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  • 1. A Green Approach to Cleaning the Gulf Oil Spill Presented by: BEI - BEP-Tibet, LLC A Joint Venture providing Green Remediation Techniques for large Oil Spills June 10, 2010
  • 2. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which started on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, is the largest oil spill in US history
    • Currently leaking 5000 barrels of oil into the Gulf daily.
    • Oil is currently reaching land in a number of areas throughout the entire Gulf Coast.
    • Oil Clean-up activities themselves, unless done properly will also be a major environmental antagonist.
  • 3. Nature Healing Nature
    • In the sensitive Gulf Coast Region it is important to find a oil clean-up methodology that both removes the oil and maintains the integrity of this environmentally sensitive area.
    • BEI BEP-Tibet has “green” surfactants and bacteria that safely breaks down and consumes oil. A variety of other environmentally friendly technologies are also offered for oil spill clean-up.
    • Nature Healing Nature!
  • 4. BEI BEP-Tibet Joint Venture
    • BEI BEP-Tibet is a joint venture formed to bring Uni-Rem products and other oil spill remediation technologies developed and utilized for years in Russia to the Gulf Coast.
    • BEI is an (8a) company with full engineering an environmental services capabilities.
    • BEP-Tibet is an international company focused exclusively on oil spill remediation utilizing non-toxic (“green”) technologies.
  • 5. BEI BEP-Tibet Products
    • Uni-Rem Products
      • Uni-Rem 200 (Hydrocarbon Decomposing Bacteria)
        • Uni-Rem 200 is a naturally occurring bacteria found in the presence of hydrocarbons (oil) that breakdown oil at an accelerated rate leaving only the non-toxic fatty proteins behind.
      • Uni-Rem 800 (Bio-Surfactant)
        • Uni-Rem 800 is a bio-surfactant that emulsifies the hydrocarbon structure making them accessible for the further chemical or biochemical transformation. This is a toxic-free ‘green” alternative to the current dispersants used by BP for the spill.
      • Uni-Rem 900 (Bio-Surfactant/ Bacteria Emulsion)
        • Uni-Rem 900 is an emulsion that is used as an aggressive remediation agent for cleaning beaches and marshes. In the open waters it can be combined with peat moss (holding agent) for remediation of surface spills.
  • 6. Uni-Rem can be applied through a variety of spraying operations including, aerial, ship mounted or hand applied.
  • 7. Uni-Rem® Advantage
    • The introduction of Uni-Rem® Microbes eliminates secondary disposal issues.
      • Bio-Surfactants break down oils making it easier for the bacteria and other environmentally friendly agents to decompose.
      • Bacteria multiplies to consume all available treated crude oil, their primary source of food.
      • Bacteria die out when the food source is consumed and in turn become a natural food source for the surrounding plants and animals.
      • These are not genetically engineered products!
      • Uni-Rem® + Crude Oil  Food (bacteria cell mass) + CO2 +H2O
  • 8. BEI BEP-Tibet Services
    • Full Scale remediation services including skimmers, trawlers, vacuums, hold tanks and centrifuges for oil clean-up.
    • Project Management Services
  • 9. Uni-Rem® Successes
    • Uni-Rem has been used to clean contaminated soils in California and Alaska.
    • These products have been used extensively in Russia on soil and open water oil spill clean-ups.
    • Used to treat the Gulf of Mexico oil spill from the Norwegian Tanker “Mega-borg”. 90% of the spilled oil was decomposed in the first 24 hours.
      • The bacteria had no harmful effect on the local ecology.
      • “ When bacteria utilize all the oil they die without leaving any toxic residues and the protein they produce is an excellent fish food” (Houston Chronicle).
  • 10. BEI BEP-Tibet Team
    • BEI – Green Division
      • Dr. Iouri Koultchitski – BEP-Tibet President
      • Don Burke – BEP-Tibet Uni-Rem® Product Manager
      • David Reeder – Vice President BEI, Green Division
      • Matthew Whinery – BEI, Gulf Spill Project Manager
      • Georges Brandan – President - BEI, Inc
  • 11. BEI BEP-Tibet Team, continued
      • Dr. Iouri Koultchitski – President, BEP-Tibet
        • Graduate of the Moscow Institute of Chemistry Technology
        • Holds numerous patents in medical and biological fields.
        • Has over 20 years of research in the fields of chemistry and the technology of polymers for medical-biological applications.
    • Don Burke – Uni-Rem Product Manager
      • Over 40 years of environmental clean-up experience, including the use of Uni-Rem products to clean soils in California and Alaska.
  • 12. BEI BEP-Tibet Team, continued
      • David Reeder, BS, MS, MBA – VP Green Division, BEI
        • 30 years of Environmental ,Engineering and Remediation Services experience.
      • Matthew Whinery, BA, MBA – Gulf Spill Project Manager
        • 20 years of Technical Production and Project Management experience.
      • Georges Brandan, BS, MS – President, BEI
        • 20 years Engineering and Environmental Services Experience.
      • Point of Contact: David Reeder
        • (865) 740-1818 or 888-864-4137
        • [email_address]