How to Wrap Yourself in Motivational Wallpaper


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Kendall Matthews interviews Travis "Mr. Mojo" Brown who is becoming a great defination of motivations.

Listen to KJAM Radio Interview at...

Show include:
* How Did You Come Up with Mr. Mojo and what does it mean
* What are A Few Factors to Success That you Have Found
* Why should people listen to Mr. Mojo?

Moving Forward,

Kendall Matthews

Ps. Visit for more radio shows of people who help others make things happen.

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How to Wrap Yourself in Motivational Wallpaper

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  2. 2. “Travis brought with him an undeniable strength for being able to motivate and inspire our administrative team. His life experiences sure adds to his story. I can say with confidence that our administrators all came away enthused and with specific ideas for implementation in their different leadership areas.” Dr Scott Hanback, TSC Superintendent Why Meeting Planners Love Booking Dear Event Coordinator, For the last 5 years, I have dedicated my life to researching the skills that are vital to becoming a successful leader (leadership, “Travis was GREAT! teambuilding, handling adversity, to name a A Powerful Life-Changing Message He was funny, and few). I have discovered the formula for learned some exciting Travis will empower your audience with highly valuable building student leaders that launch them to success, in their profession and in life. things about how to content through excitement, energy and humor! His be a better leader relevant stories will teach and inspire you to believe that My passion is to show your students these in my school and job!” success is possible, and achievable for YOU! discoveries, by building strategies for getting -Jenny Fisher, better results with less effort! That means age 16 Baltimore, MD Dynamic Speaker less stress for you and a more positive, Travis will have your audiences laughing, learning and productive environment for your students. motivated to achieve more than they ever thought possible! The best part is: I've done all the work for you by creating a top selling book and a set of Experienced Speaker interactive workshops! Travis was really Travis is an incredible, experienced speaker that has spent exciting, and fun to Trust me, your job will become a lot easier listen to. I learned so more than 1200+ hours delivering powerful presentations the day your student leaders get their hands much. I Got the for corporations, colleges and high schools! He has on this information. The message I want to MOJO today! Jeremy authored 11 books, consulted and coached some of share will have an instant impact that lasts Johnson – age 17 America's top leaders of organizations all across the long after the session is over! Indianapolis, IN country! The students will enjoy being involved in the A Successful Father, Mentor and Businessman message, they will be motivated as a group, Travis has graduated from the “school of hard knocks” into a and moved as individuals! The unique delivery style that I bring to the room creates a fun successful leader in the professional world of business. He'll day! I guarantee results that will make you share his rise from working at the local pawn shop to very glad you booked Travis Brown. becoming President and CEO of his finance company by age 25! In this moving message, audiences see that there are no Let's make it happen! excuses for not succeeding in life! Success is a choice and about how Travis continues to inspire people to catch the MOJO that Travis Ask n will drive them to achieve their best in both their personal can get a and professional life! Brown you kout ional brea He Makes the Event Planner “Look Good” *Mr. MOJO* Travis Brown opt ile When the audience is excited, enthused and full of MOJO, the meeting planner is the one who gets the thanks for session wh bringing in this experienced speaker with a life changing message, who captured their hearts and made them believe Bring Mr. MOJO to Travis is in themselves again! Let Travis Bring the MOJO to YOU! Your Event Today! ent! 317-910-7883 a t the ev Your Audience will Laugh, Learn & Be Inspired!
  3. 3. “This Seminar will help me work more effectively with faculty, staff, parents, and students. Travis is very knowledgeable, personable, and speaks with clarity. I now recognize the importance of understanding my own personality style and my faculty and staff. I will work on being more assertive in faculty, staff, and parental interactions.” Speaking Topics Ann Tomlin – High School Principal Taylor, MI Operation MOJO In this power packed keynote, Travis’ inspirational message will empower students “Its Possible for you to Succeed in Life!” to build a solid foundation for immediate 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes success in High School and life! Keys Your Students Will Learn * Creating the RIGHT plan for success * How to communicate effectively to parents, teachers, and friends * The power of taking ownership of your life to drive yourself to success “Choices” The Success Formula to Make Teenagers today find themselves in some of the toughest “Peer Pressure” situations. How the Tough Teenage Choices Seem Easy they respond is