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  • Globally, respondents who switched providers did so more often due to the poor quality of the customer experience than because they found a better price somewhere else. This trend varied somewhat by country. Accenture 2008 Global Customer Satisfaction Report
  • Delivered as part of a comprehensive RightNow Web Experience or as a stand-alone application, Chat facilitates real-time online chat sessions between your agents and the customers visiting your website. Sessions can be initiated by an agent or by a customer through out-of-the-box Customer Portal web pages or configurable with RightNow Web Designer to be made available throughout your existing web pages - anywhere online agent assistance may be needed.With most agents able to handle four concurrent Chat sessions at a time, RightNow Chat allows your expert agents to get consumers the information they need online, improving customer satisfaction while at the same time lowering call center call volume.
  • Web Experience Designer allows you to build on the out-of-the-box Web Experience investment to infuse RightNow Knowledge Foundation, Chat, Co-Browse and Email Response Management functionality throughout your corporate website, ensuring that customers can get access to your service resources anywhere on your site, when they need it.
  • RightNow Social Experience is integrated across the customer experience suite, providing shared search and single sign-on with the Web Experience as well as shared search and incident escalation with the Contact Center Experience. It also features deep integration with the RightNow Knowledge Foundation, so that crowd-sourced knowledge from the community can be included in the company’s knowledge base and reused to support other customers.
  • Key Message:Most Gartner and 1:1 Media Awards Three Years RunningRightNow looks at success through the lens of our customer awards first, technology awards second
  • Very differentiating.But having the right technology solution is only part of a successful customer experience strategy. To succeed you really need a partner you can trust. This is why RightNow offers the CX Commitment, to make sure That we deliver the expertise and results you need while making it easy to work withus. Let me tell you a little more about each of these commitments:On Results: Our whole business is built on the premise that if you don’t success we don’t succeed. That’s why every one of our clients is assigned a client success manager, who is non-quota’d and incented entirely on your success.RightNow Project Methodology, or RPM - provides a proven methodology for implementing RightNow CX solutions. We don’t initiate a project until we agree on the results, and we don’t complete it until we deliver on the results.On Expertise: The one thing we hear more from any of our clients is they want us to push them harder on best practices, leveraging the expertise we’ve gained from being the best. Here are two explicit areas designed to do this:Centers of Excellence – exist for each of our product areas and is a grouping of the best and brightest across product management, professional services, and development, and support.Ask the Experts – makes this expertise easy to access any time, any whereRegarding Easy to Buy: Cloud Services Agreement – provides flexibility for our clients – including making it easy to accommodate capacity changes such as for seasonal usage, providing price certainty and transparency to buy more and renew.Annual capacity pools provide for seasonal usage Price certainty and transparency to buy more and renewAnnual checkpoints to rebalance capacity, reduce capacity, or terminate arrangementUpgrade timing flexibilityChoice of comprehensive customer care packages
  • They have 3 vendors and over 300 agents for handling incidents in RightNow. Each of these Business units and Support type required different information to be captured from the customer. A customer Service or CS incident needs more of account information from the customer whereas a technical support incident required more system specific info. Although the support agents at Real were universal, they could work on only one support type of one Business unit based on their profile and Workspace setup. Profiles were setup for Games CS, Music TS etc. Drawback with this approach was all queues (Games CS, Games C2C, Games TS, Music TS, and Media CS etc) had to be monitored with sufficient agents assigned to handle each of the queues. We recommended contextual workspaces to meet their business challenge. The contextual workspace was designed to include most of their incident queues (36 of them). 50 odd custom fields have been added to this workspace. Based on a particular queue selection, the Workspace loads up products/categories/Resolution and custom fields that are specific to that incident queue.  Real has rolled this to all their vendors and this workspace is being used concurrently by all their 100+ agents.  All the agents are now on this common workspace and are able to handle incidents of all Business Units and Support types. Our Observation: Despite having 80 odd workspace rules and which load/hide different custom fields, and displays different Product/Category and Resolution hierarchies. These fields load instantaneously and there are no performance issues reported. In the screenshots provided within this mail,  you will see the workspace as an agent would. The key driver to this workspace and what fields will subsequently show up is the queue. While there are many rules within this workspace, the final two screenshots show some examples of the ‘If and Then’ statements from within the workspaces rule base.  If you need further clarification, we can do a quick demo to show how they work. This is a complex use case and was over 200 hours of professional services work to put in place. One item to note here is that with the use of functions (if it were available) we would have been able to minimize the number of rules. It would also be nice to be able to change the label of the column.
