Clark Gilbert, CEO Deseret Digital Media - Understanding the Digital Economy

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  • 1. Always Pioneering
  • 2. Our MissionPage 2 Trusted voices of light and knowledge reaching hundreds of millions of people worldwide  Align Actions  Pursue Excellence  Champion Virtues  Improve Lives  Work Together  Invest Personally
  • 3. “In the early 1980s AT&T asked McKinsey to estimate how many cellular phones would be in use in the world at the turn of the “The „telephone‟ has too many short-comings to be seriously century. The consultancy … concluded that the total market considered as a means of communication. The device is would be about 900,000. At the time this persuaded AT&T to pull inherently of no value to us.” out of the market.” — Western Union internal — The Economist, 1999 memo, 18763
  • 4. Sustaining versus Disruptive InnovationProduct Performance Disruptive Innovation Source: The Innovator‟s Dilemma Time Page 4
  • 5. A Transformational Shift in Media Spending5Source: Borrell and Associations
  • 6. "Overall, the newspaper industrys involvement with the Internet has been oneFinding a lot having a lot itswin." Growthlose it, as opposed to starting where it had New Market trying not to from scratch and to lose and to been --President of Online Newspaper Division Displacement Net New Growth Established Disruptive Business Business Starts Outside Established Business
  • 7. Two Transformations Reposition the Core Launch Disruptive Growth Business
  • 8. The Deseret News A Trusted Voice Since 1850Page 8 “We propose publishing a weekly sheet as far as our local circumstances will permit” Deseret News Prospectus, Willard Richards, 1850
  • 9. Distinct Editorial VoiceSix Areas of Focus•The Family•Excellence in Education•Faith in the Community•Financial Responsibility•Care for the Poor•Values in the Media
  • 10. Report Out: The Family
  • 11. Report Out: Faith
  • 12. Report Out: Media
  • 13. Distinct Editorial Voice Paul Edwards, Opinion Editor •PhD / JD Berkely •Former Provost of SVU •Director of Mercatus Center in Washington D.C. •Former BYU Political Science Faculty
  • 14. Deseret News National Sunday EditionPage 14 2011-12 Forecasted Growth: Fastest Growing U.S. 180,000 160,000 NP 140,000 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 -
  • 15. Deseret News Innovation Strategy What is our distinctive voice? What innovations will we need to grow?
  • 16. The Vision of the Deseret News The Deseret News will be the nation‟s largest news publication focused on faith and family oriented audiencesBy 2015, the Deseret News will be a Top 25 Newspaper Publication and a Top 10 Newspaper Website • This will require we reach 300,000 circulation • 8-10 Million Uniques and 100 Million Page Views
  • 17. Growth in DDM Network: Unique Users (106%) Page Views (67% 4 Growth) 35M3.5 40 3.1M 3 302.5 21M 2 201.5 1.5M 1 100.5 0 0 December 2009 June 2011 December 2009 June 2011
  • 18. Monthly Web Visitors
  • 19. Deseret News Referrer Report
  • 20. SEO and Referral Lift
  • 21. New Content Model: FamilyPage 21 Media Product Strategy Data aggregation UGC Deseret Connect Evergreen “This is brilliant. Fantastic implementation. This is Social exactly the sort of thing newspapers need to do in order to survive: Create innovative Ties to Mission editorial constructs that take advantage of Monetizable the web, instead of trying to replicate their print version online. I can certainly seeMarket your coverage expanding beyond Utah -- Id find it far more useful as a repository of opinion, for instance, than what Rotten Tomatoes is doing.” Aris Christofides, CEO of and kids-in-
  • 22. Research on New MediaInnovation Benchmarking Local Media Characteristics of High Online Market Share Market Share Sites  Separate Physical Location  Separate P&L  Separate Direct Sales  Separate Content, Product, andSouce: Borrell and Associates Technology Teams  Separate Talent Pool
  • 23. Digital Team Leadership •Web Analytics •Design Resources •UI and Content Merchandising •Search Engine Optimization •Social Media OutreachChris Lee, VP of Digital •Digital Innovation Culture Deseret News
  • 24. New Media Talent at DeseretDigital
  • 25. DDM Revenue Growth Leads the Nation25 $1,400,000 140% $1,200,000 120% $1,000,000 100% $800,000 80% Revenue $600,000 60% $400,000 40% $200,000 20% $- 0% Jan 2010 Feb March Apr 2010 May June July Aug Sept Oct 2010 Nov Dec 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010
  • 26. On the Frontier