How Much Traffic Do You Need?


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Online network marketers have different online traffic needs than affiliate marketers, e.g.. We offer tangible products along with business opportunities and so may not necessarily need first page rankings. Read why that is so, and, how to build your site to attract the right kind of traffic for the fastest success possible.

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How Much Traffic Do You Need?

  1. 1. How Much Traffic Do You Need? IntroductionIf you are building a network marketing business online and you arefollowing all of the online guru’s latest traffic building techniques, spendinggood money and hoping it works, have you asked yourself why you need tobe on the first page of the search engines? It seems like a stupid questionsince the standard answer you get from any of the online marketers is thatwithout a first page ranking, your site is buried behind your competitorssites, they will get more traffic and you will not be successful. But, is thattrue if you have a legitimate MLM compensation plan and products? Chasing The Wrong RabbitAs multilevel marketers, we are spending way too much money and time forproducts and services that we have to adapt to our business model withpeople we have never heard of in a field that is difficult to master forsomeone who simply wants a good living from moving their MLM businessonline.So, how would you like the advantages of an online MLM business withoutthe headache and expense of chasing traffic that you don’t need withproducts that don’t fit your business? Building a DownlineSuccess in network marketing means a strong and active downline andproduct users that provide an ample income for you and your family. It
  2. 2. should also mean that your downline is successfully replicating the practicesthat they learned from you when you recruited them into your business. Building to StrengthsBy taking advantage of the strengths of MLM plans, and the product base,combined with solid online traffic building techniques, you can build thedownline, and income, of your dreams.A good network marketing program is unlike picking a Clickbank affiliate orPLR product to sell. With those types of products, massive traffic and firstpage rankings are necessary because you are competing against many othersimilar marketers, and, most importantly, they don’t have repeat customers.Yes, read that again; Anyone selling Clickbank products, PLR offers, creatinga sellable article or software has few or no repeat customers! And, you do,take advantage of that! Follow The MatrixA successful network marketing business is a matrix of similar businesses,offering identical products with an identical goal. There is strength in thatmatrix configuration that is not available to online affiliate marketers.They must create traffic for a single site, and for each site that offers a newproduct. They must also build large lists, exchange lists with other onlinemarketers (and giveaway profit), create special events, build suspense andhype. And, build continual traffic to their site so that they build an incomestream that justifies the time and expense. Network marketers don’t. The Few, The Successful!
  3. 3. As network marketing business builders, we only need enough traffic to fillour MLM compensation plan so that we earn as much as possible in ourprogram. Think about that for a moment. You only need a few people to bevery successful in a network marketing business. None of them that I knowof need thousands of first level downlines to be successful. That is asignificant advantage to you as a network marketer. You don’t need to chasetraffic to be successful, you only need to attract the right traffic. Build With the BasicsWith the above in mind, your online traffic strategy will have maximumaffect in a minimum of time by doing four things: 1. Take advantage of the “matrix” organization in your multilevel compensation program with linking strategies from your downline business builders that builds collective traffic 2. Build traffic with “whitehat”, or clearly approved strategies that the search engines are advocating 3. Build traffic with freely (and free) available techniques 4. Give away everything you know to your motivated business builders. This is a competitive advantage to you as there are others in your MLM company who are struggling with moving their recruiting online SummaryOnline network marketing businesses have many advantages over affiliatemarketers in that we are building a matrix organization of like mindedbusiness builders and product users. Repeat traffic, and repeatable onlinetraffic building strategies will bring us the right traffic, and a strong andsustainable business so that you can do what you really want to do, live asecure, comfortable and abundant life!
  4. 4. About the Author Ken Duggan is dedicated to offering secure, entrepreneurial career alterna-tives for motivated people. Create a financially secure, abundant and health-ier life for yourself and your family by building a network marketing business rapidly, using the most effective online marketing strategies available. Visit my site, now, to learn more!