Who are you online using social media ?


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Looking for a JOB? Applying for School or Housing? Own a Business? Are you an ARTIST? How does Social Media affect ALL these Endeavors? Here's what we teach about Social Media: ASSUMPTIONS, GUIDELINES, YOUR GOALS, BUSINESS APPLICATIONS. PLUS give you THE TOOLS to understand how people view you and establish the Profile that will get you Noticed! We will talk about the pitfalls and the benefits of what you put on the Internet and how it affects one's image. How important is your Face Book Profile? What does your profile say about you, does it reflect the image you the want the world to know? We will take the FEAR of the overwhelming feeling Social Media can have.

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Who are you online using social media ?

  1. 1. WHO ARE YOU ONLINE? How to Properly use Social Media
  2. 2. What is Social Media? Your Personal Profile vs. Your Business Profile Is it the same? Does it matter? Web definitions Social media is media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Studies show Americans under 30 use Social Media for INFORMATION, not just entertainment.The majority of people under 50 use Social Media to obtain information. There are 1 billion registered users on Facebook Google is used by 300 million people daily which account for 1 trillion searches per day 9 out of 10 businesses use social media. Social Media drives sales and increases visibility
  3. 3. What does your presence say about YOU? Is your TIME Online meaningful or just MINDLESS Banter
  4. 4. You are in CONTROL  W. W. W – world wide web Don’t get TRAP You are in CONTROL Focus (Have a Purpose) Limit your Time
  5. 5. Google Me! How are YOU represented online?  If you GOOGLE Me, what would you find out about me: Catherine S. Warren-Bishop or The KittyRose LyfeStyle
  6. 6. What is your PURPOSE? Are you still CC or BCC your Emails? Is it a PROFESSIONAL Profile?
  7. 7. Data never Lies, even in social media
  8. 8.  One of the cool thing about social is: The more you focus your message, the better chance you have of it being heard. OR your Profile or the things you put on the web can have a NEGATIVE Influence on how you are viewed.
  9. 9. You are in CONTROL There are MANY Services You DO NOT have to do EVERYTHING. Find what platforms fits & works for your needs. Look at what services others in your industry have.
  10. 10. What does your presence say about YOU?
  11. 11. Where should you START? Take the time to Research ! There are MANY FREE Services Remember to WORK SMARTER not HARDER you don’t have to pay for everything in this age of technology. TOP FREE Marketing Branding Avenues: FaceBook (social, but allows business to be done & shared) Linkedin (everyone is only professionally linking) Bloggers (allows you to have a voice with written content page with unlimited space) Twitter (allows you to grow on the Google search engine pages)
  12. 12. 10 Basic Tips to using Social Media  Understand “You are in CONTROL”  Research what platforms works for you. You DO NOT have to do everything.  Be Consistent.  Everything from videos, blogs, websites and print media should have the same message.  Have a clear identity.  Be Accountable for Your Actions.  Build Quality Relationships.  Don't be an idle chatterbox.  Don't sit at your keyboard engaging in idle talk with everyone you encounter.  Online, people often tend to say things they would not dare to in real life.  Add Value.-  Adding value does not mean adding any content- but content that may be valuable and relevant.  Don't interfere with other's efforts.  Listen to Others and Respect the Community.  Remember YOU ARE IN CONTROL!
  13. 13. Give More than You Receive- If you are using the social media platform to gain attention, you need to be willing to also give attention. In the world of social media, just like any other social circuit, you need to earn other people's respect- you can do so by giving more than you receive. Don't be an idle chatterbox- Don't sit at your keyboard engaging in idle talk with everyone you encounter. Online, people often tend to say things they would not dare to in real life. Add Value- The one thing that will earn you great connections with others is the value you add to the online community. Adding value does not mean adding any content- but content that may be valuable
  14. 14. Don't interfere with Other's Efforts- Do not try and talk negatively about someone just so you can get ahead. Making enemies on social media sites will get you nowhere fast. Remember that Cheaters Never Win- Build your social media the right way. While it is true that you might get some great results by cheating, but eventually you will get caught. This will ruin your reputation forever. Build Quality Relationships- People usually tend to help those that they have developed good relations with. Remember, relationships require the participation of both parties, so always be a good participant in your social media relationship. Stop being too Aggressive- It is easy to put people off by inundating them with
  15. 15. Respect the Community- It is important to show respect toward this social community. This is easy, just make sure you don't step out of line, and always treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Listen to Others- A better way of countering something you disagree with is listening carefully to what the person is saying, instead of launching an attack or telling them how wrong you think they are. Listen to the people commenting on your blog and understand where they're coming from. You can learn from others if you take the time to listen. Be Accountable for Your Actions- Due to the anonymity the Internet allows, there is little to no accountability online. It is critical to be honorable by taking responsibility for your actions online. Be Nice- Just like in any social interaction- be nice. Side Thought: When you get someone’s card, ask them FIRST, if you can add them to your email list, or you can be reported as SPAM
  16. 16. You are in CONTROL Be CONSISTENT Have ALL Social Media Presence represent your BRAND From: * Business Cards * Flyers * Blogs •Social Sites Remember you are a BRAND!
  17. 17. What KittyRose can do for YOU! Workshops in the following areas: Part 1 - Who are YOU Online? Part 2 - How to BUILD a Social Presence? *** Facebook, Linkedin, etc…. - How to Build a BLOG? JOIN US