Ascot Rotary - Volume 44 - Edition 1


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The first bulletin of the new year!

Congratulations to Bulletin Editor Dianne Reed for managing to get it out so quickly.

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Ascot Rotary - Volume 44 - Edition 1

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Volume 44—Bulletin 26 June 2012District 9465 MEETING LOCATION: Silks Bar & Bistro, 174 Wright Street, Belmont WA, 6104 Breakfast, Every Tuesday, 7.00 am for 7.30 start. DUTIES ROSTER3 July 2012 President Michael takes overWelcoming: Michelle Kendall At a gala event held on Saturday 23 June Ronnie Malthouse President Michael presides over the first of manyGrace: Colin Peacock meetings for the Ascot Rotary Club.Loyal Toast: Peter RichardsonRotary Informer: Aidan WoodHost Chair: Stephen KendallGuest Speaker: TBATopic: TBA10 July 2012Welcoming: Mike Bermann Kimberley HoldingGrace: Ros McLernonLoyal Toast: Bev PoorRotary Informer: Jeff StephensonHost Chair: President MichaelCommittee Meetings17 July 2012Welcoming: Hugh Langridge Dianne ReedGrace: Julia TembyLoyal Toast: Kashinee VeerenRotary Informer: Max MorrellHost Chair: Peter RichardsonGuest Speaker: TBA DG Jodie gives Michael Evans the new Rotary Banner for 2012/13Topic: TBA24 July 2012 President: Michael Evans Mobile: 0412 609 131Welcoming: Michael Metcalf Brian PooleGrace: Deepti Roopun Apologies to: Deepti Roopun (Treasurer)Loyal Toast: Jodie Sparks Mobile: 0402 494 565Rotary Informer: Kashinee Veeren Chair: Hugh Langridge Bulletin Editor: Dianne ReedGuest Speaker: TBA Home: 9459 6605Topic: TBA
  2. 2. Neil Rae was the guest speaker for the evening. He provided us with some very interesting information regarding our International Project: to provide water for the Hamlets of Eraulo in the Ermera Region of Timor Leste. Neil, Mike B, Sue and Ron Alexander all went to Timor to get the project moving. Unfortunately Fred, who was also hoping to go, couldn’t make the trip due to a health problem.Neil is pictured here with his wife Melanie andhis parents Fred and Norma Rae and some ofthe photos he took in Timor Leste.
  3. 3. Mike Bermann is the MC for the evening. He is also the Ascot Rotarian of the Year— congratulations Mike. District Governor Jodie and husband Colin. PDG Hugh and P Michael hand out Centurion Awards to 27 members and partners. President Michael and Gwen AT HANDOVER Saturday 23 June Whose knuckle dusters are these? Assistant Governor Joe Byl and his wife Sheila.The ‘incoming’ and the ‘outgoing’ Sergeantshad a great time removing funds from ourpockets. Kash and P Michael check the raffle tickets. President Elect Julia and husband Denis,
  4. 4. What’s up in . . . . . JULY . . . or June July Birthdays Events2nd Denis Temby District Handover 7 July7th Gerry McLernon Board Meeting 9 July8th Michael Metcalf Ascot Olympics 21 July16th Ronnie Malthouse17th Jeff Stephenson17th Interact 10th birthday27th Shirley Anderson DON’T FORGET:29th Robyn Metcalf THE DG’S HANDOVER 7 JULYSergeants Session: Who got hit this week!At Handover: Come along andGren and Michael for their Black Caviar winnings acknowledge Jodie’sHugh for signing the DG’s name without her knowing efforts for this year.Julia for the bingle she had (which wasn’t her fault)Fred for the gout that prevented him from going to Timor Contact Joanna if youRon for selectively using his hearing aids are going. She’ll tell youPresident Michael for counting the raffle winnings during the how to pay, and howevening. much to pay.At our meeting this week:Brian W, Aidan and Deepti for not getting to Handover—evenwhen they had a good excuse.Colin Peacock for winning a raffle he couldn’t partake of.Julia for calling the Sarg a “lurker”.Raffle Winner/sAt Handover:First Prize to Judy PeacockSecond to Kimberley HoldingBoobie prize to Joanna KendallIt was a clean sweep of purple President Mike introduces the Board for 2012-13:tickets. President elect and Club Services Director: JuliaAt our meeting this week: Vocational Services Director: Max Foundation Director: HughBruno—who chose to keep it him- Community Services Director: Kashself despite his sizeable cellar— International Director: Kimberleymust have been a good one. Sergeant: Ros Secretary: Ron Treasurer: Deepti Membership: Janet Holding (absent)ROTARY FOCUS for July: This month is: Settling in to the New Rotary Year
