3. To advocate for the rights of children mainly through sensitization and advocacy with      community leaders and liaiso...
Our target is on:The youth/young adults getting them trained, and getting them involved in missions,leadership roles in co...
LTJG.Dan Day and Owen of US Navy, planning and discussing best ways to offload thepallets into our truck. What you see is ...
LTJG-Dan Day -US Navy and Team with King James Foundation team, Margaret and Jamesvisited Royal Seed Home, an Orphanage Ce...
The great testimony: This child was nearly to death, he cannot walk, talk, do anything,but after continues eating the food...
about 10:00 am and after a short briefing and some discussions concerning the food, weagreed to partner and participate.We...
1. Instead of spending money to buy bags of rice for the kids, the money was saved to dodifferent projects, because the ch...
with much prayer and fasting for God to open doors and provide all the financial needs forenable them to sustain the progr...
11. Hiamankyene Community in the Eastern Region of Ghana----168 Kids, 50 Adults—       10 Boxes of KAH foods.   12. Juaben...
44   Deborah Asamoah       4 yrs     65    Patience Mensah        4 yrs45   Michael Asamoah       7 yrs     66    Elizabet...
15    Adiza Mohammed        4 yrs      33    Mary Authur         16 yrs16    Bernice Awidoe        6 yrs      34    Michae...
5       Father Akakpo              21 yrs   10     Miglaso Agboku          46 yrs6       Rita Akakpo                26 yrs...
Evans Asamoah 30yrs                  Dede Ophilia 4YRSLurencia Amuzu6yrs                   Godwin Ahorsu 25yrsTheressa Add...
Solomon Ababio      3yrsJuaben, Ashanti Feeding Program Name1. Elizabeth Asiedu 12yrs     37. Paul Anima 6yrs2. Obeng Serw...
GRACE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH, Juaben Free Feeding Program (members)1. Rev. J.K WAYOE2. GLADYS WAYOE3. OBENG - ASANTE PAUL4. KWA...
Bishop Sidney David Wheatley-USA $ 1,960         Family Support/ Church         2008---                                   ...
5. Chris Turner---------------------------------$50 ----Support my family.6. Steven Kvinlaug --------------------------$60...
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Kjf kah project report


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This is our report on our last year project and program we did in Ghana/ West Africa.

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Kjf kah project report

  2. 2. KING JAMES FOUNDATION-INCOLLABORATION WITH KIDSAGAINST HUNGER USA-GHANAFREE FEEDING PROGRAM.Prepared & Presented By:Rev.James Solomon Mensah-Founder/PresidentKing James FoundationP.O. Box NB 1075 NiiboimanAccra, Ghana, West AfricaTel: + 233 249843 997 / 244 208237/ http://kjominternational.tripod.comKing James Foundation Profile,The King James Foundation (K.J.F) was established in 2000 and had since been working incollaboration with Community Base Organizations (CBO) in the Sandema District in theUpper East Region of Ghana and many parts of other Regions. Registered with the RegistrarGenerals’ Department (Reg.No.G, 25,143) in January 2008 and granted recognition as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by the Social Welfare Department of Ghana(Reg.No.D.S.W./3899), and Accra Metropolitan Authority-AMA (Reg.No.A.026/10/582). Itaims among others to improve the standards of living especially in rural communities in thedistrict, encourage Good Governance practices in all sectors of the community socio-culturaleconomies, helps ensure quality health care for rural dwellers and finally to ensure reductionin rural poverty in the area.Executive Council and Management Staff 1. James Solomon Mensah (Founder, President-CEO) 2. Rev.Sam Ato Bentil ( Executive Director) 3. Rockson Adjei Marfo (Budget and Planning / PRO) 4. Rev. Robert Isaacson (Counseling/ Youth Director) 5. Mrs. Margaret Mensah (Treasurer/ Administration) 6. Mrs. Yvonne Ama Blay (Executive Secretary/ Accountant)Mission Statement 1. To provide educational programmes for orphans and other vulnerable children in our communities, and support the provision of safe and clean water. 2. To educate the kids for the prevention of malaria, and other diseases that affect them through ignorance.
  3. 3. 3. To advocate for the rights of children mainly through sensitization and advocacy with community leaders and liaison officers, seminars, workshops and radio programmes about children right. 4. To initiate support and promote programmes concerned with provision of relief aid, rehabilitation and development of children. 5. To encourage and provide means to improve on the upbringing of children and minimizing the incidence of juvenile delinquency. 6. To promote health care and environmental organizations and community based organization to carry out effective delivery of service and to sensitize the children about HIV/AIDS and its prevention.Who we are: King James Foundation is a humanitarian relief, development and advocacyorganization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcomepoverty and injustice. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.We are non-governmental, non -socio-economical, non-political and non-profit organization.Who fit in: Everyone is welcome to collaborate with us, as far as you are interested inMissions, reaching out to the lost souls, and believes in rescuing the perishing. We love tocollaborate with you as individuals as well. All Churches, Organizations, Philanthropist,Donors, Individuals, Groups, Clubs, and all, no matter who you are or where you come fromare welcome.We conduct:International programs for international missionaries, tourist, Volunteer workers, andoutreach in West Africa.We support:International teams or partners to make sure that they are safe and their mission is totallyaccomplished.We organize:International, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops. We help international missionariesand Volunteers to be located in the right place of their mission field, give them guidance andassistance they need to fulfill their missions. We are committed to reaching the Un-detachedpeople or groups in the rural communities and Villages in Ghana and other parts of WestAfrica.Our mission strategies:Annual medical outreach for the Orphans, homeless, sick, and the less privileged, Hiv/Aidsand Malaria Fever victims. Setting up private School and Vocational Center for the youth’sjoblessness and unemployment. Drilling wells for fresh water supply for rural communities.Providing library service, quality Education.Our focus is on:Missions and rural, villages projects, like providing fresh and good drinking water for thevillage communities,(Borehole).Free books, for Reading and Writing, Sandals, Shoes, SchoolUniforms, School Desk, Computers, Paying of School fees, and other Educational materialsto the less privileged in the poorest communities in Ghana. To influence lives and see liveschanged.
