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Getting Beyond "Like" - Online Engagement Strategies for Land Trusts


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  • 1. Getting Beyond “Like”Online Engagement Strategies for Land Trusts
  • 2. Kivi Leroux Miller New Book in the Works! Married to CTNC’s Edgar Miller
  • 3. Download a Copy of the PDF
  • 4. Table Brainstorm | Pick Top Five Tips What Do We Already Know About Using as Land Trusts?
  • 5. It’s Time for aReality Check!
  • 6. Where to Get the Data• (NTEN, M&R)• (Network for Good)• Online Nonprofit Benchmark Study (Convio)• Blackbaud Index of Charitable Giving/Index of Online Giving• Pew Internet and American Life Project• Cygnus Applied Research (Penelope Burk)
  • 7. REALITY:Online isMainstream.Ignore at YourOwn Peril.
  • 8. Google turned 14 in September 2012 YouTube turned 8 in May 2012 Twitter turned 7 in March 2012 The iPhone turned 5 in January 2012The pace of changeis relentless.
  • 9. All generations are online in significant numbers.
  • 10. Everybody uses email.
  • 11. Online givingis growingfast, but isstill smalloverall.Source: 2011 donorCentrics™Internet and Multichannel GivingBenchmarking Report
  • 12. If you want donors under age 65, you need an online strategy (web, email, social).Source: 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report
  • 13. REALITY:SOCIAL WEBis mainstream. Half are Social Media Sites; the Other Half Offer Many Social Elements Alexa Rankings, March 26, 2012
  • 14. Half of boomersuse social media;1/3 of people over65.Pace of growth isnow fastest forthose over 65.
  • 15. REALITY:We live in a culture ofSNACK SIZING: Fast,Timely, Convenient
  • 16. 88% of U.S. adults have cell phones. 55% use it to go online. 17% are cell-mostly Internet users.“Cell Internet Use 2012” by Pew Internet and American Life Project, June
  • 17. They are oh so handy. . .Get My Checklists on Home Pages,Donate Pages, and EmailFundraising.
  • 18. 65% of U.S. adults sleep with cell phone beside them – and a third check it before getting out of bed!
  • 19. visuals to REALITY: The use of convey both skyrocketing. text and data is
  • 20. 30% Loss of Regular or Sustaining Givers from One Year to the Next REALITY: Nonprofits are not giving most donors what they need to stay engaged. Fundraising Effectiveness Project 2011 Results from Association of Fundraising Professionals and The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  • 21. 55-65% Donor Attrition Rate Between First and Second Gift Fundraising Effectiveness Project 2011 Results from Association of Fundraising Professionals and The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  • 22. 75% First Gifts Not as Generous as They Could Have Been Source: Cygnus Donor Survey
  • 23. Table DiscussionHow Does the Reality CheckAffect Your Thoughts About Using These Tools?
  • 24. “Engagement” is the new goal.
  • 25. It starts like this. You mix. You mingle. You’re social. NOT
  • 26. Everyone isa spokesperson.
  • 27. You want to be seen as amember of a community– as “one of us.”
  • 28. as the louddrunk ones hustlingon the bar.
  • 29. But Community ≠
  • 30. to BuildCommunity =Rapport
  • 31. Dwight Carter Photo by“Ive learned thatpeople will forgetwhat you said,people will forgetwhat you did, butpeople will neverforget how youmade them feel.”~ Maya Angelou Never discount rapport! It’s the fastest way to engagement.
  • 32. Lifesaving Steps4 to Online Engagement
  • 33. Make your programs/projects1 about people (really).
  • 34. 2 Make their story your story.
  • 35. 3 Go on a journey together.
  • 36. Keep it fresh. Don’t be boring. 4
  • 37. 1Be about People With Whom Should We Build Rapport? WHO CARES about what you do?
  • 38. the “general public.”
  • 39. Not this one, who doesn’t. If your org likes cranes, you want to focus on this person – who does care!
  • 40. Neutral, probablypersuadable.Ignore people likethis (unless theyare organizedopposition).Most likely a strongadvocate for you.Most likely a friendof your org.
  • 41. Clients Volunteers Advocates Donors Funders Partners Policymakers Decisionmakers MediaOthers Who Influence Your Success
  • 42. Focus ongroups ofpeople whoare likely tolean yourway.
  • 43. Some PossibleGroupings:• Demographics?• “Tribes” or Allegiances• Behaviors• Geotargeting• Stages of Change
  • 44. What do these people value?• Time • Fitting In • Safety• Sleep • Change • Money• Convenience • Self-Help • Efficiency• Adventure • Competition • Challenge• Public recognition • Action • Privacy• Good karma • Formality • Connecting• Control • Openness • Independence• Love • Pragmatism • Teamwork• Status • Cooperation • Predictability• Power • Idealism • Fun
  • 45. need to show yourpersonality too!
