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WiMAX Success Stories

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WiMax Success

  1. 1. WiMAX: Success Stories from Around the World From Emerging to the Most Mature Market Segments, WiMAX is the Answer— Connecting People in Countries All Around the World Delivering 4G WiMAX Snapshots | 1
  2. 2. Delivering 4G WiMAX is the first 4G technology to meet the pent-up demand for the mobile Internet. The good news is that 3G and Wi-Fi* have whetted consumers’ appetites for mobile data. The better news is that as mobile data networks become increasingly congested, WiMAX can affordably deliver up to three times the performance of today’s 3G solutions, with the ability to scale to 10 times the performance with 802.16m, the next version of the IEEE 802.16 standard upon which WiMAX is based. This is great news for multi-megabit video, sending and receiving pictures and large files, and social media users. Real-World Mature and Emerging WiMAX Deployments at a Glance WiMAX is being deployed around the world and offers low-cost connectivity with the added bonus of mobility, both for mature and emerging market segments. This brochure offers snapshots of mature and emerging WiMAX deployments around the world and provides insights to WiMAX Deploymen the advantages, benefits, and new and successful business models being delivered with WiMAX. In the™ midst of a global economic slowdown, we need to be smart about our money—and broadband in all its forms is key to maximizing productivity and driving prosperity. Higher capacity, super-fast speeds at affordable rates, fixed and mobile bundles, and organic network growth from fixed to mobile—these competitive advantages help to make WiMAX even more compelling in these challenging times. Key members of the computing, telecommunications, and Internet industries are delivering what is considered to be a game-changing and disruptive technology for the connected world—WiMAX—and enjoying some common benefits: • One unifying technology for both mature and emerging markets ClEARWiRE • Affordable connectivity for multi-megabit fixed and mobile broadband • Low-cost client devices to reduce Cost Per Gross Addition (CPGA) • Ease and speed of deployment, reducing time-to-market and AXtEl yielding faster Return on Investment (ROI) • New video and social media services for differentiated offerings • High customer satisfaction to retain and grow subscribers • Expanding ecosystem and shrinking cost model for 4G success WiMAX offers significant speed, loads of capacity, and lower prices. Currently, there are more than 480 Fixed and Mobile WiMAX trials 802.16d and commercial deployments in 141 countries, so the snapshots that follow represent just a handful of the existing deployments around 802.16e the world. These snapshots show you how it’s being done: WiMAX is delivering in both mature and emerging markets. 2 | WiMAX Snapshots
  3. 3. Only WiMAX Provides Speeds “As Advertised” in the United States: Gartner research shows that the four major 3G operators in the United States are failing to deliver the speeds that customers expect. In fact, Gartner reports that most 3G providers in the United States typically market speeds as high as 1.8 Mbps when the actual speeds are generally between 300 Kbps and 700 Kbps.1 Mobile WiMAX speed, on the other hand, is “as advertised.” Senza Fili Consulting shows that CLEAR’s Mobile WiMAX service in Portland, Oregon, is “consistently good” and achieves average throughputs in excess of 3 Mbps in the downlink and between 350 and 400 Kbps in the uplink.2 WiMAX Deployments Worldwide nts Worldwide CoMStAR SCARtEl/YotA iMAGinE WoRlDMAX ARiA uQ VMAX bSnl tAtunG GlobE PACKEt onE KEnYA DAtA nEtWoRKS EMbRAtEl WbS For current information, see www.wimaxmaps.org. NOTE: Pins represent operator headquarters, not individual city deployments. WiMAX Snapshots | 3
  4. 4. Mature WiMAX Markets ClEAR Service, uSA: next-Generation Mobile ClEARWiRE broadband internet Service Made Simple Getting online should be easy. Powered by WiMAX, CLEAR* affords you the ability to connect as easily on the MATURE MARKETS: North America go as you do at home. With successful launches in 13 U.S. markets including Portland, Atlanta, and Las Vegas and an aggressive goal to expand Mobile WiMAX coverage to 120 million people across 80 markets by the end of 2010, major metropolitan areas across the United States may soon have an unprecedented combination of connection and mobility. WiMAX is the only network you’ll ever need. With CLEAR*, one network can deliver five CLEAR service gives customers capability and