  4. 4. Our target is on:The youth/young adults getting them trained, and getting them involved in missions,leadership roles in communities. Give them skillful training to develop themselves and be ablessing to their families and communities.Our mandate is:To liberate humanity from poverty, ignorance, injustice through quality educationalprograms. We love all humanity, no matter where you come from and where you live; welove you and are proud of you.Our Services, we need partners to join hands with us:1.Feed thee Hungry----------------------------Free Food Supply2.Provide clean drinking water--------------Free Water Supply3.Clothing the naked---------------------------Free Clothing, Shoes Supply4.Accommodate the Orphans, Widows---Free Shelter5.Heal the Sick-----------------------------------Free Medical Outreach6.Interceed for the weak-----------------------Prayer Ministry7.Encourage those in Prison-----------------Visitation/ Counseling8. Strengthen the weak------------------------Education /Free Materials SupplyReport on Kids Against Hunger, ProjectHandclasp and Africa Partnership Stationprogram.Date-9th March 2010On 9th March 2010, we the King James Foundation received 20 pallets, a pallet has 33 boxesof food and weights around 1000 pounds, (660 boxes, 142,560 meals) of Kids AgainstHunger Foods worth $33,000 US Dollars through the US Navy, Africa Partnership Stationwith combined team of Project Handclasp at Tema Harbour, 30 km from Accra. We did notpay any port charges, taxes, or duty fees. The King James Foundation team had anopportunity to meet the Commander, Commodore Cindy Thebaud at the Tema Port withshort greetings and introduction, after inspecting the Tema port yard to make sure everythingis in order before the ship arrives and offloading of the Kids Against Hunger Foods to us. TheShip arrived 6:00pm at Tema Port with combined US Navy, Airforce, Military, Marine teamand others to deliver the food to us.
  5. 5. LTJG.Dan Day and Owen of US Navy, planning and discussing best ways to offload thepallets into our truck. What you see is the US Navy boat that brought the Kids AgainstHunger food. The men did a wonderful job by making good arrangements at the port beforeoffloading the pallets into our trucks.At the Habour main gate, the Navy assisted us to make sure we have free entry and led us outfrom the port through all security gates without any difficulties from the port securityofficers, which normally happens. We appreciate the support of the US Navy team and allother teams who contributed to the success of this project free feeding and distribution ofKids Against Hunger foods. If not the US Navy, we would have had a tough time at the portand the possibility of delaying the food at the port by security officers was high from allindications.A combined Team of US Navy, Air force, Military, offloading from the Navy Ship and re-loading the foods into our trucks. You can see the logo of “PROJECT HANDCLASP”.Without the help of these men, we would have had a tough time at the port that day. Theyreally sacrificed a lot of time, energy, and gave us all needed assistance at the Tema port. Weare so grateful and appreciate the United States Navy for such a wonderful support.The King James Foundation team and hiring men offloading the food from the trucks intowarehouse around.11:15pm in the night. Packing the food to warehouse by the hiringlaborers, with Rev.James Mensah at the warehouse.On 17th March 2010 the US Navy Team met the King James Foundation Executive Board andmembers of Parliament from the Presidency. Hon.Alhassan Azong, MP for Builsa South,Minister of Public Sector, Dr.Clement A. Apaak, Mrs. Margaret Mensah, LTJG.Dan Day,Owen, Lemon, Rev.James Mensah, and MP.Hon.Timothy Ataboadey.US Navy Captain, Commodore Cindy Thebaud introducing her team to the Minister’s andKing James Foundation Board. Again introducing APS-Africa Partnership Station program tothe government of Ghana and King James Foundation .Also present were Nigerian NavalCaptain.A.A .Osinowo and Lt. Cmdr. Samuel Ayelazono Ghana Navy.Commodore Cindy Thebaud briefing us details of Africa Partnership Station programs. Whatis APS, their mission and what they does and also discussing details of how best we can havestrong partnership to change and transformed lives in Africa and make a better place for thepoor and needy. APS also have a strong training program that strengthens nations.
  6. 6. LTJG-Dan Day -US Navy and Team with King James Foundation team, Margaret and Jamesvisited Royal Seed Home, an Orphanage Center where the foundation has been supportingwith food aid. The Team inspecting the home to see the needs, life and living conditions ofthe children.The SOS Children Village Ghana, the most largest and well recognized Orphanage Home inGhana and Africa loading their food. They received the largest part of the food of 200 Boxesof Kids Against Hunger Foods. They were so happy to receive the food because it was timelywhen they needed the food for their children and the communities around their villages. Alltheir Branches, Tema, Kasoa and Asiakwa Villages got their shares. We have partner with theSOS Children Village Ghana to resupply food and other items to them every year whenavailable.The Women frying some chicken to add to the food for special Sunday service for all adults,both single parents and married couples to have good time together in the Church, God’sSolid Foundation Ministry. Volunteers at kitchen busy cooking for the awaiting hungry kidsin Ashongman Estate Community in Greater Accra Region, Ghana.Cooking the Food for the children of my Church and the Ashongman Estate Community. TheChildren eats two times a day three times a week, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.Aunty Philo,who is the matron of the program,busy sharing the food for the kids.Kids line upto receive their food.Rev.James S.Mensah having good time with the children during eating time. How fun it is toeat with little children. I feel very exciting and glad when I see children well fed and happy.This is my joy and happiness; I see my dreams come true. Every child deserves a highlynutritious meal at least a day to be able to grow healthy both mentally, emotionally andphysically. Parents can sleep well and be happy when their children are well fed and caredfor.These kids are so excited and happy to get free food to eat two times a day, three times aweek. Their prayer goes to Kids Against Hunger President, Chairman, and all Staff,especially Grandpa Larry Langston for a wonderful job done for the people of Ghana.The Children are having good time and enjoying the food. Some Adults hiding at a cornerwhile enjoying the food. The food is sweet and nice and we love it says the children.Thank God for Kids Against Hunger Organization for being a great blessing to theCommunity of Mankomeda in the Central Region of Ghana. The food is good, healthy,sweet, and highly nutritious. Rev.James S. Mensah making sure the food goes directly towhere it must go and serve its purpose. We cook some food for the Mankomeda Communityand share some food to each family and home and the excitement was great and awesome.Dr.Clement A. Apaak receiving some food for the people of Northern Region to distributedto poor homes and families on behalf of the MP Hon. A. Azong for Builsa South and MPHon. Timothy for Builsa North in the Sandema District. From August 2007 until now, theDistrict has experienced worst challenges, as they have witness more floods every yeardestroying all their farm crops and products. This year 2010, the farmers are going throughsome hardship due to poor season to farm, also facing huge challenges over lack of water toplant their cash crop seeds.Upon receiving the food it will help some children at least have some food to eat to enable,they go to school for few days until first semester is over. Thanks to Kids Against Hunger forsuch great blessing to us.
