How to Communicate Like Their Favorite Nonprofit - LTA Rally, New Orleans


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Delivered as a four-hour workshop at the Land Trust Alliance Rally in New Orleans, September 17, 2013.

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How to Communicate Like Their Favorite Nonprofit - LTA Rally, New Orleans

  1. 1. How to Communicate Like Their Favorite Nonprofit Kivi Leroux Miller Nonprofit Marketing Bonus Helpful Handouts:
  2. 2. kivilm nonprofitmarketingguide Daily Blog Weekly E-Newsletter Why Listen?
  3. 3. We get media messages a day. We pay attention to about We positively remember about The rest? So WHAT? WHO Cares? 3,000 52. 4.
  4. 4. Donor Attrition Rate Between First and Second Gift 55-65% Fundraising Effectiveness Project 2011 Results from Association of Fundraising Professionals and The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  5. 5. Loss of Regular or Sustaining Givers from One Year to the Next 30% Fundraising Effectiveness Project 2011 Results from Association of Fundraising Professionals and The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  6. 6. First Gifts Not as Generous as They Could Have Been 75% Source: Cygnus Donor Survey
  7. 7. This is not a false alarm. This is serious.
  8. 8. So, how DO we keep the love alive?
  9. 9. BIG HINT It has NOTHING to do with your admin/overhead percentage.
  10. 10. Source: Network for Good’s Online Giving Index: Why do people give so much in December? Another Big Hint: It’s not really about the tax deduction.
  11. 11. People help because it gets them high.
  12. 12. 57% support nonprofits because the cause is “important to me or someone I know.” Source: Georgetown University and Ogilvy PR
  13. 13. Why Get Involved 50% get involved because “it is something that has impacted me or someone I know.” Source: Georgetown University and Ogilvy PR
  14. 14. 38% get involved because “I feel like I can make a difference.” Source: Georgetown University and Ogilvy PR
  15. 15. How They Feel Predicts Behavior • I am a committed (nonprofit) donor. • I feel a sense of loyalty to (nonprofit). • (Nonprofit) is my favorite charitable organization. Based on research by
  16. 16. Favorite Charities Get More Half of donors give 2/3rds of their annual donations to a single favorite charity.
  17. 17. The real question: How can you become their favorite cause?
  18. 18. The Inner Bookkeeper and the Inner Angel
  19. 19. BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS: The effects of social, cognitive, and emotional factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions Read Dan Ariely or just Google “Homer Simpson for Nonprofits” and “Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits”
  20. 20. MARKET NORMS: Making decisions based on the self-interest and personal benefits of the transaction.
  21. 21. SOCIAL NORMS: Making decisions based on community, cooperation or altruism for psychological rewards.
  22. 22. Mixing the two rarely works for nonprofits.
  23. 23. Let’s look for Market Norms and Social Norms in Land Trust Facebook Pages
  24. 24. There’s some bookkeeper in all of us.
  25. 25. What the Inner Bookkeeper Likes • Facts and Figures – Numbers of all Kinds! • Budgets • Tax Savings • Tax Receipts • Overhead/Admin Percentages • Logistics • Event Announcements
  26. 26. But we are mostly Angel. The Angel ALWAYS wins.
  27. 27. Angels want to feel appreciated.
  28. 28. Angels want to feel included.
  29. 29. Angels want to feel in the know.
  30. 30. What’s your mix now? How can land trusts do more angel communications? Appreciated, Included, In the Know
  31. 31. Here’s how this works . . .
  32. 32. You create communications that are relevant to their lives. You understand your donors’ inner angels. 1 2
  33. 33. You create opportunities for people to connect and engage. You become a favorite organization. 3 4
  34. 34. People say Yes! when you ask them. You get what you need to achieve your mission! 6 5 Win!
  35. 35. Ready?
  36. 36. First, you have to bring the thing to life. Bonus Helpful Handout:
  37. 37. A Helpful Friend • Direct client services • Down to earth, friendly, casual • Spot-on with pragmatic advice
  38. 38. A Trusted Authority • Want to be perceived as the expert • More straightforward, well-documented • Objective & opinionated
  39. 39. A Reliable Performer • Good for basic donor relations for ongoing work • Trustworthy with your support • Storytelling that shows impact
