RSS for Ten-Year-Olds
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RSS for Ten-Year-Olds RSS for Ten-Year-Olds Presentation Transcript

  • RSS and Online Reading Created by Willy Kjellstrom All images are Creative Commons licensed and properly attributed with links to the original source.
  • What is the boy holding? Photo:
  • A Radio!
  • How does a radio play music? Photo:
  • The Basics of Radio & Audio
    • If you have a receiver (a radio), then you can listen to whatever is transmitted.
    • No purchasing, downloading, or driving is necessary; you just need to be close enough to receive the signal.
    Photo: Photo:
    • Did you know that there are “radio signals” for content that is on the Internet?
    • This means that you don’t have to go to a website (concert or radio station) to know what is happening or what has been updated (music).
  • Radio Signals = RSS Feeds Photo: = Music on the Radio Internet Content
  • Radio = Feed Reader
    • In order to receive Internet content (listen to music), you have to have a feed reader (radio).
    Photo: =
  • RSS Feeds and Feed Readers mean that you don’t have to go to a website to learn about new content.
  • The Internet content comes to you just like listening to music on the radio.
  • Me
    • I love…
      • Friends and Family
      • Wake Forest
      • Coldplay, U2, and O.A.R.
      • Reading about what other teachers are doing
      • New Internet tools
      • Computers
      • Movies
      • College football
    • The Internet is a fantastic place to learn about things that I love.
    • If I tried to visit all of the places where I might find information about the things that I love, I would…
  • Photo: Go Crazy,
  • Photo: Lose My Job, or
  • Photo: Grow Old Quickly.
  • Me and My Interests I have a lot of interests. I am lucky because I know about RSS Feeds and Feed Readers. I won’t go crazy, lose my job, or grow old trying to keep up with my interests. I tune into the signal, and the information comes to me.
  • RSS Feed
    • The RSS Feed is the radio signal. You have to look to see if it available.
    • RSS Feeds often appear in the web address bar.
    • Go to and look for the RSS icon in the web address bar.
  • There’s an RSS Feed!
    • If I can tune into this RSS Feed (radio signal) with my Feed Reader (radio), then I don’t have to come back to this page to see if there are updates on the Trinity School home page.
    • All I need is a Feed Reader (radio)…
  • All I need is a Feed Reader (radio)… RSS Feeds Are Everywhere! ESPN: Photo: Photo: Books for Young Adults and Children:
  • Even Your Teachers Have RSS Feeds!
    • Go to the Trinity School website  Virtual Trinity  Writer’s Exchange
    • Click on Faculty and Staff
    All I need is a Feed Reader (radio)…
  • Feed Reader
    • The next lesson will cover how to use, tune, and setup your Feed Reader (radio).
    • I am willing to bet that there are only 3-4 parents in the classroom who know about RSS feeds. Share what you now know!