  7. 7. The great testimony: This child was nearly to death, he cannot walk, talk, do anything,but after continues eating the food for 2 weeks, he can now walk, his hair started growing,eyes became clearer, and body weakness disappears and has started talking. Praise God,what a miracle. BEFORE AFTERThis little girl has been suffering from mental-retardnes, cannot read, cannot remember whatis being taught both in school and at home; also suffering from insomnia but after eating thefood for 2 weeks continually, she has recovered from all losses and is now healthy andmentally sound. This shows that the food can heal the mind and restore lose of blood. This isa miracle.BEFORE AFTERDoctors says medically this kids will not survive, and they will not live long, but by faith andprayers and the support of Kids Against Hunger, Steven Kvinlaug, Pastor Sam Asare, ChadTapp, Sidney Wheatley and other good friends who have been... donating cash and food to usto save lives. Today this is the evidence that we can save premature death. This is what yourdonations and supports are doing in Ghana, West Africa. King James Foundation iscommitted to work hard with the little resources we have to save lives daily, we have come tounderstand that we dont need to be super rich before...ore we can save lives from untimelydeath, and here is our evidence.BEFORE (TWINS) BEFORE AFTER AFTERWe thank God and praise Him for giving the grace to us to feed these kids and bring themback to life. Although there was no hope, no future for these children, medically proved theycannot survive ,but after we spent quality time and care with them, feeding them with KidsAgainst Hunger Food for 5 just five months, here they are ,healthy, mentally strong andgrowing strong daily to the glory of God.Distribution: We started distributing the food to various Orphanage Homes, Churches,Organization, Individuals, Volunteers and Families, on 15thMarch 2010.We are in partnershipwith them to give them regular resupply of food and other items to ease the pressure in theirhome anytime we have enough food and other items to donate or distribute. Also I will bevisiting them and offer them free counseling, career counseling, training and spiritual supportas needed, as part of our contribution towards national development and building a bettersociety with good future leaders. King James Foundation also work hand in hand with thisorganization to fulfill its mandate and vision by given them all necessary assistance neededfrom us.Monitoring and Supervision: The King James Foundation team is responsiblefor monitoring and supervising all the activities of the feeding program to make sure thechildren are well fed and growing healthy. Reports and photographs have been requested bythe KJF from each partner to submit to us for assessments, evaluation, and progress of theprogram. Rev.James S.Mensah will regularly visit each home in every month to see how thechildren are been fed and their progress and offer free counseling and services to the childrenand all the staff and volunteers working to support this program.Country-Side Children’s Welfare Home Feeding ReportWe were invited by Rev.James Mensah on 15 March 2010 to come for some of the KidsAgainst Hunger rice casserole for our children. We arrived at the warehouse in the morning
  8. 8. about 10:00 am and after a short briefing and some discussions concerning the food, weagreed to partner and participate.We were given 50 boxes of Kids Against Hunger foods by Rev.James Mensah. We startedcooking for our kids in our home that same day, and saw that it was good for them. At first,some of the kids did not want it as they have never tasted something like this before in theirlife, but later they all started enjoying it. We have over 100 kids in our home with eight staff.The food has been a great blessing to us.Testimony:There was one male child who was very weak and could not stand up, walk, and talkproperly, but after feeding him with the KAH food for some period, he started making effortsto stand up with little support, and now he can walk and talk, praise God.All our children started growing fine and healthy with sharp minds to read and understandwhat they read; indeed, it’s really a food against hunger and a mental recycling medicine.It is our hope of prayer that this programme would continue to reach other children who areaffected by malnutrition, anemia, and kwashiorkor both near and far for sound and healthygrowth of our children.Submitted By:Mr. Osei OwusuAdministratorSign: owusuoseiROYAL SEED ORPHANAGE HOME FEEDING PROGRAME REPORTOn 10th March 2010, a food programme was organized and forms were brought to the Hometo be filled after the forms were filled, the King James Foundation led by Rev.JamesSolomon Mensah gave us 50 boxes of Kids Against Hunger foods.The food was cooked and given to the children in the home