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  • Kathy will ask for introductions and Deb will record with Smartpen (upload pencast later)
  • Marketed to college students – Show pen and paper and maybe demo from eLCCLivescribe Echo and Pulse SmartpensRecord everything that you hear and writeRequires special paperSend & share notes and audio electronically publicly or privatelyEcho SmartPen comes with smartpen w 4GB of memory,LiveScribe Desktop software, 500 MB of Online Storage, Starter dot paper notebook, USB cable, Interactive Getting Started Guide, Smartpen tips and Tricks, 2 ink cartridges, 2 caps2GB - $120.00, 4GB $150, 8 GB $180
  • Especially great for Math and Science and Technical classes that use calculations and drawings
  • Per Stephanie Wickman, coordinator of educational technology at FRCC - We have about 20 instructors using the pens. Pencasts are being used as content creators (how to do or solve something) and to answer student questions. Psychology - Carla Hoskins, LPCAccessibility Services AdvisorPsychology InstructorFor my General Psychology course this semester, I have had a student volunteer from the class take notes using the smartpen each class session.  I provide a very brief explanation of how to use the smartpen and notebook, showing the note taker where the start/stop icons are on the paper, etc.  I instruct student note takers to take notes in outline form, writing down keywords occasionally, but not taking extensive notes using the pen. After class, I try to talk with the note taker briefly to find out how they felt about the process. Usually within a day or so, I make an Adobe file of the pencast (audio and notes) and store it on my computer.  I then upload the file to Desire2Learn which is our Learning Management System at CCA.  I put the file in Content where all students can access it for part or all of the pencast.  DU DSP – 5 smartpens to loan to students – provide more independent option for students w disabilities students who may otherwise rely on notetakers
  • 4 pack of 8.5 by 11 is $25.Search feature
  • limited success with online student communication & engagement.
  • (So much nicer than typing mathematical formulas!)When she got stuck she could easily send me a pencast of the problem.
  • Paper Tablet - (great web conferencing (Adobe Connect & WebXsimilar to Tablet PC) – only works with Echo markup PDF files, slides, documents & spreadsheets
  • Smart penpresentation 2012 eLCC conference

    1. 1. Using Smartpens to Create Interactive Tutorials & Promote Student-Centered Learning Deb Carney, University of Denver Kathy Keairns, University of Denver 2012 eLearning Consortium of ColoradoImages used in this presentation from:
    2. 2. Agenda• Get to know our audience• What’s a Smartpen?• Ways Smartpens are used in Higher Education• Let’s Make a Pencast!• Smartpen Pilot in an Online Calculus Course• Advanced Pencasting Techniques• Challenges & Limitations• What’s Next?
    3. 3. What’s a SmartPen?Source:
    4. 4. Ways to use in Education• Note taking/record meetings• Tutorials/Pencasts• Support for students with Learning Disabilities• Homework Help• Student Homework• Online courses
    5. 5. Examples• Front Range Community College (Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Economics, Math)• General Psychology Community College of Aurora• Support for Students with Learning Disabilities• University of Denver Mathematics Department
    6. 6. Let’s Make A Pencast• Livescribe Desktop• Simple Example Pencast• Accessories – Notebooks (different sizes, lined vs. grid) – Ink cartridges (different widths & colors) – Headphone/microphone to improve recording.
    7. 7. Livescribe Desktop
    8. 8. Smartpen Pilot in Online Calculus Course• Winter 2010 & Summer 2010 online Calculus courses• Office of Teaching and Learning funding to purchase a classroom set of 20 Echo Smartpens• Each student was loaned a Smartpen for the duration my Summer 2011 online calculus course
    9. 9. Smartpen Pilot in Online Calculus Course• 5 week online Calculus I course• 10 students at the end of week 1• Grading: – 70% f2f exams – 20% online HW & quizzes – 10% Smartpen assignments
    10. 10. Smartpen Assignments• “Daily” (4 per week, due MTWR, accepted until Sunday)• One question. Student provided solution via Smartpen with audio• Submitted through Blackboard’s Assignment Manager• Graded using a Tablet PC & PDF writing capability
    11. 11. Facilitating Communication – Example 1: Assignments in Online Calculus – Example 2: Student’s Solution – Example 3: Instructor Feedback• Students were encouraged to use their Smartpens for communicating with me online.
    12. 12. Outcomes• Very easy for the students to set up and use. Created a Camtasia video covering very basic features of the pen. 1 student had minor trouble getting started with the pen.• 95% or higher average on Smartpen assignments correlated with and A or B in the class.• No D’s and F’s for the course!• Manageable for instructor and student
    13. 13. Results• Most students used the Smartpen for communication with me over email.• "When I asked questions, they were answered promptly and understandably! Knowledgeable, gets back to your emails in time, technology works well (though I was intimidated of the Smartpens at first when setting up!)"• One student did all of her homework problems in her notebook.
    14. 14. Math Department Embraces Smartpens• Peer grading in an upper division mathematics course (Using Self and Peer Assessment Tool in Blackboard)• Instructors using Smartpens to create pencasts for f2f classes (Example)• TEI Initiative: Each instructor will be given a Smartpen• Classroom set of pens will be used again with two different online class offerings
    15. 15. Challenges & Limitations• Pen scratching! (Minimized but not removed with the use of the headphone/microphone)• Make sure your pen is on before writing in your notebook• No fancy editing, no closed captioning• Managing a classroom set• It is more time consuming to grade a Pencast than a printed piece of paper!
    16. 16. Advanced Pencasting Techniques• Using the pause feature to “write before you speak”• Adding text and figures during playback• Using watermarks to add printed figures and text to your pencast (
    17. 17. Is there an app for that?• Pencast Player for iPad and iPhone (Free)• Paper Tablet ($14.99) – Use smartpen as a mouse to use as extension of screen• Calculator• Books, music, reference, productivity & more apps
    18. 18. What’s Next?• More advanced pencasting techniques (instructor and student)• Paper Tablet app for online office hours• Other types of pencast assignments for the online course• Exam feedback for the online course• Peer grading• Spreading the word to other disciplines
    19. 19. Additional Resources• LiveScribe Website – – Training Marathon Day (4/24) and Online Trainings • – Newsletter – Education Blog -• Demos and Tutorials –
    20. 20. Questions?• Deb Carney, University of Denver – Mathematics Department –• Kathy Keairns, University of Denver – Office of Teaching and Learning –