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Presentation on B2B Social Media Engagement for Useful Social Media Summit June 2012.

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  • Here are just a few examples of the kinds of products that we do that deal with business (and public sector) customers. We are well known for Post-it®Notes and we do sell them to businesses (Office Dealers) but we also deal with many other scenarios when facilitating business relationships. Glue is sold to consumers but it’s also the World Record holder for the heaviest weight lifted with glue so relevant in a number of trade business contexts alongside the many other industrial adhesives and tapes we produce...
  • 3M is a diversified technology company, it’s huge and spread across markets. Our biggest customer is the NHS.We are split into six ‘big businesses’ each with it’s own group of ‘small businesses’. In a corporate role, I serve all the businesses and work with them on their specific campaigns/projects as well as working on any centralisation, training, policies, guidelines and platform provision or improvements.
  • Social media/business requires a strategy, a plan and a set of organisational goals, but it’s not separate from every other strategy... It should be a tactic in every sales/marketing strategy, more important in some than others.Work towards a model of organic growth within the organisation of social behaviours.
  • Ensure the brand identity is seen throughout the social channels, every element considered (names, titles, descriptions, background images) and make sure it can be seen on all devices i.e. See above where you can’t see the text on the image, that’s a mistake in the brand identity strategy!
  • Analyse the latest engagement models and campaigns that unlock a response from your audience.Be heard in every forum: Adapt your engagement approach and methodology from network to network. Learn which voice fits which area  Be proactive: Understand when to engage the audience in conversation - and when to take a back seat and allow the conversation to flowBuilda network >> Approach influential users > Create a target list, Create conversations with influencers, Share and converse Build follower base > Create, repurpose, share content, Ongoing engagement with usersCurate a body of quality content > Define roles and responsibilities, Train content editors, Resource contentMake connections in the real world > Set up measurement, Set up plan-do-check-act cycle
  • We made some mistakes with this LinkedIn group, we set it up with no activity plan and under a generic business name (which LinkedIn have recently told me isn’t ‘allowed’ so we’ll be changing that in the near future). Since then we have planned regular content for the group, with some general news stories and relevant industry experience (not just product focussed or selling 3M), the engagement isn’t massive yet but it’s creeping in. We have 35 members, 14 are 3Mers. We’ll continue to plug away but need to step back and review the objectives, engage the experts into the network and monitor what’s working and tweak accordingly!
  • Word of Mouth has been around forever, social networks have simply amplified and globalised this. “Foster genuine conversations.”
  • We have a clear lead with LinkedIn usage with one of our businesses (ElectroCommunications) and have recently been receiving advice from LinkedIn on it’s use for sales.
  • 3M™ VentureShield™ is a film that protects your car paintwork from scratches, it is a product that has an end-user-focussed strategy but we sell the product to the dealers to install and this is a good example of creating a relationship with our business customers, in order to deliver a communication that sells to the end user.
  • It also takes the benefit of social networks that promote regular content creation, to create example work photograph galleries on the website helping to inform the customer of the quality of the work as well as the demonstration of the invisibility of the product.
  • One of the great benefits of social networks is the ability for us to know more about people, it therefore has great benefits in dealing with customers of any sort. It’s harder to define a person in a work context but it’s a time-tested sales tactic to build a relationship with your customers and knowing more about them helps you do that quicker/better.
  • This example was back in 2010 but it’s for an installation for the 2012 Olympics and is a great example of a good result from being active on Twitter, we had one person who spent 10 minutes a day on it at the time and although the business went to 3M Canada (no benefit for the UK), it demonstrates a valuable return on investment for 3M Company.
  • ‘who they are’ – what devices do they use, are they at a computer all day, what social channels are they on, would they respond to social channels with email prompts‘voice’ – remember who you are when you are talking on a business channel, be personable but be the brand you are representing‘schedule’ – scheduling tools are available at a cost, if you don’t have that budget just set aside time each day to post and check, actually it can work better for engagement if you’re manually typing posts (even if planned) as it’s much more human and you check latest interactions and respond quicker as you’re actively there‘works’ – at the end of the day, there are lurkers/listeners in the B2B social media space and exposure is valuable and relevant to many brand objectives but bring yourself back to what you’re trying to achieve and see if you can tie the results to the social activity (it won’t always be as clear cut as someone responding to a post about a product and saying they’re going to buy it and being able to track that)
  • Websites and even print media needs to be integrated with social marketing, from the published message to internal organisation.
  • Most of all, find a way to integrate social activity into the fabric of the way your organisation does business. It should be a tactic in almost every marketing/sales strategy and everyone should be active, monitoring with a level of centralised training and regulation.Find me on LinkedIn, where you’ll find the presentation and can contact me. Thank you all for listening, any questions?
