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Forces Concept1 Forces Concept1 Presentation Transcript

  • Force and Motion
    • Mac was a lonely soccer ball. Mac sat for hours and often pondered about the forces keeping him at rest on the green soft grass of his soccer field.
    • Mac decided there were at least three forces acting upon him to keep him still.
    • Can you name them?
    • Correct! Air pressure, gravity, and the ground are all forces that keep him at rest.
    • The forces are balanced since the net force results in zero movement.
    • One day, a kid walks up to Mac and kicks him 15 yards eastward!
    • The force of the kick is an unbalanced force and causes Mac to move.
    • In flight, other unbalanced forces act upon Mac, that make him fall back to the ground and eventually comes to rest again.
    • Name at least two of these unbalanced forces.
    • Correct! Friction (Air Resistance) and gravity act upon Mac, slowing him down, until he comes to rest.
    • Once at rest, the original three balanced forces (what are they?) act upon Mac again to keep him at rest.
    • Now the same kid comes up and kicks Mac once again, sending him into the air. However, this time a nearby cliff causing him to fall at at increasing speed.
    • When mac hits the ground, another unbalanced force(the ground) acts upon him, slowing him down.
    • Additional forces now act on Mac slowing him down even more.
    • What are two of these forces?
    • Correct! Once again gravity and air resistance (friction) are unbalanced forces resulting in a change of speed.
    • Eventually, these unbalanced forces cause Mac to slow down come to a rest.
    • Once at rest, the original balanced forces(what are they?) act upon Mac to hold him still again.
    • Until another unbalanced force causes him to move from his station in life.
    • Morale:
    • Sometimes boredom is better than an unbalanced force.