flexibility, with super-fast mobile Internet with download speeds essential services: home broadband, home of up to 4 Mbps and affordable daily or monthly service voice, mobile broadband, mobile voice, and plans. And, making it even simpler, first time setup mobile entertainment. requires no appointment and no installation—just plug • CLEAR USB Modem: Fit this device into any standard in your preferred CLEAR access device and start surfing, USB port on your laptop computer for the ultimate in often in 60 seconds or less. high-speed, 4G mobility. CLEAR lets customers take advantage of a wide range of • CLEAR Modem: Connect your home computer or Mobile WiMAX devices: Wi-Fi router to the Internet with the power of the • Notebooks with Embedded WiMAX: More than 35 CLEAR 4G network—just plug it in and get online. notebook models from six PC manufacturers have • CLEAR Spot Personal Hotspot: Create been certified already, with over 20 models available a portable, secure Wi-Fi hotspot now with embedded Intel® WiMAX/WiFi Link 5050 instantly that you can use with up series modules. to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Put all of your Wi-Fi-connected “Since CLEAR* is a true broadband Internet service, devices on the CLEAR Mobile Network in an instant. which just happens to be delivered wirelessly, we • CLEAR Voice* Adapter: Connect your CLEAR modem actually welcome the use of heavy bandwidth data to a landline phone, so you can talk whenever you want, applications that conventional 3G network operators anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, may discourage or simply can’t support. In fact, we for one low monthly rate. encourage our customers to use their Wi-Fi*-enabled • Samsung Mondi*: Get entertained on the go with high- smartphones, or other CE devices, on our open network speed Internet in the palm of your hand. This pocket-sized to receive better Internet connections.” device includes an interactive touch screen that puts browser, Scott Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, Clearwire camera, e-mail, messaging, and more at your fingertips. Mobile broadband made simple. In the United States, Clearwire is not alone. Xanadoo, Towerstream, and DigitalBridge have all successfully deployed WiMAX. From Xanadoo’s college towns in America’s heartland, to DigitalBridge’s small to medium cities, to Towerstream’s major metropolitan areas, WiMAX delivers mobile broadband. 4 | WiMAX Snapshots
  5. 5. Taiwan has been an early adopter and promoter of WiMAX technology, issuing three northern and three southern WiMAX licenses in 2007. In fact, WiMAX is part of the government’s M-Taiwan program to provide wireless coverage for the entire population. VMAX Service, taiwan: VMAX A Deployment to Watch VMAX Telecom is a joint venture between mobile carrier Vibo Telecom and broadband wireless telecom equipment MATURE MARKETS: Asia maker Tecom in Taiwan. VMAX Telecom’s vision is to use its Mobile WiMAX network to bring 4G services to Taiwan and to bridge the digital divide in rural areas. VMAX is rolling out its WiMAX network first in Taipei, with an initial planned deployment of 200–250 base stations and a goal fastest Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) speeds are of 70 percent coverage of the city’s population. From there, 2 MB (downlink)/256 K (uplink). However, VMAX expects to VMAX will continue to expand within Taipei and then fan offer average speeds of 1–4 MB (downlink)/0.5–1 MB (uplink) outward to cover the entire northern region of Taiwan in at a competitive price. By offering this home Internet service, two to three years with 1,500–2,000 base stations. with the promise of voice services in the near future, VMAX VMAX has two primary targets—consumer Internet services seeks to gain significant market share in Taipei. and consumer mobile data services—but it will offer VMAX will also use its WiMAX network to target customers enterprise services as well, and it plans to be competitive using High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSPDA) or other against all comers. For example, currently, in Taiwan the 3G mobile data services because its infrastructure allows services that slower 3G networks cannot realistically offer. VMAX “With this kind of bandwidth and technology, you is betting that its superior bandwidth and speed, alongside will have the ability to do things we haven’t even competitive pricing and mobility, will be more attractive to dreamed of yet.” Taipei’s technologically savvy mobile data users and give VMAX Teddy Huang, CEO, VMAX Telecom an advantage in the Taiwanese broadband market. An independent test