especially the malnourished kids.The first group that tasted the food is babies and toddlers. Photos were taken on how the kidswere before they started eating the food and after also. The food has been very nutritious foodwhere some of the food were even grinded into powder form and used as porridge for thekids.The Kids really enjoyed the food and the management itself could see a lot of dynamicchanges and improvements.Testimonies: All the kids that were sick recovered within the third week of taking the foodand started putting on more weight. It was observed that the food helped the kids a lot and themalnourished ones put up weight that when you see them now you will be very happy and thekids that were very sick, would not talk, walk recovered quickly and now can walk and talkproperly.Another miracle that happens was, our monthly spending on hospital payments weredrastically reduced to 1% instead of 80% within first five months we started feeding the kidswith Kids Against Hunger Foods.A boy with HIV/AIDS who could to do anything due to body weakness and otherweaknesses can now do all things after eating the food. Energy is restored.Lastly, we can say the feeding program has been really helped the Royal Seed Home verymuch, and in so many ways as follows:
  9. 9. 1. Instead of spending money to buy bags of rice for the kids, the money was saved to dodifferent projects, because the children eat 2 bags of rice at a cost of $150 UD Dollars formorning, afternoon, and in the evening they eat local food like Banku.2. Going to Hospitals regularly stops this season because of the Kids Against Hunger Foods.3. All malnourished children grew very healthy and nicely and mentally strong.We appreciate King James Foundation and the Kids Against Hunger for creating such avenueand opportunity for the poor, orphans, wick, weak and the malnourished kids in Ghana tohave a better life today.We hope and pray that this program will continue and never stops so many lives can bealways change and transformed for better living. Hope to receive more foods in next supply.Submitted by.Mrs. Naomi Esi AmoahFounder / President of the HomeSign: esinaomiamoahGod’s Solid Foundation Ministry-Free Feeding ProgramReportOn the 15th March 2010, Rev.James S.Mensah invited us to come for free food to be given toour children and people of Ashongman Estate Community. We were so glad when we got thenews because we were facing severe hunger and most of our children in the church stoppedcoming to Church even parents.We went for the food and on the 17th March 2010, and we were given 200 boxes of the KidsAgainst Hunger Food. We started cooking the food in the evening around 5pm and on thatday we had 90 children who came to eat the food and 30 parents, 20 youth and young adults.The foods were good, and those who came around went about broadcasting about the freefood program which causes a tremendous increase in our next feeding day.We cook the food every Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday, and by so doing our dying churchhas received multiple increases from 10 members to 56 Adults and 120 children within 5months. The food came at the right time to relieve us from starvation and hunger.Ever since we started the feeding program we have seen multiple changes in our membership,offerings, tithes, and financial increase. Our Sunday school department also had increase innumber within short period of time because of the free feeding.Testimony: , Some of the children who were weak, and cannot walk properly nor talkwell started walking and talking properly after eating the food for one month. It was surprisedto hear the children saying they can now remember anything they learn from School and atChurch, which they used to forget. Those with kwashiorkor and anemia are now healthy andstrong. There was a little boy who cannot do anything excerpt his mother carried him up anddown all the time, after eating the food for two weeks continuously he started walking to theglory of God. We thank King James Foundation and Kids Against Hunger for making itpossible for us to have access to free food.We pray this program continues and never cease as many kids will die and suffer incase thisprogram stops. We asked Kids Against Hunger and King James Foundation to continue theprogram to save many lives in Ghana. We pledge that we shall support these Organizations
  10. 10. with much prayer and fasting for God to open doors and provide all the financial needs forenable them to sustain the program.Submitted by:Pastor. S.K. Asante—Associate PastorGOSFOMSign: kwamesamuelChallenges: There has been lot of challenges faced during distribution and cookingthe food for the kids. Some of the challenges are as follows: 1. Transportation cost is very high. 2. Cost of hiring men to load and offload the food from truck. 3. Research of quality organizations and creating new centers for distributions. 4. Cost of cooking the food, logistics, volunteers salaries, gas, plates, water and transport, as we spend $150 weekly for this only. 5. Port Challenges of national security trying to resist and delay the food at port. 6. Lack of funding or financial support to ease tension mount on us weekly. 7. Cost of monitoring, errands, visiting various feeding centers at various towns and villages. 8. Children finding it very difficult to eat the food at first stage, until much education have been done and experiments shown to them before accept and eat. 9. Lack of official vehicle or car to move around which make it difficult for us and cost lots of money on transportation daily.Distribution Centers: 1. Royal Seed Home----148 Kids—12 Staff----------------55 Boxes of KAH Foods. 2. Country-Side Children’s Welfare Home—100 Kids—8, Staff------50 Boxes of KAH Foods. 3. SOS Children Village Home, have 3 homes------Tema Village, Asiakwa Village, and Kasoa Village--550 Kids---over 50 Staff--200 Boxes of KAH Foods. Community distribution areas; Dawhenya, Mataheko, Kakasunaka, Gbetsile all in the Greater Accra region; Bunso, Asiakwa, Segyemasi in the Eastern region and Kambonayili, Datonayili and Dungu in the Northern region. 4. Life Channel Child’s Care--------50 kids------4 Staff -------15 Boxes of KAH Foods. 5. God’s Solid Foundation Ministry---200 Kids----9 Staff ---200 Boxes of KAH Foods 6. Mankomeda Village-----150 kids, 50 selected adults---25 Boxes of KAH Foods 7. Good Shepherd Orphanage Home---20 kids—4 staff----4 Boxes of KAH Foods 8. Builsa District in the Northern Region-Upper East. Hon.Alhassan Azong, MP for Builsa South---30 Boxes of KAH Foods, Hon. Timothy Ataboadey MP for Builsa North---20 Boxes of KAH Foods. 9. Dr. Clement A. Apaak for Bolgatanga-------12 KAH Foods Boxes. 10. Women’s Refuge and Child Survival-Africa----------54 Kids—10 Staff----80 Boxes of KAH Foods. Volunteers: Ellen-Sofie Nielsen, Egeskovvej 29 8800 Viborg. Malin Heiden, Solvaenget 26, 7470 Karup J., Marilyn Rojas, 9500 Wilshire blvd Beverly Hills, Ca 90212
  11. 11. 11. Hiamankyene Community in the Eastern Region of Ghana----168 Kids, 50 Adults— 10 Boxes of KAH foods. 12. Juaben Community town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana---150 Kids were given free foods----30 Boxes of KAH Foods. 13. Joy FM Easter kids kitchen soup program-Accra Community---over 1,000 kids, we donated 10 Boxes of KAH Foods and Cash of GHC.20.00. 14. God’s Academy Ministry Church, Abeka Community------50 kids, 40 adults, we donated 60 boxes of KAH Foods. 15. All laborers, workers, volunteers, and staff have received one box each as an incentive for their time and energy put to make sure we have successful program. We hired 10 persons, to go with us at the Tema Port to help offload and support us to offload again to the warehouse. There are 10 volunteers at our church cooking the food for the kids every week and other staff at various orphanage homes. Total food given to the hired persons and volunteers are 20 + 20 -----40 boxes 16. Rev.James S.Mensah also took five boxes of KAH Foods for himself and family.Distribution is still ongoing as more organizations, churches, orphanage homes andcommunities are showing much interest and need the food badly.Food Received-----20 pallets-----660 Boxes+ 5 pallets.Total pallets received are 20, which is 660 Boxes plus extra 5 pallets.The food is truly highly nutritious and healthy for human consumption. Itbuilds both the immune system and mental development.THE FOOD IS A MIRACLE FOOD.God’s Solid Foundation, Ashongman Estate-AccraNo. NAMES AGE1 Samuel Ayadi 17 yrs 21 Prince Boakye 14 yrs2 Vivian Ayadi 15 yrs 22 Mattew Amuzu 14 yrs3 Akpene Afenyo 13 yrs 23 Daniel Tudeka 4 yrs4 Dzigbordi Afenyo 10 yrs 24 Stephen Tudeka 10 yrs5 Pearl Afenyo 7 yrs 25 Comfort Tudeka 14 yrs6 Eunice Asamoah 6 yrs 26 Emmanuel Odoi 10 yrs7 Emmanuel Asamoah 10 yrs 27 Margret Asamani 7 yrs8 Anderson Asamoah 14 yrs 28 Kate Asamani 11 yrs9 Charles Agblator 14 yrs 29 Angela Ocansey 6 yrs10 Bright Agblator 8 yrs 30 Emmanuesl Ocansey 3 yrs11 Felix Appiah 7 yrs 31 Kenneth Agbengu 8 yrs12 Daniel Biney 11 yrs 32 Prinscilla Agbengu 11 yrs13 Stanley Biney 8 yrs 33 Emmanuel Kaisey 7 yrs14 Sylvester Yeboah 8 yrs 34 Michael Ofori 4 yrs15 Raphael Awutey Jr. 2 yrs 35 Bernard Sarffo Sr. 1 yrs16 Randy White Odamie 13 yrs 36 Bernard Sarffo Jr. 1 yrs17 Princess Ayadi 3 yrs 37 Joseph Kojo Yeboah 12 years18 Quarshie 6 yrs 38 George Nana Yaw Akoi 11 years19 Esther Tamakloe 8 yrs 39 Benjamin Yaw Menu Adjei 14 yrs20 Fauster Tamakloe 8 yrs40 Daniel Kwabina Yeboah 47years 42 Gladys Ofori 4 yrs41 Zephania Ofori 6 yrs 43 Ephraim Agakpe Ofori 1 yr 6 months
  12. 12. 44 Deborah Asamoah 4 yrs 65 Patience Mensah 4 yrs45 Michael Asamoah 7 yrs 66 Elizabeth Mensah 7 yrs46 Richmond Foe 11 yrs 67 Emmanuel Hiheglo 4 yrs47 Forgive Zonyra 6 yrs 68 Princess Mawunyo 1yr 8 months48 Emmanuel Zonyra 3 yrs 69 Naomi Gyahene 3 yrs49 Abraham Zonyra 5months 70 Rebecca Gyahene 9 yrs50 Rebecca Awuku 13 yrs 71 Aku 9 yrs51 Olivia Awuku 9 yrs 72 Oye Gyahene 3 yrs52 Emmanuel Awuku 10 yrs 73 Emmanuel Boafo 8 yrs53 Benjamin Awuku 13 yrs 74 David Kabortey 3 yrs54 Diana Jasowaa 9 yrs 75 Noah Boafo 7 yrs55 Gladys Atsumoah 2 yrs 75 Elikplim Agbo 1 yrs56 Nana Adu 4 yrs 76 Gamyma 11 yrs57 Mabel Asaah 4 yrs 77 Karin Homey 2 yrs58 Esther Nkansah 6 yrs 78 Keziah Homey 11 yrs59 Stellarr Agyebia 11 yrs 79 Delight Adzidaglo 10 yrs60 Isaac Ahadzi 5 yrs 80 Naomi Dansu 9 yrs61 Godwin Ahadzi 6 yrs 81 Richard Gyamfi 11 yrs62 Daniel Antwi 10 yrs 82 Eric Gyamfi 11 yrs63 Samuel Agyemang 5 yrs 83 Patience Dzigbordi 11 yrs64 Solomon Mensah 3 yrs 99 Abudala 15 yrs84 Cujo Ahiador 14 yrs 100 Zara 12 yrs85 Ruth Gyamfi 6 yrs 101 Yaw Atsu 34 yrs86 Raymond Atitso 2 yrs 102 Munira Atsu 31 yrs87 Christopher Salasi 4 yrs 103 Donne Atsu 10 yrs88 Charllote Agbesi 8 yrs 104 Dodzi Atsu 17 yrs89 Godwin Dake 12 yrs 105 Kwesi Daniel Boadu Mensah 10 yrs90 Theresa Awuku 16 yrs 106 Augustina Aku 21 yrs91 Daniel Ameho 7 yrs 107 Fred Opare 23 yrs91 Bernice Dadzi 9 yrs 108 Cynthia Akwensi 33 yrs92 Benedicta Dadzi 2 yrs 109 Augustine Agbenyegah 16 yrs93 Erica Ohenewaa 2 yrs 110 Victoria Amenye 15 yrs94 Joshua Wadie 12 yrs 111 Emmanuel Attakora 3 yrs95 Emmanuel Zevor 5 yrs 112 David Kokoroko 2 yrs 6months96 Yaw Koranteng 5 yrs 113 Jeffery Appiatu 15 yrs97 Kwesi Agyepong 9 yrs 114 Jason Appiatu 13 yrs98 Fati Fuseni 30 yrs 115 Douglas Appiatu 4 yrsMANKOMEDA COMMUNITY, CENTRAL REGIONChildren DepartmentName Age1 Atsufi Akakpo 15 yrs 8 Samuel Domefa 16 yrs2 Godbless Akakpo 12 yrs 9 Koshie Agboku 20 yrs3 Michael Akakpo 7 yrs 10 Jonathan Kokroko 11 yrs4 Enyonam Akakpo 13 yrs 11 Joyce Adu Mensah 8 yrs5 Rose Akakpo 1 yrs 12 Jernifer Afiwa Akumatey 8 yrs6 Lily Tenge 4 yrs 13 Wonder 1 yr7 Godfred Tenge 7 yrs 14 Issifu Mohammed 14 yrs
  13. 13. 15 Adiza Mohammed 4 yrs 33 Mary Authur 16 yrs16 Bernice Awidoe 6 yrs 34 Michael Tukpeyi 19 yrs17 Ruth Kwakwa 5yrs 35 Isaac Kwesi 16 yrs18 Nawa Mohammed 9 yrs 36 Comfort Kwesi 13 yrs19 Medina Mohammed 7 yrs 37 Daniel Quashie 9 yrs20 Mary Agbogli 14 yrs 38 Abraham Awuty 1 yr21 Collins Sokpor 3 yrs 39 Yaw Gabuzor 8 yrs22 Esenam Sokpor 7 yrs 40 Michael Dadzi 12 yrs23 Mark Awudza 13 yrs 41 Salifu Amadu 1 yrs24 Rebecca Awudza 16 yrs 42 Linda Larbie 20 yrs25 Seth Agbogli 9 yrs 43 Doris Larbie 17 yrs26 Emmanuel Awudza 9 yrs 44 Mary Larbie 11 yrs27 Emmanuela Awudza 9 yrs 45 John Larbie 8 yrs28 Flowrence Awudza 4 yrs 46 Philomena Larbie 16 yrs29 Agnes Adwonu 2 yrs 47 Rebecca Panford 9 yrs30 Prince K.Tukpeyi 1 yr 48 Mercy Boadu 18 yrs31 Rose Tukpeyi 9 yrs 49 Prosper Tsifokor 17 yrs32 Emmanuel K.Tukpeyi 16 yrs 50 Beatrice Tukpeyi 14 yrs 72 Jerome Akakpo 4 yrs51 Raphael Tsifokor 12 yrs 73 Godfred Dzotsi 12 yrs52 Patricia Botwe 6 yrs 74 Solomon Dzotsi 7 yrs53 Baba Zakari Ibrahim 2 yrs 75 Emmanuel Datsi 12 yrs54 Lafisatu Ibrahim 9 months 76 Mary Datsi 7 yrs55 Rashida Ibrahim 12 yrs 77 Edem Dzrekey 9 yrs56 Abigail Agbodzi 8 yrs 78 Godmay Drekey 6 yrs57 Lidia Agbodzi 11 yrs 79 Godson Negble 14 yrs58 Verinica Ametefe 14 yrs 80 Promise Nebgle 11 yrs59 Celestina Gago 7 yrs 81 Adoneger Boadu 8 yrs60 Selasis Edenam Gago 5 yrs 82 Ruth Boadu 6 yrs61 Munkaila Ibrahim 13 yrs 83 Sabina Asare 7 yrs62 Abubakari Ibrahim 11 yrs 84 Sarah Asare 4 yrs63 Awali Ibrahim 5 yrs 85 Delali Sape 4 yrs64 Mariama Ibrahim 1 yr 86 Akosua Sape 12 yrs65 Michael Afful --I 13 yrs 87 Adadzeba Amoquandor 4 yrs66 Michael Afful----II 11 yrs 88 Efua Aminsah Amoquandor 3 yrs67 Nicholas Afful 7 yrs 89 Hannah Babu 9 yrs68 Marry Afful 9 yrs 90 Kobina Asare 6 yrs69 David Dzotsi 14 yrs 91 Belinda Gago 12 yrs70 Korbla Sape 5 yrs 92 Jonas Gago 15 yrs71 Robert Akakpo 8 yrs 97 Naomu Arthur 15 yrs93 Alberta Larbie 11 yrs 98 Sabina Arthur 13 yrs94 Obed Larbie 9 yrs 99 Joyce Gidzi 9 yrs95 Ismael Larbie 7 yrs 100 Joseph Nukpese 13 yrs96 Mary Agbodi 15 yrsAdults DepartmentName Age1 Mr.Kofi Akakpo 45 yrs 3 Atsu Suolo Dzotsi 36 yrs2 Agnes Akakpo 35 yrs 4 Novishe Akakpo 23 yrs
  14. 14. 5 Father Akakpo 21 yrs 10 Miglaso Agboku 46 yrs6 Rita Akakpo 26 yrs 11 Joseph Kokroko 31 yrs7 Gladys Dzebu 40 yrs 12 Felecia Akosua Ocloo 61 yrs8 Seth Tenge 30 yrs 13 Daniel Kokroko 36 yrs9 Togbi Domefa 45 yrs14 Stephen Kokroko 28 yrs 24 Thesera Senagbe 61 yrs15 Raphael Kokroko 34 yrs 25 Rebecca Senagbe 44 yrs16 Mary Kokroko 23 yrs 26 Patience Gagadosu 31 yrs17 Osei Asiedu 50 yrs 27 Simon Kofi Awudza 71 yrs18 Selina Helegbe 50 yrs 28 Monica Awudza 21 yrs19 Mohammed Adam 48 yrs 29 Stephen Wonder Tukpeyi-43 yrs20 Georgina Addo 25 yrs 30 Awuty Gabuzor 33 yrs21 Richard Sape 25 yrs 31 Halidu Amadu 35 yrs22 Hawa Amadu 60 yrs 32 John Larbie 62 yrs23 Kofi Gbadrive 70 yrs 42 Cecilia Awudza 35 yrs33 Esther Annan 45 yrs 43 Samuel Larbie 42 yrs34 Suzy Larbie 25 yrs 44 Ibrahim Taidu 43 yrs35 Margret Annan 50 yrs 45 Abiba Ibrahim 40 yrs36 Mansah Adonu 63 yrs 46 Ben Afful 52 yrs37 Gbogbe Tsifokor 50 yrs 47 Cecilia Boadu 50 yrs38 Alima Botwe 20 yrs 48 Janet Akakpo 43 yrs39 Kofi Agbodzi 55 yrs 49 Louis Akakpo 52 yrs40 Arthur Seche 45 yrs 50 Elizabeth Asare 50 yrs41 Benard Asare 61 yrsDaniel Tetteh 26yrs Noah Tetteh 24yrsJoshua Batsa 23yrs Mary Dede 27yrsWitel Tea 2yrs Edward Wayo Teye Vadis 20yrsSalomey Tetteh 22yrs Nana Kojo Nannor 3yrsDavid Tetteh 15yrs Hannah Dede 25yrsBOAKYE ERIC Michael Ahorsu 22yrsOSEI BOAKYE ERIC Enyonam Gatogo 20yrsISAAC KWABENA OSEI Noble Ahorsu 5yrsDUAH DANSO ANDREW Olivia Agbenyo 1yrsADGYEI KWADWOOTUO SEREBOURSARPONG DAVIDALEXANDER OPOKUSAMUEL YEBOAHJOESEPH OPUKUSETH BOAFODANIEL OWUSU BOATENGMawuli Kwouvi 23yrs VOLUNTEESKofi Kwouvi 24yrsJesse John Mensah 1 .1/2 yrs 1. Mad. GLADYS WAYOECharity Appak 12yrs 2. ESTHER ASIEDU BOAFOPeace Hommey 31yrs 3. VIDA KWAPONGVeronica Kaledzi 13yrs 4. KONADU AFIAPriscilla Abbam 21yrs 5. VERONICA AMPONSAHSaviour Sacketey 1yrs 6. AKUA AYEBEA
  15. 15. GOD’S MINISTRY ACADEMY INT’L,CHILDREN MINISTRYDEPARTMENT ABEKA-LAPAZ-Feeding Volunteers---1.Pastor Eric Agbedra2.Ms.Patience Adom3.Ms.Marim Ackah.Name Age 1. Isaac Fredua 16yrs 17. Hannah Lekpor 11yrs 2. Emmanuel Kandah 9yrs 18. Benedicta Aryee 8yrs 3. Henry Afram 13yrs 19. Gloria Twumuwaa 10yrs 4. Emmanuel Larbi 9yrs 20. Patricia Adjei 12yrs 5. Emmanuel Kwao 10yrs 21. Leticia Frimpong 8yrs 6. Daniel Kwao 12yrs 22. Gifty Aditisowa 6yrs 7. Clinton Ntiamoah 12yrs 23. Eunice Ossom 15yrs 8. William Afram 14yrs 24. Nora Tsirewaa 4yrs 9. Emmanuel Opoku 13yrs 25. Patience Owusuwaa 5yrs 10. Emmanuel Dzamezi 10yrs 26. Gloria Afram 8yrs 11. Varnessa Dzamezi 13yrs 27. Peter Alhassan 8yrs 12. Rebecca Oduro 12yrs 28. Agnes Ayiku 9yrs 13. Abigail Simon 10yrs 29. Anthony Ozaze 6yrs 14. Diana Kena 11yrs 30. Paulina Fredua 6yrs 15. Debora Fredua 12yrs 31. Paul Fredua 9yrs 16. Mary Aziawor 12yrs 32. Emmanuel Inkoom 9yrs 41. Benedicta Essilfie 8yrs 33. Collins Odoi 8yrs 42. Christabel Essilfie 6yrs 34. Enock Mensah 8yrs 43. Caleb Oduro 5yrs 35. Joyce Setordzi 7yrs 44. Hannah Oduro 2yrs 36. Emmanuel Adam 7yrs 45. Emmanuel Aryee 3yrs 37. Bright Setordzi 2yrs 46. Anita Anim 15yrs 38. Belinda Annim 7yrs 47. Belinda Afiatete 6yrs 39. Bernice Annim 5yrs 48. Andrew Tetey 5yrs 40. Vanessa Essilfie 4yrs 49. Ricky Agyepong 11yrs 50. Gifty Adom 6yrs 66. Diana Apaloo 12yrs 51. Vanessa Nkrumah 5yrs 67. Spendyloue Apaloo 9yrs 52. Gladys Oduro 9yrs 68. Mary Agbedera 12yrs 53. Abigail Tata 7yrs 69. Benedicta Agbedra 5yrs 54. Portia Agyari 8yrs 70. Emmanuela Agbedra 9yrs 55. Ransford Brenyaa 8yrs 71. Linda Agyakwaa 13yrs 56. Gloria Aninga 5yrs 72. Olivia Adom 12yrs 57. Carolina Akosua 4yrs 73. Mariam Adom 8yrs 58. Benedicta Agbozoh 3yrs 74. Macbite Adom 6yrs 59. Augustinba Boateng 8yrs 75. Felicity Adu Gyamfi 8yrs 60. Linda Ayimesi 8yrs 76. Elizabeth Sidney 12yrs 61. Sarah Berwaah Agyei 13yrs 77. Isaac Sidney 10yrs 62. Stella Serwaah Agyei 13yrs 78. Sidney Okyere 8yrs 63. Matilda Kumah 13yrs 79. Mathias Anim 11yrs 64. John Nkrumah 10yrs 80. Paintil Buabeng 10yrs 65. Edem Apaloo 6yrs
  16. 16. Evans Asamoah 30yrs Dede Ophilia 4YRSLurencia Amuzu6yrs Godwin Ahorsu 25yrsTheressa Addo 9yrs Jactic Tettey 2yrsCelestine Asare 10yrs Felicia Arkorful 17yrsSweet Mother 17yrs Stephen Nkum 9yrsKwesi Agyeapong 12yrs Eric Nkum 5yrsJoshua Wadea 12yrs Bismark Nkum 14yrsErica Ohenewaa 3yrs Christian Nkum 3yrsSharlotte Addo 30yrs Helina Sam 18yrsBeatrice Kuasah26yrs Christiana E. Nkum 20yrsPriscilla 10yrs Janet Nkum 16yrsEnock Amevoh 6yrs Zacqui Biogunu 25yrsIsaac Kojo Osare 8yrs Joseph Asomani25yrsGeorgina Yakubu 24yrs Daniel Adokor 8yrsEunice Tetteh 20yrs Wisdom Adokor 6yrsEsnalinda Owusu Ajimah 2yrs Victoria Tetteh 21yrsRosalinda Nattey 4yrs Fatima Amenu 3yrsSeth Buanpong 11yrs Happy Tetteh 12yrsEbenezer Odikum 10yrs Emmanuel Arkoh 16yrsJanet Odikum 3yrs Grace Arkoh 18yrsAbigail Odikum 4yrs Victor Hommey 50yrsMary Addai 20yrs Hellen Hommey40yrsElijah Adom 1yrs Celestine Hommey 12yrsEsther Nartey 11yrs Zephrina Hommey 10yrsJanet Nartey 8yrs Joseph Adom 9yrsLatebea Bernice15yrs Linda Adom 10yrsEmzabells Nartey 3yrs Gabriel Nyamekye Adom 2yrsEtomaa Atti 5yrs Yaa Lydia 22yrsEmmanuel Atti 2yrs Rose Nannor 13yrsSolomon Awuah 12yrs Bismark Nannor17yrsFredric Ajepong 5yrs Tsotsoo Kpabifio 22yrsRosina Afia 1yrs Ayorkor Kpabifio 26yrsPatricia Attado 13yrs Kai Kpabifio 24yrsDoris Attado 3yrsrs Patience Attey 2yrsEdina Agbokah 2yrs Gifty Attey 18yrsSelasi Gunu 4yrs Stephen Arkoh 20yrsEmmanuel Attado 6yrs Edith Amonor 8yrsEva Andoh 11yrs Harriet Tetteh 21yrsDora Abrokwa 8yrs Richmond Amonor 5yrsEtonnam Gunu 2yrs Okyere Kennedy 25yrsNana Saudatu Mamudu 12yrs Kwaty Thomas 27yrsAdziatu Mamudu 15yrs Isaac Addo 13yrsTaihiru Mamudu 17yrs Fredrick Enim 10monthsEnock Asante 12yrs Hannah Awuah 11yrsAnnor Mary 14yrs Martha Akyaa 23yrsGabriel Obuke 11yrs Godwin Fiagbenu 8yrsPhilip Addo 8yrs Wisdom Fiagbenu 2yrsRegina Obuke 13yrs Stephen Ababio14yrsAlice Yayra 4yrs Celestina Zarkule 12yrsIsrael Ababio 4yrs