  • Product management, manufacturing, and other departments gain rich, actionable customer insightReal-time feedback saves company thousands in product returnsEstimated more than $250,000 in annual savings achieved through self-serviceVoice application paid for itself in 90 daysSoftware-as-a-service enables new users anywhere to be added right away

Enable Your Customers 24/7 Enable Your Customers 24/7 Presentation Transcript

  • RightNow Web Experience
    The Customer Experience Imperative
    February 2011
  • 86%
    stop doing business with organization after one bad experience…
    and 82% told their friends about it
    Harris Interactive, 2009 Customer Experience Impact Report
  • Overall poor quality of the customer experience
    Get a lower price elsewhere
    Customer service representatives’ lack of knowledge
    Company policies that create bureaucracy
    Lack of customized solutions
    Customer service technologies that delay or stop service
    Accenture Global Customer Satisfaction Report
    Why do customers switch providers?
  • On the Other Hand…
    is the #1 reason consumers recommend a company to others. 
    Above product price and product quality.
    #1 Reason
    Harris Interactive, 2009 Customer Experience Impact Report
  • 60%
    will always or often pay more for a better customer experience—even in a down economy.
    Harris Interactive, 2009 Customer Experience Impact Report
  • Three Experiences That Matter
  • RightNow CXThe Customer Experience Suite
  • Web ExperienceSolution Overview
    Branded Multi-Channel Online Experience
  • The Self-Service Challenge
    You don’t want your customers to call you for help
    Your customers don’t want to call you either
    72% of online consumers prefer to use a company's website to get answers to their questions rather than contact companies via telephone or email. -Forrester Research
  • The Self-Service Challenge
    Providing consumers the help they want
    When they want it
    Where they want it
    How they want it
    Have consumer conversations flow seamlessly across all communication channels
    And not drive up costs
  • The Self-Service Solution
    A single site via Customer Service Portal
    Most commonly viewed FAQs
    FAQs available by category
    New alerts
    Easy search with highly relevant, targeted results
    Links to other communication channels
    Email, Chat, Co-Browse, Communities, Phone
    Syndicate content to deliver to customers at the point of inquiry
    Researching products
    Shopping cart and check-out
    Completing applications
  • RightNow CX
    Intent Guide
    Web / Mobile Self-Service
    Chat / Co-Browse
    Email Management
    Intent Guide
    Web / Mobile Self-Service
    Chat / Co-Browse
    Email Management
    CX for Facebook
    Support Community
    Innovation Community
    Cloud Monitor
    CX for Facebook
    Support Community
    Innovation Community
    Cloud Monitor
    Voice Experience
    Agent Desktop
    Voice Experience
    Agent Desktop
    Customer Feedback
    Customer Feedback
    Service Sales Marketing
    Service Sales Marketing
    App Builder
    Knowledge Foundation | Natural Language Search
    Mission Critical Operations
  • RightNow Customer Portal
    Out-of-the-box best practices
    Easily customized for brand
    Quickly incorporate widgets, blogs, videos and other elements
    Leverages intelligence of the RightNow Knowledge Foundation
    Integrated with RightNow Communities
    Provides seamless connection to agent assisted channels
    Supports Open Login
  • Best Practices: RightNow “Reference” Site
    Tabs can be leveraged for simple navigation in Customer Service or across the entire site. They provide customers a way to know where they are on a site
    Offer up multiple communications channels – put the one you want customers to use most at the top of the list. Have this consistently across all pages
    Make “Search” visible and easy to use - customers who want to self-serve will. Saving inbound calls and emails
    FAQs should be “self-learning” – what is displayed is dynamically ranked based on customer views
    Make your most popular questions easily visible. Chances are, this will solve 80% of customer questions
  • Examples of Customized Sites
  • Robust FAQs Increases Self-Service
    Expose knowledge broadly via Google integration
    Supports searches by topic or keyword
    Show answer summary, improving self-service
    Integrated with RightNow Community to show Community answers
  • Robust FAQs Increases Self-Service
    Answers can be text, video, or documents such as User Manuals or Warranties
    Collect feedback on answer helpfulness
    Provides related answers
    Answers are easy to create, edit, and maintain
    Reporting to track viewing statistics
  • Email Management
    Configurable Email forms
    SmartAssistant scans email, automatically suggesting relevant answers
    Routed to best agent via skills and business rules
    Use the RightNow Contact Center Experience for a single agent desktop for answer assistance, standard responses, and escalation of issues
    SmartAssistant typically deflects 30% of incident volume
  • Chat for Real-Time Interactions
    Reactive, consumer initiated Chat
    Proactive Chat based on business rules
    Chat Interface easily modified for branding
    Chat conferencing and supervisor monitoring and assistance
    Chat queue status and auto-reconnect
    Real-time reporting
  • Co-Browse for Hands-On Help
    Easy to implement and use
    Secure – works with existing firewalls
    Works with any browser on any computer
    Limits to agent’s control of the consumer’s desktop
    Hides sensitive fields such as credit card numbers from the agent
  • Web Experience Designer
    Configurable framework used to create new web applications, including widgets and web pages
    WYSIWYG tool for editing
    Extensions for Adobe Dreamweaver
    Direct access to RightNow web development and production servers
    Development UI sandbox capabilities and site deployment tools
    Access to custom rich media, Web 2.0 Widgets
  • CX Intent Guide with Natural Language Search
    Enables a new way to engage with consumers online, shaping next generation customer experiences
    Increase sales through higher online conversions
    Drive loyalty through premium online experiences
    Gain Insights through understanding customer intent
    Seamlessly overlay’s existing website technologies, so no need to rip and replace.