  • 3M Social B2B Engagement

    1. 1. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Public Affairs http://uk.linkedin.com/in/kirstieheneghan kheneghan@mmm.com @kjhen2010 Kirstie Heneghan Social Business Manager 3M UK & Ireland 3M Technology 3M Products 3M Innovation Advancing Enhancing Improving Every Company Every Home Every Life
    2. 2. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications2 Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    3. 3. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Diversity and Scale brings Challenges! • 3M UK & Ireland annual sales approximately £860 million* *2010 sales • 3,000 employees in UK, more than 75,000 worldwide • 15% culture – employees encouraged to use time to pursue ideas outside their normal job responsibilities • 3M has more than 55,000 products and 4,000 brands • On average you will interact with a 3M product or technology at least 17 times a day • Leader in scores of markets - from healthcare and safety to abrasives and adhesives. • Apply our technologies, often in combination, to meet3 real world customer needs. 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    4. 4. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications4 Social Media Strategy 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    5. 5. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Integrate Social Media into our Marketing Mix5 3M CONFIDENTIAL 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    6. 6. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Rules Voice Roles Manage On Spot Check Objective Engagement Content Plan One Target Budget Measure Who6 Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    7. 7. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Automotive OEM LinkedIn Group – regularly feeding content, interaction prompts further interaction...7 Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    8. 8. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Social is about “Word of Mouth” so it‟s as „old as the hills‟ and only new in the way8 technololgy gives it amplification/scale. 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    9. 9. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications In a B2B social media world, marketing is an ANNUITY... “According to Wikipedia, an annuity refers to any terminating stream of fixed payments over a specified period. B2B social media marketing functions as a marketing annuity. It delivers website visits, leads and customers over time, long after the work and budget for the social media tactic have become a distant memory.” “Annuities Facilitate Scale... scale isnt a function of marketing budget spend. Instead, scale becomes about consistency and efficiency.” The B2B Social Media Book, Kipp Bodnar & Jeffrey Cohen9 Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    10. 10. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications $4.2m opportunity for thermal products MAY 78 contacts – including engineering “bench to bench” 2012 as well as departmental heads, Directors & VP‟s Used for new product launch and bulletins Escalated our cost savings to VP‟s & Directors Our products provide $750 of saving Increase thermal performance Strategic supplier engagement and global relationship10 Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    11. 11. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications 3M™ VentureShield™ Dealers were trained on how to set up11 Facebook pages and how to conduct business on social. 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    12. 12. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications 3MVentureShield.co.uk incorporates selected photographs from dealer social pages to inform end users on quality of installation.12 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    13. 13. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Who are they connected to? Do they „share‟ about related products? What do they like and act upon? Knowing more about customers13 Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    14. 14. 3M Corporate Marketing & CommunicationsWhile monitoring mentions of 3M on Twitter, we spotted a customer request for help in Canada... On a Friday we saw a „tweet‟ from a customer looking for a contact in 3M Canada: So we offered to help and asked for more details: Customer responded with their requirement – Vikuiti – and location - Toronto:14 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    15. 15. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Customer was active online, so by simple search, it was quick and easy to find his details and establish his „value‟... From company website: Telephone number and business address. Website also shows From his Twitter profile: clients include several big Works in digital marketing companies including And has a lot of followers Panasonic, Sony Ericsson From his LinkedIn profile: on Twitter – could be President of a digital agency and http://www.quizative.com/ influential? previously senior manager in a top http://twitter.com/adriancapo agency (Publicis) – important potential customer for 3M Rear Projection Film Also very well connected on LinkedIn. http://ca.linkedin.com/in/adriancapobianco15 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    16. 16. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Using the 3M network on Yammer (and email), we found a 3M Canada sales representative to give a customer demo (same day!) Monday morning (UK time) https://www.yammer.com/mmm.com/home 08:03 08:06 08:45 Monday evening (Toronto time)16 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    17. 17. 3M Corporate Marketing & CommunicationsLater the agency came back to let us know that they had bought theproduct to do a digital retail installation for Nike during the Olympics!17 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    18. 18. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications “Business “Plan well and customers are „schedule‟ but human beings, also actively and learn „who they spontanteously are‟ at work.” engage.” “Have a „voice‟ “Learn what and social „works‟ and do presence that more of that. fits your core Accept failure!” brand values.”18 Kirstie Heneghan 3M CONFIDENTIAL @kjhen2010
    19. 19. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications The Road Ahead for 3M... • Community platform solution + blogging • Socially connected internal organisation workflow • Marketing channels integrated with social networks • Advanced social CRM - unique customer context • Enhancement of sales relationship management • Social mobile strategies i.e. location19 3M CONFIDENTIAL Kirstie Heneghan @kjhen2010
    20. 20. 3M Corporate Marketing & Communications Kirstie Heneghan kheneghan@mmm.com @kjhen201020 Social is part of the fabric of business. 3M CONFIDENTIAL