  17. 17. Solomon Ababio 3yrsJuaben, Ashanti Feeding Program Name1. Elizabeth Asiedu 12yrs 37. Paul Anima 6yrs2. Obeng Serwaah 10yrs 38. Daniel Addo 10yrs3. Otuo Serebour 14yrs 39. Kofi Antwi 14yrs4. Bawuah Janet 13yrs 40. Bruce Amo Owusu 2yrs5. Princess Owusu 12yrs 41. Kofi Agyekum 5yrs6. Abigail Asamoah 11yrs 42. Samuel Adomako 2yrs7. Dora Nkansa 7yrs8. Lorna Frimpong 11yrs 43. Asante Boamah 10yrs9. Grace Atobra 6yrs 44. Frimpong Daniel 7yrs10. Beatrice Baah 6yrs 45. Asamoah John 8yrs11. Joana Baawuah 4yrs 46. Sarfo Daniel 10yrs12. Priscilla Obeng 7yrs 47. Fredrick Animpong 9yrs13. Precious Nkansa 5yrs 48. Benson Animah 6yrs14. Mercy Adwubi 4yrs 49. Benson Antwi 3yrs15. Bridget Donkor 7yrs 50. Adwoa Manuah 6yrs16. Nana Owusuaa 8 months 51. Adwoa Tatwuaa 7yrs17. Patricia Agyemang 4yrs 52. Branson Adumako 12yrs18. Ruth Tekyiwaa 6yrs 53. Emmanuel Gyamfi 2yrs19. Vivian Appiah 13yrs 54. Afia Sarpong 3yrs20. Nana Ama Owusu 2yrs 55. Beatrice Adoma Boateng 8yrs21. Amenda Appiah 8yrs 56. Mavis Owusu 9yrs22. Berolda Appiah 10yrs 57. Florence Nyarko 9yrs23. Blessing Appiah 2yrs 58. Elizabeth Adjei Boateng 10yrs24. Mavis Donkor 10yrs 59. Esther Mirekuwaa 12yrs25. Angela Boabeng 12yrs 60. Anaafi Ebenezer 13yrs26. Sandra Ofori 7yrs 61. Rita Owusu 14yrs27. Comfort Addo 2yrs 62. Richard Tawiah Nuamah 14yrs28. Badu Mansa 3yrs 63. Edwin Atta Boateng Snr. 21yrs29. Patricia Agyei 11yrs 64. Edwin Atta Boateng Jnr.21yrs30. Matelda Akyea 11yrs 65. Edward Adjei Boateng 22yrs31. Seth Boafo 10yrs 66. Rockson Adjei-Marfo 23yrs32. Michael Wayo 8yrs 67. Frank Adjei Frimpong 25yrs33. Blessing Asamoah 3yrs 68. Bernice Adjei Boateng 25yrs34. Collings Adomako 12yrs 69. Evelyn Opoku Anane 30yrs35. Patrick Boabeng 7yrs 70. Afram Kwabena 20yrs36. Nana Boateng 7yrs 71. Augustine Osei Appiah 24
  20. 20. Bishop Sidney David Wheatley-USA $ 1,960 Family Support/ Church 2008--- /Mission/Business --2009Steven Kvinlaug-Norway $ 2,050 Family Support/ Feeding of 2009 Orphans/ClothingThe Sending Place Ministry $ 500 Nigeria Mission / New Church 2009By-Pastor. Darrel Deuel-USA projectChad and Michelle Tapp-USA $ 100 Nigeria Mission Support 2009Kim and Mike Orteizer-USA $ 100 New Church Support /Family 2009 SupportDamon Stuart-USA $ 250 Feeding of Orphans and Poor 2008 Kids-PartyMrs. Yvonne Ama Blay-GHANA $ 220 Registration of Legal 2008--- Documents 2009James Solomon Mensah-GHANA $ 2,550 Missions to--Burkina-Faso, 2007-2 Nigeria, Documentary, 009 Services, Documents, Free feeding programs, family supportsDr. Adams Preston-USA Educational Donated to Anchor 2009 Materials Nursery/Primary Sch.Pastor. Vincent Nwokolo-USA $ 460 Family Support and New 2007-2 Church Support 008Cecil Lukobi-USA $ 70 Family Support 2009Alan Melton, Aaron Brockway-USA $200 + $100= Educational Material for 2008 $300 OrphansTotal = $ 8,5602010 JAN-JULY- FINANCIAL REPORTOn 9th March 2010, we the King James Foundation received 20 pallets, a pallet has 33boxes of food and weights around 1000 pounds, (660 boxes, 142,560 meals) of KidsAgainst Hunger Foods worth $33,000 US Dollars through the US Navy, AfricaPartnership Station with combined team of Project Handclasp at Tema Harbour, 30 kmfrom Accra. We did not pay any port charges, taxes, or duty fees. The King JamesFoundation team had an opportunity to meet the Commander, Commodore CindyThebaud at the Tema Port with short greetings and introduction, after inspecting theTema port yard to make sure everything is in order before the ship arrives andoffloading of the Kids Against Hunger Foods to us. The Ship arrived 6:00pm at TemaPort with combined US Navy, Air force, Military, Marine team and others to deliver thefood to us.Financial Donation from Partners to Support the Project:1. Bishop Sidney David Wheatley--------$ 350—Transportation, hiring men2. Chad and Michelle Tapp-----------------$ 125---Items for cooking, Ingredients3. Kim B. and Mike Orteizer----------------$ 100----Workers, Volunteers, family4. Dr. Laurel Herring---------------------------$50------support volunteers
  21. 21. 5. Chris Turner---------------------------------$50 ----Support my family.6. Steven Kvinlaug --------------------------$600----Juaben, Fotobie trip, feeding, distributionand family support.7. Rev.James Solomon Mensah--------- $ 860-----Logistics, Media, Travel, Missions8. Bishop Sidney D. Wheatley -------------$250------ Family support9. Yvonne Ama Blay---------------------------$250-------Administration/Logistics10. Dr. Preston T.Adams-----------------------$75---------Family Support11. Pastor Sam Asare--------------------------$715--------Free Feeding Program,Educational Support, Transportation /Family support.Total = $3,0205 Cash_+ $33,000 Worth of Food