  • RightNow CX Intent Guide
    RightNow CX Intent Guide includes four web page overlays for online consumer interaction:
    Web Form
  • A Seamless Customer Experience
    Web Experience
    Social Experience
    Contact Center Experience
    Single sign-on
    Integrated search
    Syndicated widgets
    Incident escalation
    Socialized answers
    Deep integration with Knowledge Foundation
  • Gartner E-Service Magic Quadrant
    “RightNow Technologies still remains the worldwide leader in eservice market share in the eservice space, and continues to grow.” (Gartner 2009)
  • Best CX Solution
    “Vendors that can demonstrate a strategy of providing support for all these areas (contact center, Web, analytics and social CRM) will be best-positioned to lead the market.”
    Web Customer Service
    Contact Center
    RightNow has the highest total ranking across the three experiences that matter the most: eService (Web), Social, Contact Center.
  • CRM Magazine Winners2010 CRM Service Awards
    2010 Service Elite
    “We don’t just talk about listening to the customer—we actually do it.”
    —Ron Kelly, Vice President of customer and Pharmacy Services, drugstore.com
  • RightNow at a Glance
    Customer Experience Experts
    Cloud Leadership
    • Mission: Rid the World of Bad Experiences
    • 13 years of deep Cloud delivery and CX expertise
    • Solutions deliver superior customer experiences across channels
    • Focus on tangible business results
    • Fully multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure
    • Five global datacenters
    - US (2), US Government, Canada, UK
    • PCI, DIACAP, FERPA, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, NIST compliant and certified
    Global Operations
    Solid Financial Performance
    • 18 worldwide offices
    • 900+ employees
    • 33 languages supported
    • 13 years continuous revenue growth
    • Subscription-based recurring revenue
    • Profitable
    • Strong balance sheet; no debt
  • ~1,900 Clients Worldwide
  • CX Commitment: A Revolutionary Engagement Model
    • Client Success Managers
    • RightNow Project
    • Centers of Excellence
    • Ask the Experts
    • Pilots – Try before you buy
    • Cloud Services Agreement
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Customer Results
  • RightNow Customers Set the Standard
  • Case Study: Overstock.com
    1,000+ contact center agents
    Multi-channel contact center
    Personalized agent experience delivered through workspaces
    Rapid growth and rapidly changing customer base
    Reduced operating expenses by $1,000,000 per month from contact center reductions alone
    Email volume down 72%
    First-call resolution rates improved 10%
    Call handle times reduced by 25%
    Dashboards deliver real-time actionable information to key decision makers
    RMA and Teradata database integrations bolster contact center efficiency
    Ranked #4 retailer nationwide by National Retail Federation in customer service—one year after not making the top 150
    NetPromoter score has nearly 7x improvement
    Customer satisfaction scores jumped 10%
  • Case Study: EA
    Provide effective support to millions of customers worldwide across hundreds of titles
    Handle growing incident volume generated by new online titles
    Seamlessly link multiple offshore outsourcers and internal resources
    RightNow Web Self-Service
    Able to handle 50% increase in incidents despite 10% budget cut
    Delivery of premium service levels in support of premium brand
    Awarded the Gartner CRM Excellence Award
    Global visibility into service processes enables continuous improvement
    Tens of thousands of email messages answered daily with a 24-hour turnaround
    Unified environment for incident tracking enhances the customer experience
  • Facts:
    3,500 Multi-Channel Agent Desktops (phone, email, and chat)
    Displaced Nearly 3,000 Seats of KANA for email management
    Agent knowledge base serving nearly 10,000 agents
    12 million sessions a month served up through web self-service
    27 interfaces for unique customer experiences
    Less effort, more quality
    Intelligent interface allows business to focus on content improvement
    Robust tool handles nearly 15,000 dynamically changing knowledge articles
    Additional 27% email deflection through integrated SmartAssistant
    Average handle times reduced by 20% driven by personalized agent experience
    External knowledge base helps handle inquiries 24 x 7 and reduced contact volume has led to 24-hour turnaround on all assisted channels
    Total annual savings at around at around $14m
    Case Study: British Telecom
  • Case Study: Nikon
    Deliver world-wide superior customer experience across marketing,
    sales, and customer service touchpoints
    Continuously capture high-value market insight
    Keep costs under control
    RightNow CX suite
    Responsive interactions drive customer satisfaction scores above 95%
    50% reduction in call response times and 70% reduction in email response times