  40. 40. An Innovative Changemaker • Not afraid of big, hard goals • Bold, focused, driven • Often spokesperson driven
  41. 41. What would each of these look like if applied to a land trust? • Who would be most important for you to communicate with? • What would be in your newsletter or on Facebook? • Who would be the face of your organization?
  42. 42. Decide who you are, then stay connected to your angels by being relevant in their lives.
  43. 43. Follow the Six Rs of Relevant Messaging Download as a PDF:
  44. 44. It’s Rewarding The benefits of following through on the calls to action are clear.
  45. 45. Thank you, Tom Ahern, for the example. Ten fold increase from one edition of the newsletter to the next, simply by switching from corporate storytelling to donor- centered storytelling. “Spine care” raised $5,000. “Zawadi” raised $50,000. REWARDING MESSAGES: Make donors feel awesome!
  46. 46. REWARDING MESSAGES: Make donors feel like they are part of it.
  47. 47. REWARDING MESSAGES: Let donors celebrate, even when the mission is serious or sad.
  48. 48. 24K shares & 72K likes in 24 hours (nearly double the dog photo from last year!) REWARDING MESSAGES: Let donors express themselves.
  49. 49. Where’s the reward for supporting your land trust, if I don’t own land that might need an an easement?
  50. 50. It’s Realistic The barriers to following through on the call to action are addressed.
  51. 51. REALISTIC MESSAGES: Acknowledge and address their fears head on.
  52. 52. REALISTIC MESSAGES: Acknowledge that donors may really care about things you consider tangential.
  53. 53. REALISTIC MESSAGES: Make it easier to follow through.
  54. 54. REALISTIC MESSAGES: Acknowledge that WE aren’t experts like YOU!
  55. 55. Where should land trusts be more realistic in their communications?
  56. 56. It’s Real Time It makes sense given the context and what else is happening right now.
  57. 57. REAL-TIME MESSAGES: Connect to what they are already hearing about.
  58. 58. REAL-TIME MESSAGES: Acknowledge what else is happening in their lives.
  59. 59. REAL-TIME MESSAGES: Acknowledge what else is happening in their lives.
  60. 60. REAL-TIME MESSAGES: Are often planned in advance!
  61. 61. REAL-TIME MESSAGES: Don’t wait for an annual report to show progress.
  62. 62. Let’s plan some land trust communications for the biggest events in October and November.
  63. 63. It’s Responsive They can tell we are listening and taking what we hear into account.
  64. 64. RESPONSIVE MESSAGES: Show that your org is full of helpful humans.
  65. 65. What you want to say
  66. 66. What they want to hear
  67. 67. What you need to produce
  68. 68. What’s Your Broccoli and Cheese?
  69. 69. RESPONSIVE MESSAGES: Prove to us that you can relate!
  70. 70. HSUS Goal for Responsiveness: 2 hours on Facebook; 30 minutes on Twitter
  71. 71. What are the top three questions people ask about your land trust? Where are the answers?
  72. 72. It’s Revealing We are sharing or showing something new and interesting.
  73. 73. REVEALING MESSAGES: Let us learn alongside you.
  74. 74. REVEALING MESSAGES: Can challenge us . . .
  75. 75. REVEALING MESSAGES: Share the back stage story.
  76. 76. REVEALING MESSAGES: Take us behind the scenes.
  77. 77. What back story can you tell? How can you take us behind the scenes?
  78. 78. REVEALING MESSAGES: Share what happened AFTER the fundraiser.
  79. 79. What did you do this year with the money you raised at last year’s big fundraiser?
  80. 80. It’s Refreshing The style and tone are authentic and maybe a little surprising.
  81. 81. REFRESHING MESSAGES: Have some fun!
  82. 82. REFRESHING MESSAGES: Can make you look twice.
  83. 83. REFRESHING MESSAGES: Express an opinion!
  84. 84. REFRESHING MESSAGES: Keep it straightforward and simple!
  85. 85. What’s the funniest thing about working for a land trust?
  86. 86. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou Photoby DwightCarter Good communications build rapport and make people feel good about their relationship with you.
  87. 87. Favorite nonprofits win. To become their favorite, speak to the inner angel and be more relevant.
  88. 88. What Have You Learned Today?
  89. 89. What Questions Do You Have?
  90. 90. Download the First Chapter Free Right Now #cm4np
  91. 91. Kivi Leroux Miller @kivilm Bonus Helpful Handouts: