Library Orientation for Rotations


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Library Orientation for Rotations

  1. 1. NSU - HPD Library Resources for your Rotation Kristin Kroger
  2. 2. HPD Library Homepage – << [Libraries] < < [Health Professions] COM LibGuide
  3. 3. PubMed
  4. 4. • There are 3 options available: – Quick Search – Journals (which you can use to look up full journal titles/acronyms) – MeSH – Search for Medical Subject Heading
  5. 5. Click on thearticle title toopen the wholerecord
  6. 6. Journal Finder - will let youknow if we have it in full-text electronically If we do not have it electronically – Skip to ILL to request it.
  7. 7. After each databasename, note the date range! This will determine which ofthese databases will have the specific article you need. Embargo: means thatdatabase will not allow access to that journal for this most recent period of time.
  8. 8. If we do not have itelectronically – Skip to ILL torequest it.
  9. 9. Login to the ILLiad system
  10. 10. eJournals
  11. 11. Journal FinderAbbreviations DO NOT work in the eJournal Finder or LibraryCatalog (there are a few exceptions)1. Use the full journal title2. Go to PubMed from Quick Links or HPD Library home3. Use the PubMed Journals Database4. Under More Resources OR5. Use the dropdown box arrow6. Enter your abbreviation – Example: Clin Ther – Result: Clinical therapeutics – Use this full title, Clinical Therapeutics, to search for this journal online or in the library catalog
  12. 12. Catalog
  13. 13. HPD Database List
  14. 14. Access MedicineFull-text, illustrations, and expanded features from McGraw-Hill medical databases. Includes the latest edition of Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine, Tintinallis Emergency Medicine, and Schwartzs Surgery
  15. 15. AccessMedicine Mobile –To use the use the mobile optimized database• Select My Access Medicine• Create a New Account• Go to -• login with your new username/password• Enjoy your mobile-optimized Access Medicine! Bookmark it to your home screenTo download chapters from one of the AccessMedicine eBooksFrom the Main Access Medicine page. – Choose the title you want to read (ex: Harrisons) – Choose the chapter you want to read. (ex: Chapter 1) – Look for the Download for handheld icon. (It will only do the text, not the images) – You have to download chapter by chapter- they make it difficult to simply download the whole book at once.
  16. 16. Audio Digest – MP3 of clinical lectures presented by experts. Username: nsuhpd Password: library
  17. 17. <Audio Digest mp3>
  18. 18. Clinical PharmacologyFull-text information on all US prescription drugs, as wellas herbal supplements, nutritional and over-the-counterproducts, and investigational drugs
  19. 19. ** Access Code is required to use it on an mobile deviceFull-text information on all US prescription drugs, as well as herbalsupplements, nutritional and over-the-counter products, andinvestigational drugs.
  20. 20. Clinical Pharmacology - Instructions for creating mobile account:• Contact your Liaison Librarian for your access code• On a desktop or laptop computer (not your mobile device) go to• Enter code where it “If you have an access code…” under Shop Gold Standard (do not select a gold standard program)- enter this code only once and Submit• Register now as a New User - where you will create a username and password and setup your account• On your phone or mobile device- to access Clinical Pharmacology Mobile: open your web browser and go to URL address:• On the mobile site, enter your new Username and Password you registered with your new Gold Standard account. You will be directly connected to CP Mobile and it should work• You will now enter your username and password each time to access the program
  21. 21. • Includes International guidelines • Updated throughout the day • Downloadable app (wireless not needed) • Practice Changing Updates - (email)1. In the address bar of your device, type in (to create a new Skyscape account) Fill in the form and tap Create Account.3. After creating your account, you will be logged in.4. Install the Skyscape Medical app on your device.5. When prompted, enter your Skyscape login credentials and your serial number.6. Select Register And Download.From the Skyscape Medical App,1. Press the Tools button at the bottom of the screen2. Press [Install Resource]3. Enter the DynaMed number in the box under [Skyscape Serial Number]4. After it authenticates the serial number, Dynamed will show up with a checkmark already placed on the right.5. Press Install/Download DynaMed
  22. 22. Part of MDConsult, this Evidence-based primary care clinical information systemPart of MD Consult offers tools for differential diagnosis, evaluation and• Differential diagnosis tool management, patient education and• Procedures procedure skills review• Downloadable app To get access via the APP Go to FIRSTConsult on your laptop/desktop computer and create an account. Next- go to the app store and download the app, entering the username and password you created for your FIRSTConsult account.
  23. 23. Combines medical texts, full-text articles from clinical journals, clinical practice guidelines, education handouts, and a drug database of more than 30,000 medicines •Easy ability to personalize •Patient Education handouts •Books, journals, drugs, imagesTo access MD Consult Mobile you must create a ‘personal login’ on your institutionalaccount1. Go to HPD Library homepage and choose HPD Databases from the gray Menu on the left-hand sidebar. Click on MDConsult and login.2. Click on ‘Create an Account’ on the top right.3. Complete the registration form and create a unique username and password. Click on ‘Continue’ to submit your information.4. Logout of MD Consult.5. Using the web browser on your mobile device, go to MD Consult Mobile and login using your new personal login. URL’s for MD Consult Mobile are: and
  24. 24. GuidelinesSample search for Asthma– Overview– Epidemiology– Etiology– Diagnosis– Treatment & management– Prognosis– Screening & Prevention**First Consult is within MD Consult
  25. 25. The Medical Letter -includes :The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics - Objective, peer-reviewed evaluations of new FDA-approved drugs, and new information on previously approved drugs;Treatment Guidelines from The Medical Letter- Unbiased reviews of drug classes used to treat common disorders. Includes the doses, adverse effects and the recommendations of Medical Letter consultants;Antimicrobial Therapy;Adverse Drug Interactions
  26. 26. Medical Letter Mobile •Log on to the site from the HPD Library •Click on Mobile App •Complete the form to register your app using your nova email •Download the Medical Letter app from your app store •Type your email and Medical Letter password •Medical Letter contains summaries of new drug approvals, treatment guidelines, and a drug and disease index •Enjoy!
  27. 27. Provides evidence-based information about complementary and alternative therapies. Includes information on herbs and supplements, health and wellness, allergy and immunology, condition• Evidence based center, brand names, and interactions.• Graded evidence• Downloadable app To Get Mobile Access via Skyscape• Interactions, depletions, sym Go to this web address: ptom checker Fill out the form and they will email you a code. You will then open Skyscape on your device and Install new resource. The code will be good for 1 year.
  28. 28. Illustrated, full-text, evidence-based topic guides provide clinical information on a wide variety of diseases and disorders including their diagnosis, management and therapy. Also includes drug information, as well as screening and prevention strategies•Lexi-Interact: •Lexi-Comps comprehensive Drug-to-Drug/ •Drug-to-Herb and •Herb-to-Herb Interaction Analysis Program•Updated weekly (7/12 daily)•Easy limits in search box (adult, pediatric, graphics)•Direct export graphics into PowerPoint Mobile Use this link and create an icon on your Mobile device.
  29. 29. OvidMDOvidMD is the first clinical tool that spans UpToDate, MEDLINE, and Ovid full-text in one easy search focused for clinicians
  30. 30. • Procedures Consult- (APP in App store) Procedures Consult is an online procedure reference tool that offers easy access to complete details on how to prepare for, perform and follow up on the most common procedures required in todays hospital setting. Procedures Consult covers the procedures required by the ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine) and conforms to ACGME standards to help physicians and residents to consistently achieve the best patient outcomes.