  5. 5. TODAY’S MEETING: JUNE 26FROM THE PRESIDENT: OLYMPIC GAMES Don’t forget to sign upAny committee holding functions needs to for the Olympics to betreat the Calendar as the Bible and held on 21st July atconsult before organising anything. Sanderling Stadium—Please also make sure the Bulletin Editor the list will be circu-is informed so the information can be lating again next week.added to the Bulletin. ROTARY INFORMER: GUESTS:Dianne Reed—Toast to the Rotary Club of PortLouis in Mauritius—who boasts of having a Mike Gwen Evans—the first ladyBurman as a member. Art Reed—the ever patient chauffeur, Garry wrests the Keyman Award from "Without selfless service, no Mike Bermann one ever receives the fruits of who thought their rewards." he had it for - Sri Guru Granth Sahib one more week. FROM THE EDITOR: Attached to this week’s Bulletin is the Host Chair listing for the year—including the first month for next year’s team. Please check when you are on and start thinking of who you will organise to get as your guest speaker. If you are unable to do it for your nominated week, please see if you can swap with someone else, and then let me know who you have swapped with. Once you have organised your guest speaker, can you please let me know so I can advertise it in the Bulletin ahead of time. President Mike finished the meeting by reminding us Garry emerges victorious. to collect our copy of the Club Directory and Annual Report, and reminding us to “Be kind to ourselves”.
  6. 6. President Michael and Kimberley pose with James Savundra— who spoke to us about his work “Training the locals in Laos”.James Savundra, a local plastic surgeon takes time while on the Interplast Team in Laos, to train thelocal doctors to deal with the patients who present themselves for treatment.Laos is a landlocked country with an area of 236,800 square kilometres; and a population of about 6.5million. The capital is Vientiane and as James says— “a really nice country, but very poor”.His teaching starts on day one while they are assessing the patients. They use an interpreter to workwith the local staff, and may see as many as 100 patients each time they go.Dr Harold McComb from Perth led the first team there in 1996. At the time there were no localplastic surgeons. He started teaching the locals how to do it. Now the local doctor, Curtneyperforms about 150 cleft palate operations a year. In Perth approximately 30 are done per year.The next most common deformity after cleft palates is from burns. The process of using skin tissuefrom somewhere else on the body was invented in Melbourne in 1973—a revolutionary new processback then.James and his team do not just teach the surgeons while they are there, but teach the whole team toensure that the patient gets the very best of care from start to finish.James showed some horrific pictures of young (and not so young) people who had been severelydisfigured because they had been burned. One young lass had a very badly burned hand because herfather had thrown a Molotov cocktail into the room. They have performed a series of operations onthe young girl and after a number of these operations she is able to grasp with her burned hand.One thing they teach the local doctors is to operate on the patients from a very early age; and tooperate often to get the best results.James indicated that one of the advantages he has while operating is access to some magnificationglasses which the locals do not have. His dream is to be able to provide a pair for each of the peoplein Laos that he works with.In conclusion, Kimberley indicated that she would like us to raise funds for some glasses so the nextInterplast team could take them, the next time they go so they can give them to the local doctors..