by CnEt taiwan on taipei Metro Rapid transit’s Muzha line in June 2009 concluded that “WiMAX transmission speed is 3.33 times faster than 3.5G.” tatung, taiwan: WiMAX is open for business tAtunG Southwest of Taiwan in the Penghu Islands, Tatung “WiMAX beams data over the Internet at rates InfoComm, a WiMAX service provider held by Tatung up to 10 Mbps, faster than 3.5G technology Corp., debuted its WiMAX service in spring 2009, and less expensive.” installing 21 WiMAX base stations covering 80 percent F.H. Yen, General Manager, Tatung of the islands’ land area. This launch marks the start of Taiwan’s WiMAX service, with Tatung aiming for 1 million subscribers over the next five years. WiMAX Snapshots | 5
  6. 6. uQ WiMAX Service, Japan: High Speed, ABI Research points out that a key part of UQ uQ CoMMuniCAtionS low Cost, and a Short time to Market Communications’ strategy is its rollout plans: “UQ Communications claims it will be able to ramp up its outdoor UQ Communications Inc. launched its WiMAX service in coverage through the deployment of highly compact base July 2009 in the eastern region of Japan including areas stations, which weigh no more than 20 kg; they can be in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Nagoya, and Osaka. With readily installed on rooftops or other elevated sites.”3 speed, low cost and an open network approach as key differentiators of its mobile data service, UQ focuses on UQ’s plan after 2009 is to extend service to cover major cities notebook, netbook, and Mobile Internet Device (MID) and achieve more than 90 percent population coverage by users and aims to cover 40 million inhabitants by the end 2013. Subscribers will be able to watch Webcasts and online of 2009. Moreover, 14 PC manufacturers have already videos, listen to audio—in most cases, at the same time. In committed to embed WiMAX in their notebooks, and other words, users can enjoy a wireless Internet experience live speed tests have already reached about 16 Mbps that rivals their wired home broadband experience in speed down and 4 Mbps up. In an unprecedented move, UQ but extends to innovative new devices and applications. launched its service simultaneously with three of its Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), all major electronics Faster and Cheaper: Live speed tests on retailers. UQ offers its customers a simple, flat-rate, “all notebooks have reached about 16 Mbps you can eat” service that undercuts all the complicated, down and 4 Mbps up, as simple, flat-rate tiered, and flat-rate High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) pricing undercuts all current HSPA offers. services currently available. “UQ Communications selected Mobile WiMAX as the best technology based on our strong belief that it can meet various customer needs fully with the shortest time to market. Moreover, the business model is open, where any manufacturer can provide a variety of WiMAX devices like MIDs, netbooks, and other WiMAX-enabled consumer electronics.” Takashi Tanaka, President, UQ Communications Inc. Aerea Service, the netherlands: So Fair that WoRlDMAX Customers Don’t Worry About Data limits The Netherlands enjoys one of the highest rates of broadband penetration in the world, and within this competitive market, Worldmax deployed one of Western MATURE MARKETS: Europe Europe’s first commercial Mobile WiMAX networks in the 3.5 GHz range, blanketing the entire metropolitan area of Amsterdam, both indoors and outdoors. With the help of Alcatel-Lucent, Worldmax installed 110 WiMAX don’t have to worry about data limits. Under the Aerea base station sectors within just two months, providing brand, Worldmax has also upgraded the capabilities of coverage for the entire city of Amsterdam. The network its commercial indoor and outdoor service to 8 Mbps now has more than 170 base station sectors. downlink data rates. In addition to very high-speed mobile broadband, Worldmax offers a compelling and unique fair-use “Worldmax is ready to introduce 32 Mbps on its policy, exclusively in Amsterdam—so fair that customers WiMAX network this year.” Jeanine van der Vlist, CEO, Worldmax4 6 | WiMAX Snapshots
