Kristoffer Jongco 20 Year Personal Marketing Plan


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Markma V57 20 Year Personal Marketing Plan

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Kristoffer Jongco 20 Year Personal Marketing Plan

  1. 1. The Best WANDERER My 20 Year Personal Marketing Plan K R I S TO F F E R ZUNIGA JONGCO JUNE 21,
  2. 2. A. Daily Rounds - Vision- Mission - Roles - Brand Launch - Handling Difficult People - Today and 20 years after - Tips to be the best WANDERER B. End In Mind WANDERER
  3. 3. Vision-Mission To continue to be an inspiration to others and help in fulfilling their goals by being a WANDERER through Kindness, Responsibility, Innovation and Service (KRIS)
  4. 4. Roles1. A caring and loving son2. An inspiring brother3. A dependable friend4. A committed and passionate worker5. A dedicated servant6. A natural
  5. 5. A caring and loving
  6. 6. An inspiring
  7. 7. A dependable
  8. 8. A committed and passionate worker
  9. 9. A dedicated
  10. 10. A natural
  11. 11. Wanderer KRIStoffer
  12. 12. Life is “WAND”erful Wand Kris Hong Kong Globe+Vision Wanderer Kristoffer Jongco @ Glovision
  13. 13. WANDERER
  14. 14. WANDERER KRISI am a naturalwanderer who wantsto exploreopportunities andready to face thechallenges
  15. 15. WANDERER KRIS The road I will take will be bumpy and full of obstacles…
  16. 16. WANDERER KRIS But as long as I believe in where I must go and love what I do…
  17. 17. WANDERER KRIS … I am sure I will achieve my dreams by striving to reach excellence in every decision and action
  18. 18. Handling Difficult People by Dr. John TownsendStep:1. Being Honest About Life-There are good & bad times in my lifethat made me who I am now2. Understanding Difficult People-In the road ahead, I encounter people who havedifferent views in life3. Diagnose-In my journey, I look at the root cause of the problem4. Change-If things don’t work, I look for alternatives5. Decision Making-I discern what I believe is the right path to take6. God Centered-In all my actions, I put the Lord first as a dedicated
  19. 19. Handling Difficult People by Dr. John TownsendStep:7. Growth-In working to achieve my dreams, I learnfrom my mistakes and continue my journey8. Depending on others company-I value my family, friends, co-employees inmy decisions and actions9. Choose-I stand up in reaching for excellence10. Converse Properly-Kindness and being friendly is what I value11. Be Confident-I believe that my dreams will be achieved someday12. Be Committed-Being a wanderer, I see to it that I stayloyal and dedicated in pursuing my
  20. 20. Today and 20 Years After Today (2012) The Future (2032) 29 years old 49 years old Single Life Happily Married Still living with my parents My own house and lot Operations Manager The CEO of our companyWorking to achieve newfangled dreams Reached and already achieved
  21. 21. Tips to be the BEST Check Personal Habits Investments and Savings Check if Goals are right on target Keep on reaching out to those in need Spend quality time with family and friends Believe that dreams can and will be achieved Continue to do well as a
  22. 22. WANDERER KRIS Working to Achieve Newfangled Dreams and Effectively Reaching for Excellence Required through
  23. 23. The Best WANDERER My 20 Year Personal Marketing Plan K R I S TO F F E R ZUNIGA JONGCO JUNE 21,