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If you are looking for a confident, fresh and organized Junior in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University to be your next intern or out-of-college employee, check out this 2.0!

If you are looking for a confident, fresh and organized Junior in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University to be your next intern or out-of-college employee, check out this 2.0!

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  • 1. Meet
    • Kaitlin Kennedy
    • Compassionate Leader
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • The Past...
    • --------------------------------------------
    • Passion for Education
    • My educational history
    • Lifelong Leader
    • My leadership roles
    • Personal Assets
    • My passions, strengths, & skills
    • Experience Creation
    • Proof of my assets
    The Present... -------------------------------------------- Kaitlin ’ s Purpose My 8 Cylinders of Success The Future. -------------------------------------------- Goals Personal and Professional Trios Eulogy Assignment Hopes and goals for a lifetime Retirement Speech Assignment Potential career accomplishments Contact Kaitlin My email, phone, & mailing address
  • 3. The Past
    • Where I ’ ve Been...
  • 4. Passion for Education
    • Carroll High School
    • Flora, IN, 2009
    • Indiana University
    • Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation, 2013
  • 5. Lifelong Leader
    • Indiana University
    • --------------------------------------------
    • Phi Mu Sorority
    • Vice President of Chapter Development
    • Sisterhood Development Chair
    • Recycling Committee Chair
    • Discipline Board Member
    • Campus Tour Guides
    • Tour Guide Leader
    • Indiana University Auditorium
    • Usher
    • Boys and Girls Club
    • Volunteer
    Career -------------------------------------------- Cantaloupe.TV Project Management Associate Camp Tecumseh YMCA Day Camp Counselor Resident Camp Counselor Camper in Leadership Training Counselor
  • 6. Personal Assets
    • Passions
    • --------------------------------------------
    • Helping others
    • Being the change I wish to see
    • Creating social justice
    • Recognizing the right thing to do
    • Writing
    • Providing a new insight
    • Sustaining relationships
    • Giving my time to friends and family
    Skills & Subjects -------------------------------------------- Leadership Humble guidance in the right direction Compassionate Listening Desire to help Creative Innovation Original ideas with a quirky angle Mediation and Compromise Keeping the peace Strengths -------------------------------------------- Delegator Can recognize others’ strengths Efficient Realizes steps in organized manner Amiable Asset to any team Optimistic Looks on the bright side, while keeping it real Organized Transforms mess to miraculous in minutes Developing -------------------------------------------- Skills & Subjects: Current event knowledge, advanced Excel skills
  • 7. Experience Creation Helping Others -------------------------------------------- Camp counselor 3 year devotion to helping children discover faith, confidence, and learn to love life Boys and Girls Club A weekly commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment to children who need it most Haiti Mission Trip My contribution and ongoing desire to make a difference in peoples’ lives Leadership -------------------------------------------- Vice President of Chapter Development for Phi Mu Sorority A combination of laid back guidance, organization, and a love of bringing joy to others IU Tour Guide A time when I feel most confident speaking and ignite a passion for Indiana University in the hearts of potential students
  • 8. The Present
    • Where I Am...
  • 9. Kaitlin ’ s Purpose
    • Origin
    • --------------------------------------------
    • Principle s » My Dashboard
    • Aligning my goals and values with my actions in everyday life.
    • 2. Passions » My Keys
    • A change for the less fortunate and down-trodden. Providing new insights. Promoting social justice.
    • 3. Problems » My Fuel
    • Social injustice. A lack of joy. Mundane lives.
    Destine-Nation -------------------------------------------- 4. Positioning » My Lane Create a path to joy for myself and others 5. Pioneers » My Pace Cars Gandhi. Ben Needham. Sarah Wright. 6. Picture » My Road Map To find happiness and success in life and career by working hard, seeing the best in others, and never settling. 7. Possibility » My Momentum A glass half full kind of world where grass is green everywhere.
  • 10. The Future
    • Where I Am Going.
  • 11. Personal and Professional Goals
    • Professional
    • Discover a new avenue of expression and creativity for life’s simple delights
    • Found a business to improve others’ lives
    • Become a person others admire and choose to emulate
    Personal Put family first and bring my best to them each day Run a marathon (maybe we’ll stick with a mini!) Create a blog
  • 12. Vision
  • 13. Vision
  • 14. Contact Kaitlin
    • Email
    • --------------------------------------------
    • [email_address]
    • Phone
    • --------------------------------------------
    • 765.427.2327
    Mail -------------------------------------------- 1442 North Jordan Avenue Bloomington, IN 47406