  7. 7. Application innovation Clearwire and technology leaders Intel, Cisco Systems, and Google are creating the WiMAX Innovation Network in Silicon Valley to put today’s 4G services into the hands of some of the most talented and creative developers in the world. The network will initially cover more than 20 square miles and bring 4G wireless service to the campuses of some of the world’s leading technology innovators, giving them a head start on commercial WiMAX service launching in the San Francisco Bay area in 2010. imag!ne, ireland: Super-Fast broadband “The highest line rental charges in Europe, iMAG!nE With no Data Caps the lack of investment in Ireland’s access Imagine service delivers fixed and mobile broadband infrastructure, and low throughput HSPA services using cutting-edge 4G Mobile WiMAX products trying to fill the void have created a technology. Imagine is the largest Mobile WiMAX carrier significant opportunity for WiMax in Ireland.” in Ireland covering a population of over 1 million today Sean Bolger, and 2.6 million by the end of 2010. They offer fast Internet Chairman and CEO, Imagine Communications Group access with speeds up to 10 Mbps per user device. Until Imagine service became available, fixed Internet access in Ireland was slow and expensive with limited competition. The new mobile WIMAX service is offering superior speeds compared to 3G/HSPDA services in Ireland with the ability to support rich media services. Imagine is now bringing competition and superior speeds to Ireland with no data caps on both services. Imagine currently offers customers a range of Mobile WiMAX devices, including: • Standalone modems: supporting both voice and data services from a single Motorola CPE device. • USB modems: the 4G Motorola USB Dongle provides simple access from a PC or laptop. • Notebooks: a range of laptops with Intel embedded WiMAX modules will launch in Ireland in 2010. Aria, italy: Partnering with a large incumbent to Expand Footprint Seeking to bring high-speed Internet access to parts of Italy that do not yet have ADSL, Aria has announced a broad strategic cooperation with Telecom Italia. Aria will be able to utilize Telecom Italia’s spectrum in central and southern Italy and gain access to its transport network, accelerating its nationwide build-out and lowering capital expenditures. Telecom Italia will benefit by being able to offer its customers Aria’s wholesale WiMAX service. WiMAX Snapshots | 7
  8. 8. Delivering the Next Leap in Mobile Network Evolution WiMAX is flexible enough to serve a variety of markets and can even be cost effectively deployed in areas where broadband infrastructure does not yet exist. Just as some emerging markets leapfrogged over landline phones directly to mobile phones, they can now leapfrog to advanced broadband wireless services with WiMAX. WiMAX aims to connect entire cities wirelessly, from the most mature to the most remote and undeveloped communities around the globe—and to help bridge the digital divide. Emerging WiMAX Markets Packet one, Malaysia: Hundreds of thousands PACKEt onE of Subscribers Enjoying Fast broadband Packet One Networks (P1), the 2008 winner of the Red EMERGING MARKETS: Asia Herring for Asia’s Most Innovative Private Technology Company, is a WiMAX telecommunications company expanding throughout Malaysia to target both consumer and business users. By August 2008, P1 finished conducting its end-user trials and became Malaysia’s with Sunway Group to provide wireless broadband Internet first WiMAX operator to launch a commercial network. access to more than 80 percent of home and business users In addition to Internet connectivity, P1 offers new and and over 2 million visitors to Bandar Sunway, making it the first innovative services such as its own social networking tool integrated wireless township in Malaysia. P1 was also chosen called Ruumz*. In its consumer product lineup, P1 has a by the local government of Kuala Lumpur (KL) to set up the fixed home modem solution, as well as an Internet on- Wireless Metropolitan Project (Wireless@KL), deploying more the-go device called WIGGY*—Malaysia’s most advanced than 1,500 hotspots and currently serving more than 130,000 USB modem incorporating Multiple-Input Multiple-Output users with free wireless broadband Internet access. The core (MIMO) technology. A voice-over WiMAX service and of the network is built upon WiMAX, and Wi-Fi acts as the dual-mode devices are expected further down the line. final link to the consumer. Despite an historically low level of broadband penetration, P1 states that it is on track to hit about Currently, P1 has Malaysia’s widest WiMAX network 250,000 subscribers by the end of 2009. That’s about 500 new coverage and represents the world’s largest 2.3 GHz WiMAX subscribers added every day. P1 thus has a running start on deployment outside of Korea. P1 also formed a partnership accomplishing its vision to provide broadband for all. “Broadband shouldn’t remain a privilege; it should be a right for all Malaysians. It is my personal endeavor to deliver broadband for all Malaysians because today