  • 46. What Do You Want to Be?• Ambitious • Friendly • Respectful• Caring • Fun • Responsible• Confident • Grateful • Responsive• Cooperative • Helpful • Soulful• Courageous • Humble • Tenacious• Creative • Honest • Thoughtful• Decisive • Imaginative • Tolerant• Determined • Loyal • Trustworthy• Enthusiastic • Opinionated • Versatile• Flexible • Optimistic • Warm• Focused • Practical • Witty
  • 47. Table DiscussionWhat Adjectives Would You Like Supporters to Use When Describing the Personality of Your Land Trust?
  • 48. caring for the future, creating legacies, sustaining, protecting nature, conscientious, educational, inter-connected, cooperative, inclusive, friendly, joyful, healthy, vivacious -- 2012 LTA Southeast Conference Attendees
  • 49. Easy Way to Feel More Real:Write in First andSecond Person, andIdentify Staff
  • 50. 2It’s Their Story Why Should They Care? SO WHAT? What’s in it for me?
  • 51. Make everything they see from you relevant or meaningful to them! Boring Nonprofit We Get Boring You! Nonprofit Boring Nonprofit Boring Boring BoringNonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit
  • 52. Be a Good Gift Giver
  • 53. 3JourneyTogether How Can Our Communications Keep Them Engaged? What great stuff will we make happen together?
  • 54. First YouMap
  • 55. Then YouMerge
  • 56. • Big Picture Timeline (Mostly Out of Your Control) MAP • Big Events within Your Control • Major Story Arcs This is What You Put on Your Editorial Calendar,as Original and Repurposed Content.
  • 57. What things happen every year?What’s the seasonal to-do list? MAP
  • 58. What story arcs can they participateMAP in with you? Are we there yet?
  • 59. Today Filing Deadline (Feb)Primary Election (May) DNC Convention in CLT (early Sept) The Story of a Political Change Election Day (Nov)
  • 60. The Story of Stopping Something Bad
  • 61. The Story of Getting Ready for the Future
  • 62. The Story by the Numbers
  • 63. The Story of Each Individual Project
  • 64. 10 Mins: Table Talk What journeyscan land trusts take supporters on (think story arcs)?
  • 65. Got Calendar Brain?
  • 66. Got Spreadsheet Brain?
  • 67. Start with 50% original content, and50% repurposed and adjust from there.
  • 68. That’s What YouCan Plan.Then the WorldComes Along.Make Room.
  • 69. • Little Bets • Social Media Conversations MERGE • Serendipity • Newsjacking • CrisisDone any of Communicationsthese? Share • Other People’s Highexamples as Prioritieswe go along.
  • 70. Make little bets; be fine with failure. MERGE
  • 71. social media conversationkeep other content fresh. MERGE
  • 72. Always make room for serendipity. Be open to surprises.
  • 73. MERGE Prepare to newsjack.
  • 74. howyou’ll respondto a crisis.MERGE
  • 75. Deal with other people’sMERGE high priorities.
  • 76. Where You Actually Decide: The Editorial Meeting• Daily, Weekly, or Every Other Week• Program, Communications, and Fundraising Staff• Nimble Decisionmaking and Prioritizing on the Fly
  • 77. 4Keep It Fresh How Do We Keep It Interesting? I’ll click away in a heartbeat if you bore me.
  • 78. SEEK a MIX of RESULTS: DO Something: Call to Action THINK Something: Reveal/Educate FEEL Something: Build Rapport
  • 79. DO SOMETHINGAsk Them to Dothe PredictableThings LikeDonate, Attend,Volunteer, Etc.BUT DON’TSTOP THERE!
  • 80. DO SOMETHINGMake a Hard Thing That SupportsYour Overall Mission Easier to Do
  • 81. LWCF Coalition Page InsightsDOSOMETHINGAsk Them toShow TheyAgree – StandUp and BeCounted.
  • 82. EARN wanted to talk about home ownership and small business development as a way to help low-wage workers build wealth, but their target audience wanted to talk about student loan debt, thus the creation of MyDebtStory.comDO SOMETHING:Prove you are listening, by invitingconversation on topics they care about!
  • 83. THINK SOMETHING:Bringing New Info orPerspectives to Light Read the story of this post here:
  • 84. SOMETHING:Take us back stage.
  • 85. FEEL SOMETHING: Show us the personal side of your work.
