How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business


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Tips for making the most of Pinterest to, increase traffic to your website, get more sales and boost your online presence.

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How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

  1. 1. The Power Of Pinterest How to use Pinterest to grow your business
  2. 2. Why Pinterest? • Its the third most popular social media site in the world (after Facebook & Twitter) • People use Pinterest to research before they buy, to look for solutions to their problems & to find inspiration
  3. 3. Why Pinterest? • Many brands and businesses find it easier to engage with their target market on Pinterest than they do on other social media networks • Pins remain clickworthy for months - unlike tweets that are gone in only minutes. • Its fun!!
  4. 4. Getting Started
  5. 5. Set Up Your Account If you haven’t already, set yourself up with a business account on Pinterest. ! You can easily turn your personal account into a business account by going to ! A business account gives you access to Analytics as well as allowing you to create Rich Pins.
  6. 6. Your ‘About’ Section Include information like: • The topics you will be pinning about • Your ideal client • Your website address Use keywords in your description that will make it easy for your ideal client to find you when they are searching Pinterest. ! Add your location and verify your website!
  7. 7. Your ‘About’ Section
  8. 8. Set Up Your Website One of the easiest ways to take advantage of Pinterest for your business is to optimise your website so that your visitors can do all the hard work of pinning your content for you!
  9. 9. Set Up Your Website • Make your blog posts pinnable with eye catching images & really great content • Add a Pin It button to your posts, pages & images • Invite your readers to pin your posts • Add a Follow Me on Pinterest button • Add a Pinterest widget to your sidebar
  10. 10. Optimise For Searching Pinterest is used by a lot of people to research products before they purchase, find inspiration or look for solutions to their problems - so you need to optimise your boards and pins so they can find you!
  11. 11. Optimise For Searching Include keywords in your board names, board descriptions and pin descriptions.
  12. 12. What To Pin
  13. 13. Who Are You Pinning For? If you view yourself as a source of ideas & information, rather than someone hawking your wares, you will be far more successful on Pinterest than if you focus on promoting and pinning your own products and services
 ~ Beth Hayden, Pinfluence
  14. 14. Who Are You Pinning For? To be truly effective on Pinterest, you need to know two things: • who your ideal customer is • what his/her needs & wants are
  15. 15. Create Original Content 80% of the content on Pinterest is repins
 Its great to repin other people’s content from within Pinterest ... but to really rock it as a business you need to create original content that your ideal customers will love.
  16. 16. Inspiration You can post more than just images on Pinterest. You can also include: • audio content from SoundCloud • YouTube videos • Slideshows from SlideShare
  17. 17. Inspiration
  18. 18. Secret Boards • You can have any number of secret boards on the go at any one time. • When you pin to these boards your pins won’t show up anywhere else - other Pinners won’t even be alerted if you repin their pins. • You can turn secret boards into public boards at any time
  19. 19. Secret Boards You can use secret boards to: • Get yourself started on Pinterest • Fill a secret board with your launch content ... and make it public when the time is right. • Get the jump on holidays or other future events. • Pin ideas for future blog posts or email campaigns
  20. 20. Build Your Community
  21. 21. Connect There are 6 ways to connect with people on Pinterest: • Following • Repinning • Liking • Commenting • Tagging • Hashtags • Recommending a Pin
  22. 22. Collaborate Collaborative Pinterest boards are a great way to increase your Pinterest reach. ! You can create a board and invite colleagues or clients to join you and pin to that board. ! Any pins to that board be seen by your followers - but also by the followers of everyone else who contributes.
  23. 23. Collaborate • Set up a collaborative board with other business owners who offer products or services that compliment your own • Invite your customers to pin images of themselves with your product • Set up a board for members of your programmes to share their accomplishments ...
  24. 24. Collaborate Guest Pinning is another way to collaborate on Pinterest. ! Its like guest blogging ... only its on Pinterest.
  25. 25. Collaborate • Got a travel blog? 
 Invite your fav travel bloggers to pin their luggage recommendations. • Are you a Health Coach? 
 Invite a colleague or client to pin their favourite meditation resources. • Do you write about running a business online? Invite a WordPress expert to pin their must-have website essentials.
  26. 26. Blog About It • Write a post announcing your Pinterest presence • Write a weekly Pinterest round up • Share your Guest Pinners’ boards with your blog readers • Put the spotlight on your favourite customers’ pins & boards • Announce the winner/s of your giveaway and highlight their winning pins or boards
  27. 27. Use Facebook • Add your Pinterest boards to your Facebook page • Share your Facebook content on Pinterest • Post your Pinterest content onto Facebook • Invite your Facebook fans to join you on Pinterest
  28. 28. Use Your List • Add a ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ button to your emails • Include a ‘Pin It’ button so readers can pin images from within your email • Send out an announcement email telling your readers you’re on Pinterest • Send out a ‘most pinned’ email • Announce Pinterest Competitions • Promote your boards to new subscribers
  29. 29. Turn Pins Into Sales
  30. 30. Include A Call To Action A Call to Action is a must! ! • Add a Call to Action in the description of each pin • Consider also including a Call to Action in your image
  31. 31. Get Them On Your List The most effective way to turn Pins into sales is to get people on to your mailing list. • Pin your opt-in freebie & link it to your sign-up form • Got a great looking signup form? Pin that! • Pin your video inviting people to join your latest webinar • Make sure you have a prominent signup form on all the pages of your website • Run a giveaway on Pinterest
  32. 32. Use Rich Pins
  33. 33. Why Use Rich Pins • Its easier for people to buy • Helps potential buyers make informed decisions about what to buy • Increased traffic
 According to Shopify, Pinterest pins that include prices receive 36 percent more likes than those that do not.
  34. 34. Measure It
  35. 35. Pinterest Analytics • The Pinterest analytics tool only measures the performance of pins from your website • offers a more comprehensive set of anaytics.