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    1. 1. Mobile/Tablet Design Kimberly Kador October 22. 2012
    2. 2. • In 1995, cell phone subscriptions covered only 11% of the United States population• 88% of U.S. adults now own a cell phone• There are almost 1.2 billion mobile Web users in the world• in fact by the end of 2012 there are expected to be over 975 million mobile web users.
    3. 3. • 6 out of 10 U.S. consumers use • Tablet unit sales will smartphones, while reach nearly 500 tablets are used by million units by 2015 more than 1/3• In April, 16.5% of mobile phone subscribers reported using a tablet, representing an increase of 11.8 percentage points in the past year.
    4. 4. • It’s hard to pull information from a website that is all jumbled. It’s even harder if you are trying to do it on your phone• It’s hard to see any image on the small screen of your mobile Internet device• Web 2.0, the social web, is giving way to web 3.0 which promises to be run increasingly through mobile devices
    5. 5. • iPad highlights the need for smart fluid • Web design has moved away from width design. Using a smart heavy text-based websites to combination of CSS and JavaScript the interactive, image-rich, video sharing User Experience can be made to applications improve drastically.
    6. 6. • Add a description to every link• Supply alternate content for images• Make the navigation accessible• The page should work with JavaScript disabled• Understand assistive technologies• available are HTML validation, link checking, search engine tools and other browser- compatibility tests.
    7. 7. • www.louisvuitton.comA basic site is offered with warning messages throughoutasking the user to download Flash. The catalog works butthere is no purchase option• www.Fendi.comFails to load. A message requests users to download Flash –an option that is not available for iPad users.
    8. 8. • Facebook• m.facebook.comHas a mobile device webpage that isjust as interactive as its full site• Twitter• https://mobile.twitter.comHas a mobile option for login- in andinteracting using a mobile device ortablet.
    9. 9. • Use Responsive Web Design which enables a website to ‘respond’ to user behavior and environment based on screen size, orientation, and platform• CSS3 gives us an amazing set of tools for creating things like gradients, drop- shadows, and rounded corners, all without resorting to bulky images
    10. 10. • Accessibility is all about ensuring your website can be used by everyone, not just the average person.• Some people use mobile/tablet device• Some are less tech savvy• Some have language barriers, etc.