Building Oasis Valley


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If it weren't for the huge lake at the center of the terrain, Oasis Valley would be Death Valley. But good fortune gives the otherwise dry and barren place life, and out springs the neighborhood that some Sims call home.

Chapter 1: Building the foundation of society

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Building Oasis Valley

  1. 1. Building Oasis ValleyChapter 1: Building the foundation of society
  2. 2. Jeremiah Collin walks through the wooden door of his brand-new cottageby the lake. A settler of the Oasis Valley region and founder of the SimsSquad, he hopes that he shall make his fortune in the neighborhood andlive happily ever after.Collin
  3. 3. Jeremiah meets a man named Abel Primley. Abel seems to be quitefriendly. Jeremiah thinks that Abel would be a good friend, even thoughit appears that he is not aware of the fact that he is standing on top ofsome very prickly pear cacti! Jeremiah shrugs it off. Besides, even friendshave flaws.
  4. 4. Two other settlers, Fiona Fleig and Michelle Darga, arrive at Jeremiahshouse. Apparently, Fiona likes to tease Abel a little too much. Jeremiahjust hopes that there shall be peace between the two, as time goes by.Jeremiah finds Michelle quite attractive and tries to flirt with the younglady, but Michelle seems to be quite unflirty at this moment. MaybeJeremiah should wait a little while before trying to flirt with Michelleagain.
  5. 5. The settlers seem to be getting along with each other very well!
  6. 6. Jeremiah loses to Fiona Fleig at a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Fionabeams with delight, while Jeremiah grumbles at the very notion that hehas lost to a girl. Grrr! Hell definitely get her for this!
  7. 7. At night, Jeremiah serves dinner to all his guests.
  8. 8. Jeremiah has recently been promoted to Intern in the Politics careertrack, but while working as an Intern, he fails to do his job properly andbecomes demoted to Campaign Worker! Now, he is crying like a baby,because he has to work his way up again. How will he ever pay the stackof bills waiting to be paid in the corner? To alleviate his pain, maybe hemay seek comfort with his new friend, Fiona.
  9. 9. Jeremiah invites Fiona into his home. After eating a little snack, Jeremiahexplains his day to Fiona, and Fiona responds that she feels his pain andstruggle. Jeremiah returns that those sweet words have made him feel allbetter. Jeremiah gives Fiona a smile and rocks her hands in his. In Fionasmind, she thinks she is in love! Fiona has never fallen in love before;could this be what love must feel like?
  10. 10. Jeremiah asks Fiona to stay the night, because at night he is going to giveher a special surprise! When night falls at Oasis Valley, Jeremiah cooks ameal and serves it at the dinner table. This is the surprise: a free home-made dinner for Jeremiah and Fiona. With the spoon in one hand,Jeremiah makes a toast to his relationship with Fiona and hopes thattheir relationship shall last for ever and ever!
  11. 11. A few months pass, Jeremiah and Fionas relationship becomes moreintimate than ever! Jeremiah then gets the urge to express his love forFiona and his desire for her becoming his wife and living in his house tildeath do they part. Fionas eyes widen, her hands clapping and her feetstamping. Her emotions become so elevated that she can hardly relaxand give a reply. Eventually, she . . .
  12. 12. . . . manages to calm down a little and takes out the beautifulengagement ring from Jeremiahs box. She slips it onto her middle finger.She gasps out a "Oh, I will marry you, Jeremiah!" and dreams of walkingdown the aisle as the blushing bride.
  13. 13. Jeremiah has already known that Fiona would love this ring, which hasbeen in his family for generations. As the woman of his dreams gazes atthe ring, Jeremiah gazes at his beloved wife-to-be. Oh, he can just hearthe wedding bells ringing!
  14. 14. After accepting the ring to seal the deal of betrothal, Fiona jumps intoJeremiahs open, loving arms, and the young couple cheerfully embracethemselves.
