Holiday Survival Tips


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Great suggestions for eating healthy during the holiday season!

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Holiday Survival Tips

  1. 1. Navigate the Holiday Maize Don’t Gain During the Holidays!
  2. 2. Holiday Weight Gain Stats • A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that Americans gain an average of .4 to 1.8 pounds each year during the holidays • And this is not likely to come off the rest of the year
  3. 3. Holiday Weight Gain Stats • If you are overweight, your risk for gaining goes up to 5 or more pounds during the holidays
  4. 4. Holiday Survival Strategies • There are only three real feast days – Thanksgiving – Christmas or Kwanzaa or Chanukah – New Years • It is too little exercise and too many calories on the other days that causes weight gain during this time of year.
  5. 5. Don’t Skip Breakfast • Start your day with a healthful breakfast • Oatmeal, skim milk and fruit make a great way to start • Whole-grain cereal is a better choice than baked goods such as Danishes, coffee cakes and croissants
  6. 6. Holiday Survival Strategies • Celebrate what the holidays are really about – – Spending time with family and friends! • Find creative activities or ways to get your family and friends to be active instead of eating – Play a game instead of eating!
  7. 7. Party Survival Strategies • Eat a light, low-fat snack such as soup, fruit, salad or cereal before going to parties or out to eat. – This will help you curb hunger and make better choices. – Keep fruit with you for eating on the run.
  8. 8. Party Survival Strategies • Bring a healthy dish to the party. • Ideas include: tossed salad with vinaigrette, vegetarian chili, fruit salad, raw veggie platter or veggie side dish
  9. 9. About the Buffet…. • Think first- Do I really like this? Do I need to eat the whole thing? • Taste next – Just a taste, not the whole thing! • Focus on conversation • Choose veggies • Limit or avoid rich or calorie-dense foods such as desserts, nuts and fatty meats or appetizers
  10. 10. Party Survival Strategies • Limit alcohol. – If you drink, enjoy one alcoholic beverage and then switch to diet soda or water with lime.
  11. 11. At Home Survival Strategies • Try to eat a large low-fat salad or a broth based soup before most meals. • Make sure vegetables take up half the space on your plates for parties and dinners.
  12. 12. At Home Survival Strategies • Keep minimal baked goods on hand this year. • Only bake enough to give away or use for one festivity.
  13. 13. At Home Survival Strategies • Lower the calories in your holiday recipes by using less fat, sugar and cheese.
  14. 14. Prepare Your Kitchen • Stock up on a variety of healthful foods for fast and easy meals – Potatoes – Brown rice (whole grains) – Pasta and low-fat pasta sauce – Salad – Stir-fry – Baked Chicken/fish
  15. 15. Prepare Your Kitchen • Keep salads and fruits ready to go • Whenever you cook, make big batches and refrigerate or freeze the extra – great for eating during hectic times
  16. 16. Prepare Your Kitchen • Ask family members what foods are really important to make over the holidays to avoid making too much of the foods no one really cares about
  17. 17. Prepare Your Kitchen • Make your favorite recipes lower in fat. – For example, substitute egg white or nonfat egg substitute for real eggs – Use low sodium broth instead of oil or butter – Use fat-free dressings, dips, mayo and cream cheese – Use skim milk in place of whole milk
  18. 18. Less Fat = Fewer Calories Use/in place of: Save Calories: • Broth/oil, 1 cup 1,975 • Fat-free/regular mayonnaise, 1 cup 741 • Fat-free/regular sour cream, 1 cup 392 • Fat-free/regular cream cheese, 1 cup 254 • Fat-free/regular egg, 1 cup 231 • Fat-free ricotta, 1 cup 228 • Fat-free/regular egg nog, 1 cup 164 • Skim/whole milk, 1 cup 64
  19. 19. Prepare Your Kitchen • Cook healthier lower-fat recipes at home during the holiday season • This helps compensate for richer holiday foods that are consumed away from home • Be aware of serving sizes – use smaller plates and serving utensils
  20. 20. Calories in Favorite Treats Be aware: • Slice pumpkin pie 320 • Slice fruitcake 302 • Cup eggnog 342 • 2 cookies 140 • 2 oz fudge 240
  21. 21. Holiday Survival Strategies • Make a goal with a friend to lose 5 pounds or more for the holidays • OR just pledge to keep weight the same and don’t gain!
  22. 22. Holiday Exercise Strategies • Keep up with your exercise during holidays and try to be more active. Shorter workouts are better than no workouts • Getting enough sleep helps you get up to go to the gym!
  23. 23. Burn 100 More A Day • Add 15 minutes a day of walking – this compensates for extra 700 calories per week
  24. 24. Other Ways to Burn 100 Extra Calories Per Day • 45 minutes shopping/walking • 35 minutes housework • 30 minutes raking leaves • 25 minutes rowing • 20 minutes skating • 20 minutes aerobic video or dancing • 10 minutes stationery bike • 10 minutes jogging • 10 minutes downhill skiing
  25. 25. More Ways to Be Active • Walk to enjoy holiday lights • Purchase gifts for fitness • Walk more for shopping – walk the mall before you start
  26. 26. More Ways to Be Active • Get more sleep so you can get up for the gym • Slip gym time in before a party • Do one activity each day – clean the house, walk the mall, walk at lunch • Stay moving on your lunch break!
  27. 27. Make Resolutions Now! Make your New Year’s resolutions now and stick to them: • Eat better and eat out less often • Exercise more (3-5 days a wk) • Drink less alcohol • Eat fewer foods with sugar • Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  28. 28. “Holidays are an expensive trial of strength. The only satisfaction comes from survival.” — Jonathan Miller