Leaf Science Gr2
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Leaf Science Gr2






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Leaf Science Gr2 Leaf Science Gr2 Presentation Transcript

  • Leaf Science! An Adventure & Exploration By Mr. Jarrett K-4 Computer Lab
  • Leaf Science!
    • Leaves, leaves – most are still in the trees! (But not for long…)
    • Leaves give us SHADE in the summer.
    • But that’s not WHY they exist!
  • Leaf Science!
    • Trees and plants need leaves to survive.
    • Trees and plants use leaves to make their own food.
    • When trees don’t need to make food any more, the leaves fall off.
  • Leaf Science!
    • Leaves use water from the roots and carbon dioxide from the air into food for the tree using sunlight and something called chlorophyll .
    • This process is called Photosynthesis .
  • Leaf Science!
    • Leaves are FOOD FACTORIES for trees and plants!
  • Leaf Science!
    • Leaves get their GREEN from something called Chlorophyll .
    • When the Chlorophyll is all used up, the leaf changes color, usually to red, yellow or orange.
  • Leaf Science!
    • Leaves come off the trees in the fall and need to be picked up.
    • Did you ever wonder why trees drop their leaves?
    • It’s because the trees are getting ready for winter – by closing their food factories!
  • Leaf Science!
    • Winter days are short and dry. As the days have less sunlight, plants know to stop making food.
    • The chlorophyll goes away and leaves change into the colors that were in the leaves all along.
  • Leaf Science!
    • Leaves have these main parts:
      • Petiole (stem)
      • Veins
      • Blade
    • Today we’re going to see leaves up CLOSE!
  • Leaf Science!
    • You and your partner will have a turn using the microscope.
    • You will also get a turn using the computer.
    • You will get to explore a leaf and take snapshots.
    • What will YOU find?!?
  • Leaf Science!
    • Do all the leaves look the same?
    • How are the leaves different?
    • Are there any features that all the leaves have in common?
    • How many 'points' do the leaves have?
    • Let’s find out!
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  • Leaf Science! An Adventure & Exploration By Mr. Jarrett K-4 Computer Lab