    Improved visibility into customer concerns enhances marketing and product development
    RightNow embraced globally with twelve languages and multi-continent deployments
    Earned Baseline and Nucleus Research awards for 3,200+ percent ROI over three-year period
  • Case Study: RealNetworks
    3 Business Units: Music, Game, and Media Services
    3 Types of Support: Customer Service, Technical Support, and Winback/Call to Cancel
    Each unit/support type requires different information to be captured from the customer
    Agents could only work on one support type of one business unit based on their profile and workspace setup and all queues had to be monitored with sufficient agents assigned to handle each of these queue
  • Case Study: Motorola
    Consolidated 5 outsourcer platforms into one standard agent desktop
    Being tasked with decreasing cost and increasing revenues
    2,150 agent multi-channel contact center
    Siebel replacement for 1,500 agent seats
    Global consumer, agent, and partner knowledge base
    Voice applications for:
    Speech routing, voice knowledge base, surveys, status, Locator, CTI
    Deployments in 28 languages
    29% reduction in phone calls after implementing RightNow Voice
    66% decrease in email after first month of implementing RightNow Service
    32% reduction in average handle time vs. previous desktop (Siebel)
    Driving up-sell & cross-sell opportunities, offer promotion
    Successfully able to move contact volumes between outsourcers based on CSAT and NPS throughout the year
    Savings of $15-20 million per year
  • Case Study: Black and Decker
    Make entire org more responsive to customers
    Optimize performance and efficiency of customer service across channels
    Product management, manufacturing gained rich, actionable customer insight
    Real-time feedback save company thousands in product returns
    Estimated more than $250,000 annual savings achieved through self-service
  • Case Study: iRobot
    20 unique outbound emails per month (1 million total)
    Drive up-sell and cross-sell revenue
    Attract first-time buyers by sending targeted promotions
    4,000 surveys to customers per month
    Track impact of ongoing customer experience improvements
    Pinpoint emerging problems before they adversely impact the business
    97% web self-service rate
    30% reduction in phone calls, with headcount reduced accordingly
  • Case Study: Williams-Sonoma
    Proactive case management solution for high-dollar and multi-contact customers purchasing furniture from Williams-Sonoma, Inc. brands
    RightNow incident created upon order
    Customer called within 24 hrs to review order process and delivery
    Customer called in 2 weeks to proactively show that order is being monitored
    4 weeks later: Shipment ready. Incident updated. Customer called and informed product is being shipped
    ≈ 5% reduction in returns
    Equates to 100 returns/week, growing to 250
    $400 average value per return
    100 x $400 = $40,000/week savings
  • KLM Airlines Drive Online Conversions
    • Understand the true intent of how customers were engaging on their website when looking for information, booking a ticket, or seeking out support.
    • Increase online conversions by 30% annually
    • Make home page more customer friendly and intuitive
    • Provide natural language search that understands the intent of the customer and provides insight into consumer needs
    • Improved answer relevancy from 20% to 70%+.
    • The Top 50 Q&A Pairs achieved 90%+ click-thru
    • Reduced call center volumes by 18% in 3 months
    • Continuous Insight in information needs of the customer
    ...“helped us reduce our call and email volume by 18% in just 3 months... tells us what customers want, not just what they do. This is the basis of marketing.”
    SVP Marketing,
    KLM Airlines
  • La Caixa Improves Customer Experience
    Improve online customer experience for customers to dramatically improve multi-channel customer satisfaction.
    • Increase Relevancy
    • Improve Click through Rates
    • Improve Customer Experience while reducing operating costs
    • New Services revenue with click thru 5x to 10x industry average
    • Achieved an increase in relevancy by 55%
    • 15% reduction in call center volumes
    … “helped us reduce our call center volume 40% in 3 years”.
    Benjamin Puigdevall CEO e-La Caixa
  • RightNow Project Methodology (RPM)
    Implementation Approach
    Documented and repeatable, process-driven
    Understand contact center and eService business process
    Reduce risk and uncertainty, manage scope and change
    Consultative and supportive of best practices
    Collaborate and validate
    Deliver on time and on-budget
    Produces rapid deployment and results
    Continuously optimizes solution over long-term
    Drives alignment of technology and processes
    Ensures high adoption rates and full feature utilization
    Delivers the project expertise of 3,000+ projects
  • Thank You