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Primal pictures user guide eng v3

  1. 1. Primal Pictures User Guide (v.1.3)Ovid Training Department2012 3D anatomy images copyright of Primal Pictures Ltd
  2. 2. Help Guide & Anatomy Controls Help – this window opens automatically 1.There is a video tutorial available 2.There is a quick reference help guide 3.There is a detailed reference help guide 4.Uncheck the box to deactivate the help window from opening on start up Anatomy Controls Remove layers Rotate the image Zoom in/out Save & Print Help 2
  3. 3. Anatomy Features & Controls Anatomy Features – Select the zone of interest Click on the image to highlight an area of interest, an explanatory text will then appear3D Views & StructuresFrom this area you can select from:-3D Views• Select a new area of interest (e.g. Face etc..)• Highlight areas of the image, remove layers, save etc..Structures• See a list of all the structures linked to that particular image 3
  4. 4. Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) Save, Print and Zoom Rotate the 3D model Change 3D layers & MRI simultaneously 3 types of MRI view available• Compare 3D anatomy with its precise MRI scan• Functionality works in the same way as in the Anatomy section• Select a zone from the 3D model or MRI slice to view its explanationNote: Click on the links in the text to consult images, view videos and dissections etc… 4
  5. 5. Slide InformationSlides – You can select from folders containing:• Anatomy Illustrations• Clinical & Radiology Slides• Dissection Slides (e.g. Nasal Cavity)• MRI of Head, Foot, PelvisStructures in slides• Click on a type of ‘Structure’ to see it highlighted in the image (shown in green)• The ‘Structure’ option exists for Clinical / Dissection Slides and MRI• The ‘Structure’ option also exists for some Anatomy Illustrations 5
  6. 6. MoviesSelection of Movie types – Depends on Module selected• Surface Anatomy, Biomechanical Animations, Anatomical, Bone Movement and Muscle Function videos.Note: Option available to save and include videos in presentations etc… 6
  7. 7. Navigation BarAllows easy and quick access to different parts of the database• Press to go to the previous page• Press to go to the next page• Press to view the complete content of the database• Press to search by structure title within the index (e.g. Antitragicus or Sinus)• Press to save topics of interest in your favourites 7   
  8. 8. Search Function• Use keywords to search for anything contained be they a 3D image or text etc…• Introduce the term and click on the magnifying glass to search (e.g. Teeth)• The number in brackets (4) represents the number of images, articles held• Use the mouse to highlight a new part of the image 8
  9. 9. Preferences & Help Guide• Click on the “Preference” icon in order to activate other user functions• The complete “Help Guide” can be accessed from the question mark icon 9
  10. 10. Product Quizzes• Click on “Product Quizzes” at the top of the “Home Page” to test your knowledge of Regional Anatomy.• Select an area of Anatomy from the list of options, and configure your own personal settings. Click on “Start” to begin the quiz. 10
  11. 11. For more information please contact Thank You!