information is the currency of the world. We are fully committed to aid the nation to realize its aspiration of 50 percent broadband penetration by 2010.” Michael Lai, CEO, Packet One Networks Globe Telecoms, Philippines: The Largest WiMAX Network in Southeast Asia As one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Globe Telecoms offers a wide array of services including 3G mobile and fixed line data services. In April of this year, Globe launched its WiMAX broadband network to key populations areas across the Philippines and plans to cover most of the country by end of 2009. Globe’s goal is to make affordable broadband service accessible to most of the country’s 92 million people. Its entry level service is priced at an attractive 795 Pesos (approximately USD 16) per month. 8 | WiMAX Snapshots
  9. 9. bSnl, india: services across urban areas, having already launched services bSnl bridging the Rural-urban Digital Divide via a franchise model in three large states. The primary aim of Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Through WiMAX-based wireless broadband, BSNL Areas (PURA) is making rural India digitally inclusive. To help can enable access to a wide range of services, such as achieve this vision, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), India’s e-governance, telemedicine, distance education, e-travel, state-run telecommunications company, has a goal of serving e-chaupal (access to fair pricing information for agricultural 250,000 rural WiMAX subscribers across 80,000 villages for produce), e-legal services, as well as e-media access for Phase 1 of its rural project, slated for completion by October news delivery in the local language. BSNL has also selected 2009. For Phase 2, BSNL has plans to serve 675,000 villages Huawei and Gemini Communications as its vendors. In and nearly 1.1 million rural subscribers by the end of 2010. fact, as of May 2009, Huawei had already shipped USD 36 With its nationwide footprint, BSNL will also offer WiMAX million of equipment for installation and commissioning. Comstar, Russia: Improving Quality Of Life By Connecting People To The Internet A leading fixed communications operator headquartered in Moscow with spectrum licenses in the 2.5 and 3.5 GHz bands, Comstar has deployed WiMAX networks in Moscow, surrounding regions in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) republics. Notably, the Mobile WiMAX network that Comstar is building in Armenia will cover 76 percent of the Armenian population, first in Yerevan, the capital, and then to another 18 cities. In some of Comstar’s coverage areas, citizens are being offered telephony and broadband Internet access to their homes for the first time. Yota Service, Russia: SCARtEl 100,000 Subscribers in Record time Scartel’s Yota service delivers mobile broadband services using cutting-edge 4G Mobile WiMAX technology. In fact, EMERGING MARKETS: Eurasia Scartel is the largest Mobile WiMAX carrier in Russia covering a population of over 15 million today and 22 million by the end of 2009. It offers Internet access along with rich media mobile services (music and video on demand, IPTV, etc.) at speeds up to 10 Mbps per user device. A wide range of Mobile WiMAX access devices can access Before the Yota service became available, mobile Internet the Yota service, including: access in Russia was slow, expensive, and not widely • Notebooks: 30 notebook models are available deployed. By contrast, after 18 months of pre-launch from six PC manufacturers, with embedded Intel operations and just two and a half months of commercial WiMAX/WiFi Link 5050 series modules. operations, Yota signed its 100,000th active subscriber to its Mobile WiMAX networks deployed in Moscow and • Mobile Phones: The HTC MAX* 4G is the world’s first St. Petersburg, the two largest Russian cities. That’s about dual-mode GSM* and Mobile WiMAX handset. 1,500 new subscribers a day! • USB Modems: The 4G Samsung USB Dongle provides Due to robust base station provisioning, current average data simple access to the 4G Internet from a PC or laptop. consumption of a Yota subscriber is 10.3 GB, more than twice • IAD: The ASUS Mobile WiMAX Wi-Fi Center offers the average use of wired Internet subscribers in Moscowi and fast wireless Internet, Voice over IP (VoIP), and local many times the capacity of 2G and 3G data services. Scartel’s networks for home and office. ultimate goal is to deploy networks in more than 40 Russian • Express Cards: The Samsung Express Card 4G offers a cities, beginning in those with populations over 1,000,000 and compact 4G Internet for people on the go. moving to those with populations over 500,000. WiMAX Snapshots | 9
