GSWC Workshop, Week 9


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GSWC Workshop, Week 9

  1. 1. Guiding Your Strong Willed Child0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  2. 2. Week 9Review Swap-Tastic!Community The Road That WorksContent Final TwoCollaboration DIY A Better Way
  3. 3. Swap-Tastic!ReviewPhoto via
  4. 4. Week 9Review Swap-Tastic!Community The Road That WorksContent Final TwoCollaboration DIY A Better Way
  5. 5. Road That Works Mapping•  Use as a celebration tool•  Get your child involved as illustrator, narrator orwriter based on her interest & age•  Illustrate how the choice your child made helpedhim get the best outcomeCommunity
  6. 6. Week 9Review Swap-Tastic!Community The Road That WorksContent Final TwoCollaboration DIY A Better Way
  7. 7. Nuts & Bolts of BehaviorExtinction &PreferenceAssessmentsOperationalDefinitionsEstablishingOperations &Discriminative StimuliAntecedentOriginalBehaviorReplacementBehaviorConsequenceContent
  8. 8. Preference Assessment•  A concrete way to figure out what a person prefers•  Good for identifying bonus reinforcers– We use bonus reinforcers to help children learn to usea new behavior (especially when the old road is verywell worn or if the new behavior is a bit difficult to use)– Used to teach the new behavior but once it is strongenough we fade bonus reinforcers out (rewardingevery time, to about every 3 times, to about every 5times…)Content
  9. 9. Using Bonus ReinforcementExercise Run with grandkidsContentExerciseExercise Enrollment fee backExercise Get check in at gymYearsMonthsToday
  10. 10. Preference Assessment – How?•  Collect a few things you think my be favorites (orphotos of activities that might be favorites)•  Set them out and let the child choose•  Simple real life applications (i.e. 3 cereals inshopping cart, high secret toy shelf, book store)•  Watch video of a formal two-item preferenceassessment at:
  11. 11. Extinction•  Fancy word that just describes what happens whenyou BREAK the connection between the originalbehavior and its maintaining consequence– Screaming from across room no longer results in aresponse from me– Crying at bedtime no longer results in more cuddle timewith meContentAntecedentOriginalBehaviorReplacementBehaviorConsequence
  12. 12. ExtinctionContentPhoto via
  13. 13. Week 9Review Swap-Tastic!Community The Road That WorksContent Final TwoCollaborationduring HAT meeting,write down
  14. 14. Show of Hands•  Review your observation sheet•  What seems to be reinforcing the behavior?– Access to attention (physical, conversation…)– Access to tangible (toy, snack…)– Escaping from something currently unpleasant– Avoiding something unpleasant– Other?Collaboration
  15. 15. ContentCollaboration
  16. 16. Fred Goes to BedUnderstandPlanAdvertiseIncludePractice HappyRule Comes TrueCelebrateCollaboration
  17. 17. Fred (Smith) Goes to Bed•  Understand Write down notes on three nights•  Plan Determine function is avoidance of being alone•  Advertise Use calendar to show when change is coming•  Include Shop for cereal, write new routine together & include 1OK extender (“Each night you get to choose if you want abonus song for 3 more minutes or not!”)•  Practice Happy Play “bedtime” during playtime•  Rule Comes True Honor bonus song but not old tricks•  Celebrate Allow child to eat special breakfast cerealCollaboration
  18. 18. Fred (Watson) Goes to Bed•  Understand Use calendar to chart troublesome nights for wk•  Plan Determine function is access to parent, write concernsdown, write dream night down, now?, practice mantra•  Advertise Make paper chain to count down until change•  Include Take photos of each step of routine with child, createmake-your-own-milk bar, make 3 bedtime hug passes•  Practice Happy Role play bedtime pass use during fun times•  Rule Comes True Child may use bedtime pass for a hug, if nobedtime pass then silently return child to bedroom & leave•  Celebrate If any bedtime passes left in am then exchange formorning make-your-own-milk bar (fade to just 1)Collaboration
  19. 19. Fill in the Blanks•  My child currently (challenging behavior).•  (The consequence) is maintaining the behavior.•  Often (antecedent) comes before the behavior.•  Instead, we would like to teach him/her to(replacement behavior) in order to access (theconsequence).Collaboration
  20. 20. DIY A Better WayUnderstandPlanAdvertiseIncludePractice HappyRule Comes TrueCelebrateCollaboration
  21. 21. At-Home Extension•  Two Extensions for next two weeks (no workshopnext wk). Both due by Sunday, May 5th at midnight.If everyone submits on time then BIG prize!– HAT MEETING EMAIL: Please plan to have HAT meetingthis week or next to finish your DIY Lesson Plan! Emailme: “HAT MEETING COMPLETE” after you have had it.– PHOTO: Please send me a photo of any part of yourDIY A Better Way process (HAT meeting, doing apreference assessment, illustrating a Starring You HowTo, role playing, celebration breakfast…)Collaboration