaldson provided the Word of the Day: "Adroit" - could picture JFK giving the same speech. Overall, he did a fine job. meaning dexterous, deft or skillful. Fred Eng evaluated the speech. "She played the piano adriotly which showed her familiarity and expertise with the instrument." The Table Topics segment was hosted by Dirk French. The topics were based on questions that might be discussed on a date. The subject Gopi Penugonda provided the Thought of the Day: "It is not provided many thought provoking topics, some very humorous in enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well." bringing forth the impromptu speaking skills of our club. There were 17 speakers in all which was great since it allowed a lot of members The meeting included four prepared speeches: and guests to participate. The first speaker was Sami, who gave his CC #2 speech titled TK Verma then led the General Evaluation section. Timer and Ah- "Let's Celebrate 10th Anniversary". Sami's main theme was that Counter/Grammarian reports were provided for each speaker. The 9 out of 10 new businesses do not celebrate the tenth anniver- individual evaluations that followed were insightful, providing strong sary. He outlined steps that should be taken - Choosing the points as well as constructive ideas on how to improve future speech- right field, Specifying an Objective, and Performing a Market- es. TK himself evaluated the overall meeting and led the session with place Analysis. He followed his outline very well, elaborating great command, sprinkling in his wry sense of humor. on each step and providing clear, concise tips. Hollis Don- aldson evaluated Sami. Stephanie Tsao was awarded the Best Speaker. Gopi was the next speaker, also presenting his CC #2 speech As part of the closing remarks, Fred Eng, the club president, reminded titled "How to Overcome Disappointment". He likened disap- everyone about the upcoming Club Contest at the next meeting on pointment to a cancer, that can wreck havoc on one's life. He August 22. He also mentioned that the scheduling of speeches for provided tips to overcome disappointment, such as Relaxing future meeting dates will be on hold at until the con- and giving yourself time to heal; Sharing your disappointment; test details are worked out. Listing strengths and weaknesses, and working to systematical- ly remove them and build self confidence. All in all, a very Next, Dirk French, the Club Contest Chairperson, reviewed the Table inspiring speech. Nelakanti Rao evaluated the speech. Topics and Tall Tales Contests and also signed up Contestants as well as members interested in volunteering for administrative support Stephanie Tsao gave her CC #5 speech titled "Don't We Love during the contest. He promised an interesting contest meeting. Our Bosses". Bringing forth ideas from a book, "Career War- fare," Stephanie provided several examples of bosses that Finally, Kumar Kolaganti provided a brief overview of the upcoming follow seemingly innocuous rules with little rationale behind membership drive. He reviewed the function of an Open House as an them. One example was the "Know It All" manager who vehe- opportunity to provide information to prospective members and gen- mently demanded taking down signs of "Synergy" saying it was erate interest in growing the club. spelled incorrectly, although it was he who needed to correct For inquiries, please contact Kumar Kolaganti (VP Public Relations) at