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Outline of district AUP rules

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USD458 AUP Presentation

  1. 1. Acceptable Use PolicyRules Governing Use ofUSD458 ComputersBasehor-Linwood Middle School
  2. 2. The User Shall Not…• Erase, change, rename, or make unusable anyone else’s computer files or programs.
  3. 3. The User Shall Not…• Let other persons use his or her name, logon, password, or files for any reason (unless authorized by a staff member or principal).
  4. 4. The User Shall Not…• Use or attempt to discover another user’s password or in any way access another person’s records or files (unless authorized by a staff member or principal).
  5. 5. The User Shall Not…• Use district computers or networks for any non- instructional or non- administrative purpose. – Example: Non-instructional games, random/non-instructional internet searches
  6. 6. The User Shall Not…• Use a computer for unlawful purposes, such as illegal copying or installation of software.
  7. 7. The User Shall Not…• Copy, change, or transfer any software or documentation provided by district schools, teachers, or other students without permission.
  8. 8. The User Shall Not…• Write, produce, generate, copy, or attempt to introduce any computer code designed to damage or hinder performance of any computer, file system, or software. – Access to personal email is not permitted.
  9. 9. The User Shall Not…• Deliberately use the computer to annoy or harass others with language, images, sounds, innuendoes, or threats.• Deliberately access or create any obscene or objectionable information, language, or images.
  10. 10. The User Shall Not…• Intentionally damage the system, damage information belonging to others, misuse system resources, or allow others to misuse system software. – (User will be held financially responsible for costs associated with intentional damages or those due to user’s negligence.)
  11. 11. The User Shall Not…• Alter hardware setup of or software settings on computers, networks, printers, or other equipment (unless authorized by a staff member or principal).
  12. 12. The User Shall Not…• Install software on district computers (unless authorized by a staff member or building principal).
  13. 13. The User Shall Not…• Access any computer, computer software, or files without permission from a staff member or principal.
  14. 14. Violation of this policy…• First offense: Results in the loss of all district-wide computer privileges for a minimum of two weeks.*• Second offense: Results in the loss of all district-wide computer privileges for the remainder of the school year.* *All consequences are determined by building principal based on the nature of the offense and the discipline policy in place in that building.
  15. 15. Beware…• Providing personal information about yourself is not permitted while accessing internet sites.• Blogs, chat rooms, unsolicited email, and sites such as MySpace and Xanga can put you at risk! They are not permitted at BLMS!
  16. 16. Ignorance Is NoExcuse…• If you are unsure of your teacher’s rules and expectations regarding computer usage, ask!• Reading teachers have special rules and procedures relating to STAR and AR tests and file access…know them!• If you see computer damage or misuse, report it immediately!
  17. 17. Please Remember…• Computer use is a privilege – Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to use such a valuable, educational tool!• BE RESPONSIBLE!