  15. 15. Jeremiah is about to get married. He shares the good news withClementine Primley, and the good news is warmly received. Clementinereturns that she is happy to hear that Jeremiah and Fiona are going to tiethe knot. After marrying her own husband Abel for a few years, she hasgained a lot of wisdom on what the married life is like and would love tooffer them to Jeremiah. Jeremiah beams and expresses his gratitude forhaving a wonderful friend like her.
  16. 16. Jeremiah does not really feel like tending the garden, and sinceClementine is here, he asks her to water the prickly pear cacti.Clementine delightfully agrees and begins to water the cacti.
  17. 17. Later in the day, Jeremiah prepares chili con carne and calls Clementinein to eat. At the dining table, Clementine slurps a spoonful of the chilicon carne and says, "Mmm-mmm-good! Wow, Jeremiah! Im impressed!You surely make a fine chef. I think your wife-to-be would love all thedishes that you make!" Jeremiah blushes and feels flattered byClementines praise of his cooking. He confesses that he only has fourcooking skills.
  18. 18. Jeremiah needs to be at work in one hour. He owns a car, which he usedto transport himself and the other settlers to Oasis Valley, and he uses itto commute to the nearest city, making big plans with that citys officialsso that his own city - Oasis Valley - shall be planted and be grown. Whenhe comes home, he cannot wait for the biggest day of his life . . . hiswedding-day!
  19. 19. Michelle Darga moves into her brand-new home in the middle of adesert, and her relationship with the house is "hate at first sight". She isso used to the luxury amenities of the metropolitan area of Sim City thatliving in a place with only the basic necessities has been really hard onher. Plus, she has no family or friends here, and none of her relatives orfriends at home wants to come with her on the journey. The only reasonshe has come on this journey is that her former classmate, JeremiahCollin invited her, and how can she resist that good-looking smile? Sonow, she is all by herself, painting to relieve her boredom.Darga
  20. 20. Michelle has worked all day and all night on the artwork, and when she isdone, she is not proud of it. She thinks it looks like crap, and hell, it sellslike crap. Nevertheless, she manages to sell the painting for somemeager simoleons to one of her neighbors.
  21. 21. Michelle has never worked so hard in her life! Yet, she is really proud ofthe work that she has accomplished - tidying the place up and making ithome sweet home.
  22. 22. Michelle invites over the founder of the Sims Squad, Jeremiah Collin, fordinner. She hopes that the dinner is able to impress the founder enoughso that she may be promoted to become his assistant someday in thefuture.
  23. 23. Jeremiah turns toward the dish - macaroni and cheese. Jeremiah ispleased that Michelle has baked his favorite childhood dish. Michellegiggles, for she does not know any of Jeremiahs favorite foods. Itssimply trial-and-error!
  24. 24. Michelle Darga is now taking her time daydreaming on what life must belike back at home. She misses her family and friends already, but thenagain, there is no turning back. Besides, she can make new friends inOasis Valley and choose her lifetime partner out of her closest friends inthe vicinity!
  25. 25. Michelle is very good at making pottery, and look at what she has made -- why, its a whole collection of cute lawn gnomes! Michelle decides tosell the lawn gnomes to the neighbors for their yard collection.
  26. 26. Jeremiah is feeling a little blue lately. He has been demoted at work, andnow hes back working at the campaign phones! He pays a visit atMichelles place for some comfort. He likes looking at the lawn gnomes.Michelle tries to cheer up Jeremiah. After all, she cannot bear seeing thefounder so blue like this. She wishes Jeremiah to be happy, so that hemay be a happy leader and role model for the people of Oasis Valley.After hearing those sweet words, Jeremiahs heart lightens.
  27. 27. Michelle and Jeremiah have become the best of friends. What more dothey want in their relationship? Michelle thinks that they should reallytake their relationship up to a whole new level. Unfortunately, Jeremiahdeclines the offer and returns that he is already engaged and committedto spend the rest of his life with his love, Fiona. Michelle feels suddenlyheartbroken. Oh, dear. Who shall be her love now?
