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Conference on Social Change

Conference on Social Change



Walden's Conference on Social Change, 20-Jul-2007, Minneapolis, MN

Walden's Conference on Social Change, 20-Jul-2007, Minneapolis, MN



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    Conference on Social Change Conference on Social Change Presentation Transcript

    • in Education: A K-20 Educator's Journey Through Second Life Kevin Jarrett Part-Time Faculty School of Education Walden University July 20, 2007
    • Agenda
      • Welcome & Intro
      • What is Second Life?
      • My Project: a four month immersion
      • Second Life and Social Change
    • Get a First Life x x Image credit: http://getafirstlife.com
    • Welcome & Introduction
      • About Me
        • Part-Time Faculty, Walden University, Graduate School of Education
        • Technology Facilitator, K-4, Northfield Community School
        • Google Certified Teacher
        • Educational Consultant, Staff Developer, Trainer
      • x
        • Bachelors & Masters degrees in Business Administration
        • Education is my second career, my ‘dream job’
        • Teaching since 2003
        • Active blogger, Web 2.0 prosumer
      I am a K-20 educator interested in the educational use and societal implications of technology
    • Welcome & Introduction
      • Why I’m Here
        • Started exploring Second Life in November 2006
        • Feared time commitment!
        • Walden University Faculty Excellence Grant, March 2007
      • x
        • Four month ‘sabbatical’
        • Immersive experience
        • 20+ hours a week
        • Extraordinary people
        • Life-changing event
      I want to tell you about the last four months I have spent in Second Life … with educators from all over the world.
    • Welcome & Introduction
      • Why are YOU here?
      • How many:
        • Students
        • Non-profits
        • For-profits
        • Higher Education
        • Primary/Secondary Ed
        • Somewhere else?
      • Any Second Life users?
      • Any preconceptions?
    • What Is Second Life? “ Second Life … Internet-based virtual world … Developed by Linden Lab … a downloadable client program … users, called "Residents " … interact [via] avatars … a social network.” Retrieved July 8, 2007, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_life http://tinyurl.com/2bdckz
    • What is Second Life?
      • A Multi-User Virtual Environment
      • A Commercial Product
      • Free to download & use
      • Participants create, own all content
      • Two worlds: “grids”
        • Adults 18+
        • Teens 13-17
      • NOT a GAME
        • No objective, no score, no rankings, no competition
      Image credit: Wikipedia
    • What is Second Life? A world built in 3D using geometric primitives Image credit: Pathfinder Linden
    • What is Second Life? Scripts (programs) bring objects to life, add interactivity Image credit: Pathfinder Linden
    • What is Second Life? Entire communities created around shared social values Image credit: Pathfinder Linden
    • What is Second Life?
      • 80 % virtual world penetration (Second Life or otherwise) by 2011 *
        • Gartner Group
      • “ We see virtual worlds at a very early stage right now … Perhaps like the Web in 1993.” **
        • Shibley Verbeck, CEO, Electric Sheep Company
      • Webkinz & Club Penguin?
      * * http://tinyurl.com/32a4be ** http://tinyurl.com/2st59h
    • What is Second Life? Webkinz.com
    • What is Second Life? ClubPenguin.com
      • Kid M.U.V.E.s = training ground for the future?
        • Margolis, Dawn (2007, March). Puffle Kerfluffle. Retrieved May 8, 2007, from WIRED.com Web site: http: //tinyurl .com/ywj9de
        • Slatalla, Michelle (2007-May-03). My Daughter, the Burger-Flipping Penguin. Retrieved May 8, 2007, from New York Times Online Web site: http: //tinyurl .com/237wrl
      What is Second Life?
    • My Project
      • Walden University Faculty Excellence Grant ($10,000) awarded February 2007
      • Project Start: March 1 st
        • Phase I: Immersion & Networking (March-April)
        • Phase II: Focused Exploration (May-June)
        • Phase III: Synthesize & Report (July-August)
      • Conference presentations
    • My Project
      • Primary Activities
        • Reading
        • Social networking
        • Exploring
        • Shopping (avatar items, helpful gadgets)
        • Finding a home of my own
        • Blogging, blogging, blogging & more blogging
          • http://www. storyofmysecondlife .com
    • My Project
      • Essential Questions 1
        • How can SL enrich, facilitate online learning (adults and teens)?
        • How can SL augment F2F learning (adults and teens)?
        • What are key advantages, disadvantages vs. 2D?
        • How does social networking drive SL?
        • Will teaching in SL yield verifiable gains in RL knowledge and changes in RL behaviors?
      1 Mackenzie, J. (1996). Framing Essential Questions. FNO.org. Retrieved May 12, 2007.
    • My Project
      • Main Grid Learnings
        • Incredible professional networking
        • EdTech leaders among earliest adopters
        • Meaningful, real world relationships
        • Educators, adult students exploring (and inventing) new uses and applications every day
    • My Project
      • Main Grid Learnings
        • Institutions exploring (and inventing) new uses and applications every day
        • Replicate “real world?”
        • Community of learners
        • Griefing not a major issue
        • Lag, inefficient searching, clumsiness of UI, No “Undo,” Mac compatibility are issues
    • My Project
      • Teen Grid Learnings
        • Only ONE experience so far, but WHAT an experience!
        • Suffern Middle School: http: //rampoislands . blogspot .com
        • Multiple projects in math, social studies, language arts, health
        • Engaging students like no technology I’ve ever seen before – on their terms
        • Suffern kids’ own words: http: //tinyurl .com/2kgppa
    • My Project
      • ISTE in SL
        • Brand new island
        • Docents (volunteer guides)
        • Educator “Show & Tells”
        • Thursday Night “Socials”
        • Free facilities (meeting spaces, etc.) for use
        • The single greatest influence on my SL experience to date
    • My Project
      • The Center for Advanced Virtual Education (C.A.V.E.)
        • Goal: provide resources, community to elevate discussion of SL (pro and con) to highest levels of edtech
        • Residents: Andy Carvin, Hall Davidson, Doug Johnson, Annette Lamb, Chris Lehman, Sylvia Martinez, Brian Mull, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Alan November, Will Richardson, Howard Rheingold, David Warlick, Jeff Utecht
    • My Project
      • SLolar Central: a home for S econd L ife Sch olar s
        • Free temporary “homes” (one month) for K-20 educators, administrators
        • Support, encouragement, networking, socials, group trainings, subject area articulation, free stuff
        • Info: http: //tinyurl .com/2b3ldg
    • Second Life & Social Change http://www.levjoy.com/betterworld/
    • Second Life & Social Change Chapter I: Social Change in Second Life? Chapter II: Anti-War Protest and RootsCamp Chapter III: Center for Water Studies Chapter IV: Bruce Wallace and the Peace and Justice Center Chapter IV: In Kenzo, Camp Darfur, and Conclusions
    • In Closing … "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." - Alvin Toffler
    • 5) Wrap-up / Q&A
      • Thank You!
      • Kevin Jarrett
      • [email_address]
      • storyofmysecondlife.com