  • 86. “You have to stimulate an emotional incentive for people – so they feel a sense of pride and joy when they forward your organization’s story to their friends.” Logan Smalley, founder and co-president, Darius Goes West; AGC Conversational Case Studies by Beth Kanter & Allison Fine
  • 87. The Nature Conservancy: Our Scientists Say Thanks
  • 88. FEEL SOMETHING:Have some fun! “Raum and Moresi, both employees with the nonprofit United Service Organizations (USO), came up with a plan.”You got cookie, so share it maybe?
  • 89. FEEL SOMETHING:Have some fun! Our Keepers pick up chickens for the cats in Siler City, but the van needs new tires. If you can donate, you can save our Keepers from seeking other sources of transportation!
  • 90. FEEL SOMETHING: Express an opinion!
  • 91. Let’s BrainstormNon-Boring Land TrustCommunicationsLet’s come up with someideas for the blog and thebook.
  • 92. Let’s Apply What We’veLearned to Reviewing Your Facebook Data
  • 93. Page Likes by Organization Marin Agricultural Land Trust 2114 Michigans Leelanau Conservancy 2111 Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation 1529 Gallatin Valley Land Trust 610 Open Space Council for the St Louis Region 533 Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Conservancy 521 Deschutes Land Trust 507 North Branch Land Trust 420 Tejon Ranch Conservancy 399 Stowe Land Trust 355 Minnesota Land Trust 339 Teton Regional Land Trust 305 Jackson Hole Land Trust 256 Great Land Trust 229 Ranchland Kansas 116Thank You, Sue Anne Reed, for Your Social Data Geek Awesomeness!
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  • 104. Top Video Posts Summers almost over, but the memories remain. Michigans LeelanauMichigans Leelanau Conservancy is the best place on earth to do practically anything ... or nothing atConservancy all! Video 42Marin Agricultural Land Trust The Story of MALT Video 24 Hey, everyone, we have a new "Why Michigans Leelanau Conservancy?" video toMichigans Leelanau share - this one focused on winter wildlife, and featuring some fantastic shots ofConservancy our unusual Arctic visitors! Video 19Michigans LeelanauConservancy Three cheers to the next generation of farmers! Video 17Michigans Leelanau What better place to balance rocks - and your life - than in Michigans LeelanauConservancy Conservancy! Thanks, Ken, for a cool video. Video 16
  • 105. Top Status Update Posts Keep feeding the hummingbirds until they stop coming through.Male ruby- throated hummingbirds may distribute nearly one half of their weight into fatMichigans Leelanau reserves (up to 2 grams of their 4.5 gram total body weight). The added weight StatusConservancy fuels their 26 hour flight over the Gulf of Mexico to Central America. Update 23Iowa Natural Heritage Private citizens donated over 6000 acres for conservation to the state of Iowa in StatusFoundation 2011 alone. Update 19 Here is the lichen story: There once was a young woman living in the woods who was a great cook. Her name is Alice Algae. She lived in a run-down house and had no money to fix it up. One day, a gentleman called Freddy Fungus came along. Freddy was very handy with tools and offered to fix up Alices house in exchange for some of her fine cooking. They agree and Freddy repairs the house and Alice feeds Freddy daily while he works. After a short time they both realize that this is a good situation and should last longer. As the story goes, Alice Algae and Freddy Fungus took a "lichen" to each other and lived happily ever after. TheMichigans Leelanau scientific word for this relationship is symbiotic. The algae provides the food StatusConservancy through photosynthesis and the fungus provides the structure. Update 19 This just in: the Town of Stowes FY13 Capital Budget passed, which means $288K for the Cady Hill Forest conservation project was approved! Check back StatusStowe Land Trust for more details. Update 16 BIG NEWS! (Feb 16, 2012) – We are very pleased to announce that we have hired a full-time Public Access Coordinator who will start at the end of March. As Scot gets started, we will be adding community hikes and other events to the website ( We appreciate your patience and understanding while we get Scot up and running for an even stronger public access program on the Ranch this year! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jennifer Browne, Operations Manager, via email at StatusTejon Ranch Conservancy Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone soon! Update 15
