Toastmasters - VP Education Role & Responsibilities

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VPE Roles and Responsibilities


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Toastmasters - VP Education : Roles and Responsibilities.

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VPE Roles and Responsibilities

  1. 1. Toastmasters - VP Education Role & Responsibilities Scheduling Speeches and other Agenda Assignments Member Sign up On Website Member RSVP Send a email Send a meeting Distribute Agenda To sign-up for a Compile Validate Agenda Invite via Finalize Speech or a List from website With RSVP & eVite agenda Role Sign-Up sheets New Member Orientation & Mentoring Process The VP Education (VPE) is responsible for planning successful club meetings which provide each member the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals. The VPE guides members in planning and accomplishing Communication and Leadership Track Programs and other educational programs. Send New Specific duties: Member Send Mentoring Schedules speeches and other agenda assignments. Orientation kit New Member Information Sign member's manuals, updates member progress charts and reports educational program completion to World Headquarters. Coordinates with each week's Toastmaster and provides the necessary information such as who has an assigned duty, provides email addresses for the people with upcoming duties, and gives the future Toastmaster a sample agenda to follow. Ensures that a new member receives orientation to the Toastmasters educational program and is assigned a mentor if desired. Send a note New Member’s Update Mentoring In the absence of the President, the VPE presides at club and requesting Ice Breaker worksheet Ice breaker executive committee meetings. Introduces new member to the procedures of the club. Track Member Progress Other Activities VPE’s Request I encourage you to continue the Toastmasters journey. It is never easy, especially, in this time constraining world that we live in. I would urge you to take advantage of the Toastmasters opportunity. Sign Members Plan and chart member Progress Manuals speeches and roles Get involved in each meeting Distribute Progress Chart 2-3 months in advance chart Volunteer to be a meeting official and even the meeting’s Toastmaster. Commit yourself to that next speech assignment and get it done. It is never as easy as it seems but with Maintain Maintain member patience, practice and perseverance, you will Scheduling Distribution list become the best that you can be. At the same System time, share the benefits of Toastmasters with others so they to can do the same. Add New Update Member Submit Education Preside meeting in the members Progress Completion Kumar Kolaganti absence of President VP Education to WHQ Art of Speaking Toastmasters Club CC Speech #9 on 8/18/07