Imc problems in clinical ethics

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  • 1. Go to this address:
  • 2. On the screen you see below, click “Subscribe Now” in the top right corner.
  • 3. Enter the product code given to you, then click [Process Code]
  • 4. You will be prompted to create an account witha User Name and Password. Fill in the requested information. NOTE: In the future when you want to accessthe Problems in Clinical Ethics program, use the address, and enter your User Name and Password
  • 5. After you log-in click
  • 6. You will see the patients presenting situation and be assigned a role.Based on what you learn about the case, you will select from a list, orwrite in your own words what you would initially do or recommend inthe case, and explain your recommendation.In most cases, you will then learn more information, including views ofmembers of the ethics committee, and have an opportunity to reviseyour choice about how the case should be resolved. In some cases,you will have all of the case information prior to making an initialchoice or recommendation.Your responses, and responses of others, may be used as a basis fordiscussion. At the end of every case, you will learn what happenedand what the important consequences were for participants. You maybe required to answer questions about the case after its conclusion.
  • 7. Audio clips:
  • 8. List of cases
  • 9. **Once you enter a response and havemoved on, you are not able to go back and edit them
  • 10. **After you log out – you must wait atleast 60 seconds before attempting to log in.