  10. 10. Wateen and Mobilink, Pakistan: two GSM* operators Go WiMAX Wateen Telecom has successfully deployed one of the largest nationwide WiMAX networks—with 842 four- sector base station sites in 22 cities, covering over 20 percent of Pakistan’s 164 million inhabitants. Over the next six months, Wateen will deploy approximately 1,300 base stations, and longer term, WiMAX coverage will be extended to an additional 70 cities, with expectations of reaching 1.5 million broadband customers in five years. Wateen has also entered into agreements with cell phone operators to reuse existing GSM sites to greatly reduce capital investment requirements. Mobilink Infinity is a wireless broadband and telephony service for residential and enterprise consumers, based on the Mobile WiMAX standard. It is offered by Mobilink GSM, a subsidiary of the Orascom Telecom Group, Pakistan’s leading cellular service provider. In a country where many regions have either no or very poor quality landlines, the need to quickly fulfill demand for high-speed Internet access was the driving factor behind Mobilink’s decision to use WiMAX. Because WiMAX is available today, Orascom can quickly and cost effectively offer subscribers high-quality Internet access and VoIP services using broadband wireless.5 Embratel, brazil: 200 Cities in Five Years— EMbRAtEl and a one-Stop Solution for SMbs EMERGING MARKETS: Central and South America Embratel, a subsidiary of Mexico’s Telmex, operates long-distance telephone and broadband services in Brazil and launched its commercial WiMAX network in March 2008 using 802.16e-2005 equipment from Motorola. The first phase of the deployment was completed in March 2009 and covers 12 cities, including Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and is already delivering wireless broadband For Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs), Embratel offers, to tens of thousands of customers. Embratel has publicly using WiMAX, a unique carrier-class dual-play offer. stated its intentions to invest hundreds of millions of Embratel packages broadband and voice, which dollars to extend its coverage to 61 cities in three years integrates with not only modern VoIP services, but also and 200 cities by the project’s end in five years. legacy PBX systems. The company complements this offer with long distance and a very flexible contract to provide a one-stop solution for SMBs. Axtel, Mexico: Rapid Deployment and in over 40 cities across Mexico, with about 60 percent of its AXtEl Aggressive Expansion customer base residential and the remainder business. Axtel is the largest Mobile WiMAX service provider in Axtel is optimistic about 2009, especially since, unlike Mexico. It began rolling out its Mobile WiMAX network with its competitors, its technology and infrastructure have Motorola in January 2008 and commercially launched its always been wireless. It already has over 500 base WiMAX services in that same year. Axtel now provides over stations in its network—and expects to reach 1,000 base 60,000 broadband and voice customers with WiMAX service stations by the end of the year. 10 | WiMAX Snapshots
  11. 11. WbS, South Africa: WbS DSl Speeds in a Mobile Environment EMERGING MARKETS: Africa WBS’s WiMAX network already consists of 120 base stations deployed in Gauteng, Cape Town, and KwaZulu-Natal, providing fixed broadband services with plans to commission another 80 WiMAX base stations in the near future. iBurst, a wholly owned subsidiary of WBS, launched WiMAX products and services for both the consumer and corporate markets in early 2009. Once the essentially have access to wireless ADSL-type services embedded devices become available, the end user will on notebooks and netbooks. “WBS and iBurst are committed to increasing Internet penetration and improving Internet services in this country. We are confident that bundling hardware and access technologies, such as WiMAX, is the way to get more South Africans online.” Alan Knott-Craig, Managing Director, iBurst Kenya Data networks, Kenya: KEnYA DAtA nEtWoRKS WiMAX Delivers a Fast Roi Kenya Data Networks (KDN), a full-service data communications carrier, considers WiMAX to be the best economic choice for the unique needs of the growing East African market. The carrier is continuing to extend its network in Nairobi and 40 towns across Kenya to support seamless WiMAX connectivity with mobile devices and Internet services, including enterprise inter-branch services, as well as connecting bank branches, ATMs, schools, cyber cafés, and businesses. WiMAX technology is enabling quicker