  • 106. Top Share Posts What do you think of the proposed $15 million bond for trails, parks, and natural areas in Bozeman? Vote in the Chronicle’s weekly poll: Valley Land Trust 9994-001a4bcf887a.html Share 37 Glen Noonan Protects 506 Acres and Beloved Family Lands. I really enjoyed meeting Glen and telling his story. Thanks to Glen and to those who support theMichigans Leelanau Michigans Leelanau Conservancy Conservancy, beautiful, ecologically significantConservancy lands such as these are being preserved for future generations. Share 17 Fantastic project in Lake Vermilion completed with Outdoor Heritage Funds. Special thanks to Steve and June Keibler who donated a conservation easementMinnesota Land Trust on this island gem! Share 10 Great news! Weve just updated our hike schedule for April and the beginning of May. Weve placed particular emphasis on hikes to Tejon Canyon because thats where the wildflower bloom is best at the moment. Check out the schedule at our website: Hope to see youTejon Ranch Conservancy on one of the hikes! Share 10 The High Trestle Trail is February pick for the 2012 Rails to Trails Conservancy national calendar! Congrats to photographer Troy Hendrickson/Peas CreekIowa Natural Heritage Studios for his stunning pic of the trail bridge under a full moon. Find out how toFoundation order your own and support RTC, a national partner for trails. Share 9
  • 107. Top Photo Posts Thanks to everyone who attended our Annual Picnic, including Mario Batali, pictured here with Michigans Leelanau Conservancy Conservancy Board Member Larry Mawby. Mario drew the winning ticket on his Molto Big Apple Weekend Raffle that raised $100,000 for farmland preservation. Before drawing the ticket,Michigans Leelanau he spoke about why he loves Michigans Leelanau Conservancy and thankedConservancy Conservancy members for helping to protect it. Thank YOU, Mario, for all you do! Photo 178 We love this PBS video featuring Marin Agricultural Land Trust Sun Farms David Evans about the difference between "free range" vs. "cage free" vs. "pasture raised" eggs: Agricultural Land Trust the-story-of-an-egg/ Photo 173 Mario Batali rocks! Raises $100K to help the Michigans Leelanau Conservancy Conservancy protect farmland AND shows up to draw the winning raffle ticket at our Annual Picnic AND talks to 800 attendees about why he loves Michigans Leelanau Conservancy. Thank you, Mario, for all you do. In this photo, the ClayMichigans Leelanau Cliffs, which the Michigans Leelanau Conservancy Conservancy is working toConservancy protect and turn into a Natural Area in partnership with Leland Township. Photo 154 Stewardship staffers Jenee Rowe (l) and Robin Ostrowski install our new sign at the Leugers Preserve at the Narrows Natural Area on Lake Michigans Leelanau Conservancy. The Conservancy has permanently preserved 66 acres and 1,500Michigans Leelanau feet of shoreline in this beautiful, ecologically sensitive iconic area. How cool isConservancy this? Photo 117Deschutes Land Trust Summer at Indian Ford Meadow Preserve! -photo by Byron Dudley. Photo 104
  • 108. Top Link Posts GVLT awarded $10,000 grant from REI Nominated by the local REI store, GVLT received a national $10,000 stewardship grant to help with trail construction and improvements at Triple Tree. Some of the funds will also be used to construct new trails on land east of Highland Boulevard, owned by Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. This is the third grant GVLT has received from REI. Read more Valley Land Trust d6de-11e1-ab37-001a4bcf887a.html Link 54Michigans LeelanauConservancy Must be all of those people hiking in one of our natural areas. Keep it up, folks! Link 28 We like Marin Agricultural Land Trusts parks, open space and farmland! Join us in the countywide effort to protect it ... Agricultural Land Trust Agricultural Land TrustParksOpenSpace Link 28Teton Regional Land Trust Check out this event folks! Its sure to be lots of fun and very informative! Link 28 Just when you think theyve all been found, along come more washing up fromMichigans Leelanau the depths of Lake Michigan. Another reason why we love Michigans LeelanauConservancy Conservancy peninsula beaches! Link 22
  • 109. Average Likes / Comments / Shares – Day of Week1210 8 Like 6 Comment Share 4 2 0 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • 110. Average Likes / Comments / Shares – Time of Day504540353025 Like Comment20 Share1510 5 0
  • 111. Average Likes / Comments / Shares – By Organization 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 Like 4 Comment 2 Share 0
  • 112. Average Likes / Comments / Shares – By Post Type16141210 Like 8 Comment Share 6 4 2 0 Link Photo Share Status Update Video
  • 113. 20 40 60 80 0 100 120 140 160 180 200 3/2/12 3/9/123/16/123/23/123/30/12 4/6/124/13/124/20/124/27/12 5/4/125/11/125/18/125/25/12 6/1/12 6/8/126/15/126/22/126/29/12 7/6/127/13/127/20/127/27/12 8/3/12 Michigan Leelanau8/10/128/17/128/24/12 Likes / Comments / Shares8/31/12 like share comment
  • 114. Any Sticky Situations?
  • 115. IT’S OK: We are all still learning. Watch your analytics, learn, and
  • 116. The real key to success? Taking a leap of
  • 117. Kivi Leroux