directly tied to self esteem, 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes self worth and self value! This powerful Keys Your Students Will Learn presentation will challenge and inspire students to believe in themselves and make * How preventing many of today’s pressure situations makes life easier the right decisions for their future! * How to be confident and stand up for themselves (Awesome!) * The impact of the choices they make every day The Next Generation Y Leader Leadership is our ability to successfully influence the people around us. In High School “The Crucial Keys to Becoming a Successful Student leader“ today, it takes important goals, commitment 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes and strong communication skills to be a good Keys Your Students Will Learn leader. Colleges, sports teams, and business are looking for the emerging leaders from * What leadership truly is and why we need real leaders today’s youth, and it starts now! Travis ability * Developing & using their influence to make a difference connect and inspire the Generation Y group * How to take a stand in tough situations, while keeping their will motivate them to develop the skills of a cool and their confidence great leader! FREE BONUS! The Ideal Speaker for Any Event! Assemblies (Any Time Of Year) EVENING PARENT TALK! * Student Leadership Gatherings My signature evening session is a mind * Student Conferences blowing event that opens the door for * Teen Institute Conferences * High School Events parents, students and teachers to come together to focus on the tough “choices” Fund-Raising Events that teenagers are faced with, and the * FBLA, DECA, FCCLA, FFA Functions crucial conversations that every parent * BPA, FHA/HERO, HOSA, VICA Functions * Academic, Athletic & Club Banquets must have with their kids to help them * Back-to-School Programs achieve their individual greatness! * National Honor Society programs * Career Day / Internship programs * Alcohol / Drug Awareness programs * Commencements / Graduations Are you tired of apathetic students, poor * Summer programs (including camps) communication & leadership challenges? If so... * High School Sports Programs Bring in America’s Teen Leadership Coach™
  4. 4. America’s Teen Leadership Coach TM As a well -know speaker, Travis has delivered over 1200+ hours of About motivational presentations to companies and schools nation- wide! Travis has spent the last 12 years in sales, executive Travis Brown management, consulting and business ownership. In corporations, Travis consults with executives on how to develop stronger leadership, better Make it easy training programs and build more efficient operational structures that impact the on yourself and company's bottom line. give your At colleges, he coaches the “Next Wave Leaders” on how students the to create positive influence to move people to take action and create stronger programs on campus, that have edge they received rave reviews! need to succeed, With the high school leaders of today, creating a visit me at foundation for tomorrow is the key. Travis coaches them on developing the RIGHT skills and attitude to be a difference maker as a student leader! Travis uses real -life experiences and stories to where you can educate, motivate and entertain his many different see why audiences. In today's new era, where your corporate seniority doesn't bring you security and graduating from college doesn't guarantee you a job, learning to create Personal everyone else is MOJO, “What the best have, and the rest want” is the difference maker! Travis' effective bringing Mr. MOJO solutions will empower your company or school with the tools to experience explosive growth for your organization during these challenging times. MOJO to their school! As an accomplished author of 11 different books, Travis has a way of taking complex issues and simplifying them into an effective and practical message that you can understand, personalize and implement everyday! Then brace Travis has a powerful presentation that motivates you to take charge of your life, develop yourself... your mind and your skills to achieve your greatness! His high energy and interactive message inspires audiences to believe that “it's possible for us” to succeed when they because give themselves permission and take action! Operation MOJO YOUR success is in YOUR hands! So, if you are ready to give your organization the fuel is taking over to go to the next level, let Mr. MOJO show you how to Catch the MOJO and Get the your school! Edge Today! Travis Brown has made a life out of helping people and organizations achieve their goals and dreams! Ask How Bring Mr. MOJO to Your Event! You can Receive FREE Contact Us Today! Copies of Travis Brown’s Books 317-910-7883
  5. 5. Coming to Your School! Best-Selling Teen Author & Expert! Morning Session For Students & a... Special FREE Evening Program! for Students, Parents & Faculty! Mr. MOJO’s signature evening session is a mind blowing event that opens the door for parents, students and teachers to come together to focus on the tough “choices” that teenagers are faced with, and the crucial conversations that every parent must have with their kids to help them achieve their individual greatness! Where: Date: Time: America’s Teen Leadership Coach TM