  7. 7. HOST CHAIR ROSTER 2012/13 MONTH FOCUS 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH JULY Settling In 3rd 10th 17th 24th 31st Stephen Committees Peter Hugh Mike Kendall Richardson Langridge Bermann AUGUST Membership 7th 14th 21st 28th Garry Jacobs Committees Ronnie Max Morrell MalthouseSEPTEMBER New 4th 11th 18th 25th Generations Ron Committees Kimberley Bev Poor Alexander HoldingOCTOBER Vocational 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th Service Fred Rae Committees Jeff Julia Temby Joanna Stephenson KendallNOVEMBER Foundation 6th 13th 20th 27th Melbourne Committees Roma Deepti Cup—Gren Gehringer Roopun CourtlandDECEMBER Rotary Family 4th 11th 18th 25th Kashinee Committees Christmas No Meeting Veeren Michael EvansJANUARY Rotary 1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th Awareness No Meeting Committees Mike Brian Poole Peter Bermann RichardsonFEBRUARY World 5th 12th 19th 26th Understanding Michelle Committees Max Morrell Janet Kendall Holding MARCH Literacy / 5th 12th 19th 26th Rotaract Dianne Reed Committees Michael Colin Peacock Metcalf APRIL Magazine 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th Month Ronnie Committees Aidan Wood Ron Ros Malthouse Alexander McLernon MAY Australian 7th 14th 21st 28th Rotary Health Jodie Sparks Committees Jeff Brian Stephenson Webster JUNE Fellowship 4th 11th 18th 25th Gren Committees Brian Poole Bev Poor Courtland JULY Settling In 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th Michael Committees Ros Deepti Kashinee Metcalf McLernon Roopun Veeren
  8. 8. ASCOT ROTARY CLUB CALENDAR FOR 2012-13 July August September OctoberMonday 1 Queens BirthdayTuesday 2Wednesday 1 3Thursday 2 4Friday 3 5Saturday 4 1 6Sunday 1 5 2 7Monday 2 6 3 8 Board MeetingTuesday 3 7 4 9Wednesday 4 8 5 10Thursday 5 9 6 11Friday 6 10 7 12Saturday 7 11 8 13Sunday 8 12 9 14Monday 9 Board Meeting 13 Board Meeting 10 Board Meeting 15Tuesday 10 14 11 16Wednesday 11 15 12 17Thursday 12 16 13 18Friday 13 17 14 19Saturday 14 18 Rotaract Ball 15 20Sunday 15 19 16 21 Rotary RambleMonday 16 20 17 22 thTuesday 17 Interact 10 21 18 23 B’DayWednesday 18 22 19 24Thursday 19 23 20 25Friday 20 24 21 26Saturday 21 Olympics Event 25 22 27Sunday 22 26 23 28Monday 23 27 24 29Tuesday 24 28 25 30Wednesday 25 29 26 31Thursday 26 30 27Friday 27 31 28Saturday 28 29Sunday 29 30Monday 30Tuesday 31THEME SETTLE IN MEMBERSHIP NEW VOCATIONAL GENERATIONS
  9. 9. CALENDAR . . . . CONTINUEDNovember December January February Monday Tuesday 1 No Meeting Wednesday 21 Thursday 32 Friday 4 13 Bunnings Sausage 1 Saturday 5 2Sizzle4 2 Sunday 6 35 3 Monday 7 46 Melbourne Cup 4 Tuesday 8 57 5 Wednesday 9 68 6 Thursday 10 79 7 Friday 11 810 8 Saturday 12 911 9 Sunday 13 1012 Board Meeting 10 Board Meeting Monday 14 Board Meeting 11 Board Meeting13 11 Tuesday 15 1214 12 Wednesday 16 1315 13 Thursday 17 1416 14 Friday 18 1517 15 Saturday 19 1618 16 Sunday 20 1719 17 Monday 21 1820 18 Christmas Party Tuesday 22 1921 19 Wednesday 23 2022 20 Thursday 24 2123 21 Friday 25 2224 22 Saturday 26 23 Birthday Party25 23 Sunday 27 2426 24 Monday 28 2527 25 – No Meeting Tuesday 29 26 30 2728 26 Wednesday29 27 Thursday 31 2830 28 Friday 29 Saturday 30 Sunday 31 Monday TuesdayFOUNDATION ROTARY FAMILY THEME ROTARY AWARE- WORLD UNDER- NESS STANDING
  10. 10. FINAL FOUR MONTHS OF THE ROTARY YEARMarch April May June 1 Monday 2 Tuesday 3 1 Wednesday 4 2 Thursday1 5 3 Friday2 6 4 1 Saturday3 7 5 2 Sunday4 8 Board Meeting 6 3 Monday5 9 7 4 Tuesday6 10 8 5 Wednesday7 11 9 6 Thursday8 12 10 7 Friday9 13 11 8 Saturday10 14 12 9 Sunday11 Board Meeting 15 13 Board Meeting 10 Board Meeting Monday12 16 14 11 Tuesday13 17 15 12 Wednesday14 18 16 13 Thursday15 19 17 14 Friday16 20 18 15 Saturday17 21 19 16 Sunday18 22 20 17 Monday19 23 21 18 Tuesday20 24 22 19 Wednesday21 25 23 20 Thursday22 26 24 21 Friday23 27 25 22 Saturday24 28 26 23 Sunday25 29 27 24 Monday26 30 28 25 Tuesday27 29 26 Wednesday28 30 27 Thursday29 31 28 Friday30 29 Saturday31 30 SundayLITERACY/ MAGAZINE AUSTRALIAN FELLOWSHIP THEMEROTARACT MONTH ROTARY HEALTH