service deployment and access to more markets, giving KDN “Adapting WiMAX technology is helping us a fast ROI, increased revenues, and growth. KDN also create awareness and educate the market plans to use the capabilities of its WiMAX network to toward adopting the Internet as a way of life.” offer personal broadband services, realizing the vision of Mr. Vincent Wang’ombe, Marketing Manager seamless mobile device connectivity. Kenya Data Networks7 WiMAX is flourishing in other parts of the Americas as well. With WiMAX, Digicel captured 25 percent of the market segment share in the Cayman Islands in just 180 days and penetrated 80 percent of corporate accounts in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands within 12 months. In fact, Digicel customers can buy the product, bring it home, plug it in, and be online in three minutes or less. Digicel’s subscriber package in the Cayman Islands includes broadband services bundled with GSM voice services at a 20 to 30 percent discount, and data speeds up to 4 Mbps.6 WiMAX Snapshots | 11
  12. 12. WiMAX Forum:8 Expanding the Ecosystem Worldwide The WiMAX Forum is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization formed to certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based on WiMAX standards. With a robust and flourishing ecosystem in place, WiMAX technology can offer global economies of scale and thus help to lower costs compared to other wireless technologies. Similar to the way that the first cellular networks were gradually built until they ultimately could provide ubiquitous coverage, the WiMAX rollout will continue. So if WiMAX is not yet available in your area, it could be there soon. Certification labs Certification lies at the core of the WiMAX Forum mission. And the availability of WiMAX Forum Certified* equipment will continue to accelerate the adoption rate of WiMAX technology by enabling a broad selection of interoperable devices from many vendors at affordable prices. Current Labs Under Development 2009 Brazil India Malaysia KOREA U.S.A. TAIWAN SPAIN INDIA TAIWAN BRAZIL MALAYSIA CHINA Mobile WiMAX Certification Labs There are more than 125 WiMAX Forum Certified products now—and almost 1,000 devices are estimated to be WiMAX Forum Certified by 2011.9 • China (China Academy of Telecommunications • Taiwan (Advance Data Technology Corporation Research in Beijing) and TTC/CCS in Taipei) • Korea (Telecommunications Technology Association) • United States (AT4 wireless in Virginia) • Spain (AT4 wireless in Malaga) • Additional labs in India, Malaysia, and Brazil are scheduled to open in 2009 the ecosystem and cost models are already in place for 4G success. 12 12 || WiMAX Snapshots WiMAX Snapshots WiMAX Snapshots | 12
  13. 13. More Devices Are Driving Users to WiMAX beyond Voice: the 4G WiMAX Vision—not Just for notebooks Anymore Operators are offering a variety of WiMAX devices beyond what has been enabled on voice- centric networks. The demand for data is exploding—and 4G is all about data. WiMAX chips can be embedded into consumer electronics and games, digital cameras, home entertainment systems, utility meters, appliances, MIDs, and netbooks, so users can connect, entertain, stay informed, and be productive wherever they go. These devices need the kind of speed that WiMAX offers. As of May 2009, more than 50 notebook models were available with embedded Intel® WiMAX/WiFi Link 5050 series modules. At that rate, by the end of 2009, there could be 100 certified models available. Sixteen PC Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are offering or have announced plans for notebooks with Intel’s embedded WiMAX solution, including Acer, ASUS, Clarion, Dell, Epson, Fujitsu, Lenovo, MSI, NEC, Onkyo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba. When these devices team up with breakthrough WiMAX technology, the possibilities may be limitless. WiMAX iPR Advantages the development and adoption of WiMAX worldwide. The OPA expects to develop a WiMAX Patent Pool to Members of the WiMAX industry, including Acer, Alcatel- deliver upon the goals of lower cost, transparency, and Lucent, Alvarion, Cisco, Clearwire, Huawei Technologies, predictability in IPR, which in turn will drive the adoption Intel Corporation, and Samsung Electronics, have of WiMAX to enable more 4G OEMs and Original Device formed the Open Patent Alliance (OPA) to provide an Manufacturers to enter this market segment. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) solution that supports Low IPR Costs Keep Device Costs Down An integral part of the WiMAX strategy has been to keep the intellectual property licensing costs low for devices. This keeps the overall cost of WiMAX-enabled devices low, which encourages vendors to add WiMAX capability to their devices. When prices are low, that reduces the risk factor for consumers and encourages them to try it. In Baltimore, users can get a WiMAX USB modem for USD 59.99 without signing a service contract.10 WiMAX Snapshots | 13
