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William shakespeare
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William shakespeare


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. William Shakespeare
    23 April 1564 – 23 April 1616
  • 2. Shakespeare’s life
    Who is he ?
    Poet and playwright
    Widely regarded as the greatest writer of the English Language
  • 3. Shakespeare’s life
    Some interesting facts about him
    Some doubts about the origin of his works
    Died on his birthday
    A curse was carved on his grave to the man who move the grave
  • 4. Shakespeare’s life
    little records of his childhood
    Probably educated at King’s New School at Stratford , his hometown
    Probably where he developed his interest for literature
  • 5. Shakespeare’s life
    His family
    Son of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden
    At 18 , he married Anne Hathway
    Had a daughter , Susanna , and a pair of twins , Hamnet and Judith
    But Hamnet passed on at the age of 11
  • 6. Shakespeare’s life
    Social Status
    A highly respected poet and playwright of his time
    One of the owners of a leading playing company of that time
  • 7. England in Shakespeare’s time
    The Monarchy then …
    Queen Elizabeth ( up to year 1603 )
    King James VI
  • 8. England in Shakespeare’s time
    People in power affecting Shakespeare
    When queen Elizabeth passed on , Shakespeare started to write tragedy .
  • 9. England in Shakespeare’s time
    Social Classes at that time …
    Mainly consist of two parts
    Gentlemen and landholding commoners
    4 main types of gentlemens
    Nobility ( passed on )
    Knights ( mark of honor received from the monarch )
    Esquires ( having knights in their ancestry )
    Clergy ( those who work in the church )
  • 10. England in Shakespeare’s time
    Social Classes at that time …
    3 types of landholding commoners
    Freeholders ( their land is passed on through the family . They can never be evicted and they pay rent to the gentlemen )
    Leaseholders ( Live on land with tenacies . Land which are to be renewed after they are expired )
    Copyholders ( Simply living on land paying rent which could change anytime , and they could be evicted anytime )
  • 11. The Renaissance
    Meaning …
    A rebirth or revival
    The beginning of a new modern period
    Influencing literature , philosophy , art , politics , science as well as religion
  • 12. The Renaissance
    The changes that took place …
    Composed theatrical representations of the English took on life, death, and history
    Writers started to publish their own ideas about humanity and the aspects of a perfect society
  • 13. The Renaissance
    Shakespeare inserted reality into every character
    Looked at life from a different angle , where every “human” were given psychological complexity .
    Even monarch had human emotions and were capable of making mistakes