  28. 28. Woohoo! This is a self-portrait of Michelle Darga, the artist of OasisValley. Check out those silver eyes!
  29. 29. Ferdinand and Fiona Fleig are fraternal twins. Their mother and fatherhave never told them who is older, better, or wiser, and for the firsttwenty-five years of their lives together under their parents roof, theyare blessed with many good things and impeccable peace. One day, theydecide to leave their parents home in search of new adventures. Andthey bring their trusty art kits along with them, in case they get bored.What good tidings would follow?Fleig
  30. 30. Oh, no! A fire has struck the house, frightening the Fleigs to wits end.Luckily, the Fleigs have a bucket of water nearby, so all they have to do ispour the water over the fire and extinguish the frightening flame.
  31. 31. Ferdinand pays a visit to see the therapist after the kitchen fire causedhim to go a bit looney. If the therapist can fix up his sanity, then can thetherapist fix up his loneliness and aspiration as well?
  32. 32. The Fleigs have received a lovely painting, partially shown in the cornerof this picture, from Michelle Darga. Michelle is the artistic lady with thelawn gnome business. This has really inspired the Fleigs to come up withtheir own money-making expedition. So, Ferdinand begins to paint to hishearts content as well as hope for some simoleons that may be used tohelp pay the bills and the $200 tax for the team leader.
  33. 33. By the end of the first week, Fiona has gained a whole set of mechanicalskills! With her skill set, she may aid her husband in the development ofthe city.
  34. 34. Abel and Clementine are husband and wife, respectively, and they moveinto Oasis Valley to start a new life of their own and away from distantrelatives and friends. Abel wants to become the chief explorer of theunexplored territories, and Clementine wants to become the socialgatherer and peacemaker of the present village. She used to be veryactive in church life, singing hymns and welcoming newcomers to theflock. Will she be able to continue her lifestyle in Oasis Valley?Primley
  35. 35. After eating breakfast, Abel gives his wife Clementine a big smack on thelips to remind her how much he loves her. Clementine giggles and kisseshim back. She then jokes, "It does not matter how much you love menow, but how much you will love me when I become ill or old orunbeautiful."
  36. 36. In his free time, Abel really likes to stand or sit outside and begin gazingat the stars overhead. The rural night sky is a beautiful sight, and heenjoys every moment of it. He wonders if he may devise a tool that cantake a closer look at one of these stars.
  37. 37. Clementine is pregnant! This is the first pregnancy of Oasis Valley, andshe is so excited! Never has there been a baby born in Oasis Valleybefore. Clementine just hopes that the little one shall make the town asbest as it can be.
  38. 38. "Oh, my heavenly plumbbob!" becomes the first utterance of words thatescapes Abels mouth when he sees his wife in labor one morning.Clementine yelps and shrieks due to the babys kicking in her tummy. Thesooner the little brat gets out of the womb, the better.
  39. 39. Abel and Clementine become goodly parents, when their twin sons areborn. What names shall the parents give their precious boys? Aspracticing Christians, the parents decide to name their sons after theapostles, Peter and Paul.
  40. 40. A few years later, Paul grows up into a toddler! He really has his motherssweet blue eyes!
  41. 41. Peter grows up too. He has his fathers sparkling green eyes and playfulpersonality. Like father, like son.
  42. 42. Abel is teaching Paul how to speak, and Clementine is teaching Peterhow to speak. The parents are trying to get their children to pronouncethe word "high chair" in Simlish, but to no avail, Peter and Paul seem tobe fixated on garbling gibberish instead.
  43. 43. Abel decides to potty-train Peter, so that little Peter will not soil hisdiapers anymore!
  44. 44. Abel teaches little Paul how to walk!
  45. 45. Challenge Statistics• Population: 8• Number of Households: 4• Town Budget: §700