  14. 14. industrial technology Research institute, taiwan: itRi WiMAX Device Forecast to triple in next two Years The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) was IAC, Inventec, JStream, Liteon, Loop, MiTAC, MTI, Qisda, founded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan as Quanta/QMI, Ruby Tech, Spectec Computer, TECOM, a non-profit, research and development organization for USI, WNC, and ZyXEL. Devices currently in market include applied research and technical service. When the Taiwan standalone broadband and VoIP modems (Customer government selected WiMAX to execute a national Premise Equipment (CPE)), PC interface devices (USB program to realize the country’s broadband coverage dongles, PCI Express* cards), Wi-Fi/WiMAX gateways, vision and national goals, ITRI and the WiMAX Forum MIDs, smartphones and notebooks with built-in WiMAX. established the holistic Mobile Taiwan (M-Taiwan) WiMAX According to Dr. Hsieh, Taiwan Regional Director, Application Lab to test and develop innovative Mobile WiMAX Forum, the market forecast for WiMAX devices WiMAX applications in a complete ecosystem. A non- is extremely promising: although the economic crisis commercial, proof-of-concept lab with a real-deployed has affected the global WiMAX market, Taiwanese WiMAX network, this lab will also assist Taiwanese manufacturers still delivered about 1 million units of CPE in operators in conducting interoperability and roaming tests 2008, mostly fixed products, and started shipping mobile to prepare for upcoming commercial launches this year. products in October 2008. In fact, ITRI forecasts the yearly More than 30 companies in Taiwan are producing WiMAX growth in shipments to triple for the next two years, with devices, including AWB, AboCom, Acer, Alpha Networks, major growth expected for emerging markets in Asia ASUSTek, Cameo, CyberTAN, D-Link, DNI, Gemtek, GIL, Pacific, the Middle East, Brazil, and Russia. With WiMAX mobile internet, users may have one, two, or even more devices connected to the same high-speed, mobile broadband service. Mobile internet Dongles Customer Premise Smartphones notebooks Devices (MiDs) For notebooks without Equipment (CPE) Operators today are Just open up your The high speeds of embedded WiMAX, The main staple of offering both multi-mode notebook and get Mobile WiMAX make dongles provide a fixed and portable GSM + WiMAX and 3G connected with streaming videos, super-compact, easy- WiMAX services, + WiMAX smartphones embedded WiMAX. downloading music, or to-carry way to connect CPE is designed to for the best of both No dongle needed. browsing the Internet on to the Internet while at deliver superior indoor worlds in one device. MIDs more enjoyable. home or on the go. coverage and can be moved between different locations. 14 | WiMAX Snapshots
  15. 15. WiMAX Delivers in Both Mature and Emerging Markets WiMAX delivers mobile broadband services in both mature and emerging markets on a wide array of devices and, as these snapshots from around the world have shown, also offers numerous benefits. HIGHLIGHTS • More than 500 WiMAX Forum members globally, including operators and component and equipment manufacturers11 • More than 480 Fixed and Mobile WiMAX trials and commercial deployments in 141 countries12 According to the WiMAX Forum, WiMAX service • Globally, 430 million people covered by WiMAX providers now cover 430 million service providers13 people globally and are on • Affordably priced 4G broadband data a path to almost double that • Multi-megabit broadband speeds number by the end of 2010, • Savings in capital and operational expenditures with more than 800 million people covered by next- • High customer satisfaction generation WiMAX networks. • Greener deployments leveraging GSM cellular sites • More than 125 WiMAX Forum Certified products14 • Over 50 notebook models available with embedded Intel WiMAX/WiFi Link 5050 series modules and 100 forecast by the end of 200915 Around the world, WiMAX is deployed and delivering in both mature and emerging markets. These snapshots prove it. To view a map of global WiMAX deployments, go to: www.wimaxmaps.org Visit the WiMAX Forum Web site at: www.wimaxforum.org WiMAX Snapshots | 15
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