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Computer Lab Rules
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Computer Lab Rules


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Updated lab rules for 2009-10 school year.

Updated lab rules for 2009-10 school year.

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  • I love your Power Point. Would you be willing to email it to me so I can edit it for my School Computer Lab in Stockton, CA? ( I would truly appreciate it. I am the Program Specialist and am establishing protocol for 2 schools that share our lab. Thanks, Kim Stone
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  • 1. Welcome to Computer Lab! Northfield Elementary School
  • 2. Let’s Get Busy!
    • We are going to have a great year! Here are a few things you need to know to make class go smoothly!
    Not shown: YOU!
  • 3.
    • Line up
    • in the
    • QUIET BOX!
    At the start of class…
  • 4. Remember! - -
  • 5.
    • Please WAIT for more instructions from me!
    At the start of class…
  • 6.
    • Sit “In
    • front of
    • the V”
    • facing me!
    At the start of class… ME YOU
  • 7.
    • We will
    • begin the
    • lesson on
    • the big screen…
    At the start of class…
  • 8.
    • … and
    • when I’m
    • done, you
    • can take your seat.
    At the start of class…
  • 9.
    • Do NOT log in!!!
    At the start of class…
  • 10.
    • Do NOT put on the headphones!!!
    At the start of class…
  • 11. Computer Lab Rules
    • Use good posture : Sit up straight! Feet on the floor!
  • 12. Computer Lab Rules
    • Do NOT rock back on your chair!
  • 13. Computer Lab Rules
    • Please work by yourself! (unless you are on a group project!)
  • 14. Computer Lab Rules
    • Please do not get up for your printouts unless I ask you to!
  • 15. Computer Lab Rules
    • It’s okay to ask your neighbor for help if you do so quietly !
  • 16. Computer Lab Rules
    • Have a question? Please raise your hand!
  • 17. Computer Lab Rules
    • Ready to print? Please raise your hand!
  • 18. Computer Lab Rules
    • Need to go to the bathroom? Please raise your hand!
  • 19. Computer Lab Rules
    • Respect others. Please work quietly!
  • 20.
    • If you were using headphones during the lesson ...
    At the end of class…
  • 21.
    • … please carefully put them on the computer tower when finished.
    At the end of class…
  • 22.
    • Then, exit any programs and return to the Windows desktop.
    At the end of class…
  • 23.
    • Finally, stand quietly in front of your computer…
    At the end of class…
  • 24.
    • … to show you are ready to line up !
    At the end of class…
  • 25. Mr. Jarrett