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Romanticism Intro Romanticism Intro Presentation Transcript

  • R o m a n t i c i s m An Introduction
  • Comparison of Issues: The Classic vs. The Romantic Awareness Insight Essential values Unconscious (subconscious) Conscious Depth Surface Meaning Freedom Experimentation Meaning Control Rules Structure
  • Comparison of Issues: The Classic vs. The Romantic Control Aesthetics Source Passion and Emotion Objectivity “ Insights to the Mind and Heart” “ Delight and Instruct” Right Brain Left Brain
  • Core Concepts I
    • Historic Setting : Early 19th century peak, particularly strong in France but spreads quickly throughout Europe and to a lesser degree, the US.
    • Industrialization and urbanization forced rapid relocations in populations; displacement and painful modernizations created yearning for relief and escape. Links to revolution/change.
  • Core Concepts II Attitude : On one hand it is a similar idea to Neoclassicism in that it sought to create a certain atmosphere (idealism) as a remedy to modern life . Yet it was opposed to Neoclassicism in all of its manifestations (visually and philosophically).
  • Core Concepts III exuberant life individualized experience spirit of revolution (France, 1848) drama, exotica complexity/dualisms (Napoleon is the typical example) awe of nature the sublime
  • Gericault, Raft of the Medusa - considered to be first work in this direction
  • Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People – example of work from the greatest Romantic artist
  • Gros, Napoleon Visiting the Plague-stricken at Jaffra - what makes Napoleon a Romantic hero?
  • West, Death of General Wolfe – multiple themes: fallen spiritual leader, heaven and earth, spectrum of human condition,“noble savage”
  • Borrowing of theme and compostion
  • The Sublime
    • elevated or lofty in thought, language Paradise Lost is sublime poetry .
    • 2. impressing the mind with a sense of grandeur or power; inspiring awe, veneration
    • Switzerland has sublime scenery.
    • 3. supreme or outstanding
    • a sublime dinner
  • Fuseli, The Nightmare
  • Turner, The Slave Ship
  • Not limited to painting
    • Fantasy architecture
    • including Gothick Follies
    • such as this tower
    • in Stowe, England
  • Nash, Royal Pavilion at Brighton
  • Garnier, Opera House, Paris